REQUEST Flirt pack, anyone?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by azraal, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. azraal

    azraal Void-Bound Voyager

    For those who played modded baldur's gate 1&2, they should be pretty familiar with what I'm requesting.
    For the other here is a quick rundown:

    The flirt pack is a simple dialog tree branch (in bg you activate it by actively speaking with your love interest)
    Each love interest has it's own fitting it's personnality.

    It goes ranges from friendly to a bit kinky without being to graphical. Most interactions are there from the beginning but the reaction depends on the relationship.

    For example, with a bad or neutral relationship, you would get yelled at by kissing someone on the lips.
    For a good relationship, it would be an awkward or embarrassed response and when dating or as a couple well it would be appreciated. Each of those states of relationship have several random answer too.

    The flirt packs don't affect relationship to avoid unbalancing the game but is fun and add personality and something to look forward by upping the relationship.

    It also added a real sense of progression even when already dating...

    The mod also added events initiated by the love interest...
    One thing to add is that is only text, no anims nothing...

    I wouldn't know if any of this is even possible, menu seems to exist in game, like in the tv, and these particular dialogues could be triggered by a tool instead of "using" the npc.
    But for the actual modding I don't know how possible it would be.
    I also realize it's a lot of dialog writing so it could be a framework with a generic dialog tree and the file could be replaced replaced by other modders (by adding or replacing files?)

    Here you go, it's my little (big) request...
    • Rocazino

      Rocazino Space Hobo

      That would ve fun ^^ Unfortunately I don't have the programming skills for something like that, hope someone else does, though, it could be interesting
      • azraal

        azraal Void-Bound Voyager

        Indeed, that would be great especially since you can use this for other fun things for example you can add interactions are not necessary romance: play more with your pet or kids, add alternate interaction to objects.
        I recognize it may be a tall order though...
        • Trifoilum

          Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

          I echo this request.
          • keyten

            keyten Cosmic Narwhal

            I am going to try to make some dialogue trees. Can anyone write some flirt texts? I will add some to this mod.
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            • Nemphorous

              Nemphorous Void-Bound Voyager

              I am very happy to hear this is being worked on.
              • keyten

                keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                My progress so far:

                Looks like you can't add question in question dialogue. At least without Storm.
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                • Trifoilum

                  Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal


                  FLIRT TEXT


                  • Trifoilum

                    Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

                    I can think of easy ones:

                    Global (which may net different reactions from different people)
                    "What do you think of farming?"
                    "I'm so tired..."
                    "How are you?" >> Which will probably lead to their original speech, for the most part.
                    "What are you planning after this?" >> ..I don't know the coding, but they can reply to where there are going to be.

                    "Ever thought of cutting your hair? Your face looks so good without those bangs.."
                    "So, what is it you're working on your computer?"
                    (if 10 hearts event is unlocked) "Can I ride on your bike again?"

                    "How many hair gels do you use everyday?"
                    "Play a song for me."
                    "How are things at home?"
                    (after Year 2) "How is your father been faring?"

                    "Can I touch your abs?"
                    "Can I touch your hair?"
                    "Nice shoes."
                    (after his 5 hearts event) "So, any luck with the book reading?"

                    "I like your hair."

                    "Doctor, I don't feel so good..."
                    "So, tell me about your model airplanes."

                    "Can you do a sculpture of me?"

                    "Is your mother okay with you hanging out / going out with me?"
                    "Is your mother doing okay?"
                    "How's Jas and Vincent doing?"


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                    • pencilstab

                      pencilstab Pangalactic Porcupine

                      !!! I'm so excited to see this!

                      Maybe for Elliott:
                      "What did you do with the crab you found in your pocket?"
                      "How is your novel going?" (obviously before his event where he finishes it)
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                      • azraal

                        azraal Void-Bound Voyager

                        Keyten, I love this that's great work.
                        As much as I'd like to write, I didn't have time to get a good feel on the characters also I'm not sure I could write something good enough as I'm not that confident in my english for those kind of talks.
                        But for now, in my opinion, working on a framework that can be used for the flirt pack (and maybe other mods) is important.

                        Anyway for what that's worth, I'm very grateful so thanks!
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                        • SergeantSchmidt

                          SergeantSchmidt Void-Bound Voyager

                          Keep it up Keyten! :D
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                          • keyten

                            keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                            Hoorah, it took almost 7 hours but I managed to write 7 lines of code that could add a question in a question. Know I have to decide If I should add flirt command as a special button or just add a flirt fork in the beginning of every dialogue.
                            • azraal

                              azraal Void-Bound Voyager

                              Hi keyten, In my opinion you should add it as a key:
                              - It's less impacting for other mods and game update
                              - It would permit to use it for things that don't necessarily have a dialog (you never know, if someone wants to add flirts to a piece of furniture... More seriously, your mod could be used to add other interactions to objects if you go modular)
                              - It won't needlessly clutter the standard conversation dialog if you speak to someone you don't have any intention to flirt with.

                              Oh and it might be less work for you too
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                              • keyten

                                keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                                I am starting to think that making a dating sim game from the scratch wouldn't take so much work.
                                All is left is to write the rest of dialogues, and add some triggers so that you couldn't flirt with Npc that it two maps away from you. And I am still not sure what trigger they should be.
                                Anyway here is some more progress:
                                • Trifoilum

                                  Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

                                  Woot yay!

                                  I can at least try to create some safe responses for each character, if needed...but yesh. Characterization will be a factor in shaping this mod.
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                                  • azraal

                                    azraal Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Ha there is more work into modding than what usually meet the eye. Modifying after someone with tools that are not the most adapted to the task (at best) is hell sometime. I'm a support technician for a dev company, so I know it's even harder than making it from scratch. Is there a way to scan what is in front of you with the api?
                                    Or make an item you can use like a tool to launch the dialog, if this mechanism is accessible from the api, there must be a way to determine what you hit with it, since an axe doesn't kill stones?
                                    Or maybe using the gift system, it detects who the item is given to and open a dialog. The issue is that you'd have to prevent the item to be consumed (or re-add it a the end of the script)...
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                                    • keyten

                                      keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                                      Yeah, I am currently thinking about It. Since I use ingame functions using storm but without injector (since I can't even modify dialogues with storm for now) this could be easier.
                                      Also there is a way to scan I belive, I just need to compare position of all Npcs on the map. But this is Wip. I will try to see how It is implented in the game and do it in a similar way.
                                      • azraal

                                        azraal Void-Bound Voyager

                                        For the scanning, by filtering the ones on the same map you also keep any duplicate coordinates out of the picture if two npc stand on the same place in different maps which would be pretty rare but you never know...
                                        After that you'd have to get the position and direction of the pc to determine which coordinate you'd want...

                                        something like
                                            // Facing North
                                            case N:
                                                scanx = x
                                                scany = y-1
                                            // Facing South
                                            case S:
                                        Than you'd loop testing the coordinates I guess it might work even with maps with a lot of npc's as It's not that demanding as far as game goes.

                                        As for the flirt themselves It would be fun (and important) to make a custom "flirt pack" for the kids to make sure that they don't fall back on the default pack (which would be pretty bad if you ask me, and a lot of modder basher looks for that kind of oversight to attack). Different options like playing, chatting, some safe gesture like hugging. Nothing to do about seduction but it makes sure that any other evolution of the mod will keep them safe.
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                                        • keyten

                                          keyten Cosmic Narwhal

                                          So, I have finally made a probably working version of the mod core with dialogues as a class with pointers to other dialogues. I am going to write some kind of file system for this mod so that everyone could add new questions/replics/flirts/etc to any Npc by adding text file to the according folder. Just like the game works but easier.
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