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RELEASED Flare Guns, and other DHC Products

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by Horizons Reach, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Welcome esteemed guest.
    Today marks the release of the very
    first ever Dynamic Hive Cell product
    shipped to the public! We will be selling
    the very best of our weapons and medicine
    to the entire galaxy, from Sol to Indigo!

    You have been chosen among the few to be the
    very first to test our fine products! In the
    package, you will be provided with a special
    prototype of the Hive Generation Table, that
    can synthesize our items at the cost of a
    single wooden block!

    All you have to do is access the table, and
    bring up the interface, and all the items that
    we are featuring in our very first shipment will
    be yours to use!

    The Overseer.


    Enough with the roleplay, lets look at the contents
    of the pack shall we?


    -Flare Gun

    A light emitting device, that will bring you brightness
    in your darkest hour. Guarenteed to light up your enemies
    farcry style. Who says you can't be a pyromaniac?

    -Forest Eagle

    A strong handgun reminiscent of a very famous handgun of
    a similar name in the 21st century. Pity we can't remember.
    50. calibre, strong enough for standard shootouts, but won't
    last long for anything thats bigger than a grizzly bear.
    Stronger than a Revolver, but weaker than a Magnum. At least
    its not a bow.

    .. whats a magnum?

    -77. Magnum

    This is a magnum. When humanity got ambitious and started wars on other
    planets, ammunition became ambitious too. 50. cal was becoming outdated,
    and we needed something... more. Something with a kick that could break off
    Terry Crews arm. Who's Terry Crews? Some guy from the 21st century. You know
    why you don't know him? Because he's outdated. Like the .50 cal.
    This baby is arguably the strongest handgun in existence, we'd like to think so.


    This... thing, its your generic handgun. Theres nothing special about it. Its just, a handgun. But, that makes it THE handgun. If you're a generic character in any movie, game, or book. This is the
    handgun you're likely to be carrying. Heck, its so generic we couldn't get it a better name. (Which is why we will fire our writer after this stint.)



    Come on, we all have standards right? Thats right, if someone wants to mess with us, it gets personal. Conveniently, we have the Personal Defense Handgun. This toy is there to give people a taste of what you're packing. Much better than the silly little handgun, this fires 12.7mm ammunition. Its no Magnum, but it'll help you out in a pinch.

    -Mountain Eagle

    We don't think we got it right yet, but this works any way you slice it. Slightly stronger than the Forest Eagle, for some reason it reminds us of this age old question; but what about the desert? Oh well, i guess we will never know the name of the original.


    -Bow Gun

    The black sheep of the Dynamic Hive Cell family, this was the founders very first invention. Useless, antiquated, and no where as awesome as these other guns, its also the origin of our motto. At least its not a bow. Truly, this was invention born out of need, bows are just too cumbersome and hopeless. Featuring no need to charge up shots by pulling string back, and using only one hand.
    We used to ask why not crossbows, until the founder tried to shoot at us with this.


    - Gltiched Handgun

    No one likes talking about this. This wasn't made by us, but rather is an invention of the Hive. We pretend it doesn't exsist, and from a distance it looks kind of normal. Don't be fooled, we don't know what it does or how it works. It just is, and only a fool would use it. Try not to.

    Final Word

    Thats all we have to show today, we invite you to come back
    regularly, as the next batch of new things will be ready to ship
    pretty soon, and we need you to test it! (Yes we know we didn't
    go catalog entries for the 3 items, but its there. We promise.)

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