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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by KingLouisXIV, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Hello, modding forums!

    My fiance and I have been playing Starbound pretty extensively lately, but we've noticed a distinct lack of being able to keep up with our health during the game. Most often we'll be focused on other tasks, slaying monsters or just mucking around... but something important I've noticed that's missing from the design of the UI is something to keep an easy tabs on one of the most important aspects of staying alive; Your HP!

    Now, I know... There's a healthbar. "Just look at it you dweeb goddamn." That's not my point though. Imagine your screen and imagine where all the action is... Around your character, right? You're telling me I have to stretch my attention all the way up there just to glance at my health bar?


    Sure, it's bright enough... But it's not nearly big enough, and there's already movement up there from character movement, the other tech point bar guy being used and recharging, and possibly other players/creatures moving into view around that area. It's a bit of a hassle. So, I got to thinkin'.


    Woah! A floating healthbar that follows your character around! Exactly where the action is, super easy to see in those tense moments of "OH FUCK I'M GETTING SHOT AT AM I GONNA DIE AAAAA" ... Now, I looked. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find a single hint of a mod like this existing anywhere. And trust me, I work in IT and I'm an expert on Google.

    I come here tonight in search of either a pre-existing mod to have done this, or information on how to possibly create it. Is it possible to change Starbound's UI in such a way that we can enable this, or are we stuck with the status quo?

    King Louis XIV
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    Well you can actually move the health bar to any location on the screen.
    The file is
    You will need to rework the offeset values for the other players to move it to a location where they all won't appear in the center.

    If you don't know modding you should start here,
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