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  1. Xetor

    Xetor Big Damn Hero

    Note:None of the information on this page has been proven to be untrue or wrong.Please consider any of the following content as fictional if you find it disturbing.

    Now I know what you're thinking:"Oh look,another jolly happy story about the holidays,wonderful."But this story is quite different.Not all people are happy about Christmas,certainly not the Florans,but they Florans are sure 'excited'.Ever heard of the 'Floran Claws' case?You probably didn't,it has been a closed case for nearly 10 decades.

    Every year on the month of December,the Florans would 'change'.Many cases of unknown deaths on Christmas were often theorized to be by plants.Violent plants.Many victims were found with half their body missing,and the other half covered in mucus(that can only be found in plants.).But the strangest occurrence is that very often,on Christmas,the word Xmas would be written in blood and organs across the floor of the scene of the murder,suggesting that the victim's body was used as a "writing tool".Many scientist suggest that this is the Floran's doing,thus, Floran Claws.These causes of deaths have been a mystery for almost 100 years,until a diary of a witness of the killer,Daniel Bren was found,which had given strong evidence that the Florans were responsible.The writer went missing on the 25th,a few days after the note was found.A few years later an Apex named Algor Jones wrote his short story "Christmas Horror".The story describes a creature who would haunt unsuspecting victims a few days before they were found in a isolated area,half of their body missing, and Xmas written in blood across a surface in the crime scene.There various fictional media relevant to the Florans Claws case,including art,stories,and even games.

    Speculations usually conclude the Floran Claws stalks any who:
    • Go searching for Floran Claws (confirmed;many cases have the one searching found dead)
    • Provokes or threatens Floran Claws(unconfirmed)
    • Murders anyone who is currently being haunted by Floran Claws(unconfirmed)
    • Creates a misleading scene which has too many similarities to the way Floran Claws kills.(Confirmed;Such as writing Xmas with red ink across a wall.)
    Many have claimed to capture any kind of evidence of the creature,but none have been confirmed to be true,and have gone missing.There has always been more deaths in the month of December.

    Although not many leads on what Floran Claws appearance looks like,the note of Daniel offers faint,but believed to be the most accurate,information:

    "After three years,it still haunts me.I have nightmares.I see it,it's always there.It wants to kill us-it follows me.It appears right in front of me,when I try to sleep.Whenever I turn around I see it,only a few feet away,before disappearing.Look,its behind you.Every Christmas it doesn't go away when I turn around or try to sleep.It takes rips my flesh apart.It is a monster,with it's sharp teeth,pale green skin,and the gagging noise it makes that makes my ears ring."
    -Daniel's Diary,date written unknown.

    Whoever,or rather,whatever is Floran Claws,it continues to be a mystery,puzzling many with its eerie crimes...

    I hope you enjoyed my story/documentary "Floran Claws"
    I don't post often on the forums,so format on this was pretty difficult.
    But nonetheless,it was fun to come up with this story.(which I totally didn't come up with in ten minutes.)
  2. Kingofstarryskies

    Kingofstarryskies Pangalactic Porcupine

    that's mildly terrorfieing
  3. Xetor

    Xetor Big Damn Hero

    I would expect as much from a kitty :3
  4. Kingofstarryskies

    Kingofstarryskies Pangalactic Porcupine

    naw, thats just me cat. im a robot pirate. WITH.
  5. Xetor

    Xetor Big Damn Hero

    Kitty's got some claws
    *ahem* well pardon my manners my dear kingofstarryskies,I mistook you for a cat who magically learned how to use a keyboard.Assuming you were held in a facility which altered your intelligence.And that you were brainwashed to have a belief that you were a King,but in truth you were actually a criminal controlled by gears and gadgets.

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