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  1. arisunyan

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    Hi there! I accidentally became a member of Joja Market and tried to find out how to change it back to the community center. I'm not the worst at coding, so I took a chance, but ended up messing up my save file. I start the game, click into my save and the game loads and crashes.

    Would anyone be able to look at the coding and see what I messed up, or just add all of the Joja/CC coding back? I'd be infinitely grateful.

    *I apologize if this should be posted in support. It seemed fitting here.
    • One More Day

      One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

      This is why you should always make backups before tinkering with important files. That's good advice for everything you do on computers, not just SDV save files.

      Do you still have the _old file, from the day before you bought Joja membership?

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