[Fix] Rust tree missing foliage despite existing assett!

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    So, I finally find a foundry biome to get me some of that metal coated wood. And being explorative I click on the NPCs to read what they have to say. And one comment struck me as odd.

    "The trees here are a renewable source of organic metal! ..."

    Wow! I thought, because when I looked at the trees.
    RustTree-Current.png THEY ALL WERE MISSING FOLIAGE! As in not dropping saplings.

    So I dug into the vanilla assett files to see what is going on. And it turns out that there is existing assett for foliage for these trees! They are envisioned by CF devs to drop saplings and be a renewable source of metal wood. So why aren't they?

    Any case I found the error in the biomes\surface_detached\rust.biome file.
    This line[58]: treeFoliageList" : [ "" ]
    Should be like this: treeFoliageList" : [ "rustflower" ]

    After resetting the planet file (by deleting it) and went back to the tree in the previous picture. I find this (which now do drop saplings):

    An easy fix for any player who have started to mess around in the assett files. BUT! .. For the sake of every one else, could you fix this in future patches?
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