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RELEASED Flash Mod 1.0

Tap into the Speed Force to move faster than light!

  1. redfoxdev

    redfoxdev Orbital Explorer

    redfoxdev submitted a new mod:

    Flash Mod - Tap into the Speed Force to move faster than light!

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  2. Chicken George

    Chicken George Space Hobo

    Does this mod support online use with people who do not have the mod
  3. redfoxdev

    redfoxdev Orbital Explorer

    Hello Chicken George! To my understanding, others will be able to see you running fast around but they won't see the trail you are leaving. That should be true for both cases if they have the mod and if they don't. I may be wrong about this too, since I haven't played online for a long time. Give it a shot and let me know! Generally speaking, whatever happens with the modded items should happen with this mod since it's a tech and it is assigned in your character slot.
  4. BoundOffStars

    BoundOffStars Star Wrangler

    Niiiice. The world needs more techs.

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