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(Fixed & Detailed)Is there a way to Track down what causes this Error?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Kaedegames, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Kaedegames

    Kaedegames Big Damn Hero

    Hello, and sorry if I am posting wrongly or out of place on the forum.
    I do not use them often.

    For my problem. I know a race is or most likely is causing a Dialogue issue within my game which in turn is causing all NPC's besides outpost ones to explode when spoken to.

    So for the past few days I've been trying my best to cleanse my log file of error's in hopes that somehow the problem will magically fall into my lap. But that is not the case with Dialogue Error's which are my main problem.

    Just like a lot of the recipe error's the Dialogue errors never point out what initially is causing said error.
    Making it more difficult to find the problematic mod.
    Which for me is THE problem as Race mods are my bread & butter- They infact add so much to the game I add as many as possible.

    My first experience with this issue was solved through research as I have experienced this before.
    Turning out it was the Feline race mod.

    But now I have no Idea, most of the Research turns up race mods I have never seen before.
    So they cannot be the cause.

    So I will ask for help here. maybe there are races which you know to be incompatible and would cause such a terrible issue.

    I will include a link to my Steam Mod collection which holds all my currently used mods.
    As well as my Log file. (And if you could point out where those recipes errors are coming from would appreciate it as well~)


  2. Kaedegames

    Kaedegames Big Damn Hero

    Found the Solution, Though I never expected a slightly more up-to-date mod to do as such. It was in fact a more active mod after the name of "OaTBF - Spirit Guardian Race"

    Now; it only made Guards die when spoken to. I assume the other one that I had which was more indiscriminate about which NPC's die was an older outdated Race mod. As a rule of thumb; I try not to download anything that has not been updated in the last year.

    That is why this issue that appeared with that particular mod caught me off guard.
    Sadly I was unable to find the other problematic mod.

    But for now this should do. I now have a working game. And I have updated my Steam Mod collection accordingly.

    --------As a suggestion to the starbound team.
    I would love if the log files could cover these sorts of errors in a better fashion. Not to look down upon the current Log file system, as it too is an amazing thing that most Developers could learn from it's Clarity.

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