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Discussion in 'Other' started by sagenth, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Okay so granted I have no real clue how the starbound game is designed architecturally, but the AI lag needs to be taken out back and beaten. Maybe you're already doing this, but imo you should spawn a new thread in your update loop and offset the AI work to it. If you are doing that already, perhaps bust it up into more than just one thread. If AI is already on its own dedicated thread, you guys should play around with some sort of proximity based sleep lengths and also bust the work up into multiple threads.

    Like I said, no clue how you guys have designed this fine game of yours.. but the ai needs optimization bad! I am running an AMD Phenom 1100T 6 core processor, overclocked to 3.75GHz. Loads of free memory, literally half my memory is still available. I am at 4x zoom, and I can still notice a MAJOR latency issue in the outpost. I am sure if I went back exploring after all the lag fixes I attempted, I'd still lag in the caverns with 6-10 monsters around.

    Pleeeease give the AI some love!
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    I second this! I have a local server and I'd love to play more, but I feel I'm at a stand still because if there are more than a few NPCs around the game slows down significantly. I'd love to play with settlement building more. I think many people would be willing to pay for optimization/content if that were an option. I know I would!


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