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Closed FIX for Corrupt Player Save Files / Recover Wiped Character

Discussion in 'Support' started by Bacon, Dec 18, 2013.

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    So the best way to do this, is creating a new player file, but no worries you still get your stuff back.

    1 - Create a new player with or without the same name.
    2 - Leave the game, on the Player Folder delete the .metadata and .shipworld of the NEW player (to find the right files see bellow on this post).
    3 - Rename the OLD player .metadata and .shipworld files into the new player:
    EX: New player file name is 8488697178fa11a7bc3a88bc3153.player so you rename the Old Player .metadata and .shipworld files with that first "8488697178fa11a7bc3a88bc3153"
    3 - Go into http://c4isbad.com/starreader/ and you want to open it twice: - The Old Player Save File - The New Player Save File. Both Open.
    4 - Copy the details from the old save file into the new! You should be good as new, save and replace it.

    :paper: How do i know witch one are the right save files?! There are 2 ways far i can tell, one is check the dates the save files have been last modified, if you only played with that char today, you will notice the modified date will be the most recent one then. The other way is enter http://c4isbad.com/starreader/ and upload player files till you find the one you want.

    Once you enter again the game you should see your old ship, your location, and mostly your inventory / equips like they were.
    This works with Wiped Chars as long you still have one backup file of it to make it compatible with Starbound newest version.

    If your issue is on the ship itself, then it's better to use the new player not replacing the old one.
    If you want to help improving this thread to make it easier to understand post. ^^
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  2. Loxy

    Loxy Pangalactic Porcupine

    Bookmarked for future reference.

    Great job Bacon! <3
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  3. Updated the first post to clear instructions.
  4. I have an easier fix :p
    1. Copy all of your files from the "player" folder somewhere safe, then delete the whole folder.
    2. Launch the game and then close the game.
    3. Copy all of your files back

    Forget it, that's not working at all xP
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  5. RvLesh

    RvLesh Spaceman Spiff

    Please do not report any bugs after doing this unless you wipe both your Player and Universe first and are then able to reproduce.
  6. Mr. Darkness

    Mr. Darkness Industrial Terraformer

    Those "player" files won't be compatible anymore. 1st post has a better option, no?
  7. ApprenticeOfGames

    ApprenticeOfGames Tentacle Wrangler

    You guys shouldn't do this!They wipe when its necessary!Also they are not going to wipe any more soon i heard. People on this forums that moan about wipes shouldn''t be playing the game at this stage.
  8. RvLesh

    RvLesh Spaceman Spiff

    That was... the point.

    They will continue to do so when necessary, I hope, otherwise development has basically halted at that point.

    They are, however, working on a system by which the files can be more easily updated whenever there's a new version.
  9. Mr. Darkness

    Mr. Darkness Industrial Terraformer

    They wipe the characters because the content is no longer compatible, that's the only reason. The post that was made by Bacon (hopefully) is a temp fix for it.
  10. Ah I see, you're right, sorry!
  11. Yup @TvK
    When they wipe chars, they make changes to the save file format itself, so creating a new one putting back your inventory / Gear shall make it compatible with newest version. :)
    For example i did this with my old char to make it invulnerable at ship (what required a new char). @ApprenticeOfGames @Mr. Darkness @RvLesh :)

    And also did it again when it got corrupt due a mod, same stuff/gear / ship / metadata but corruption gone. :monkey:
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2013
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  12. Mr. Darkness

    Mr. Darkness Industrial Terraformer

    Well I guess it works then. I'll give it a try :).
  13. shailabh_sahu1

    shailabh_sahu1 Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey Sergeant Bacon, elaborate the step to do at StarReader.
  14. You must upload the player file from your starbound player folder,one of such is the char you are looking for. You just need to copy the details from one save, to the other, on this case the corrupt one to the new one. The details are like name, inventory, etc.. It's just click and edit.

    After you're done you save, download the file and replace it there.
  15. Mudtickler

    Mudtickler Space Hobo

    I like to consider myself pretty tech say, but since i am getting hint of "English aint my first language" out of the original poster.... i am having trouble clearly understanding the exact steps to accomplish this "player recovery", so...... if it isn't too much to ask could one of you awesome bros possibly upload a YouTube video of this being done step by step? would be real neat to be able to actually SEE it being done :) THANX!, long live Starbound!:proper:
  16. AnaLei

    AnaLei Space Hobo

    "Oops! Something was wrong with that file. Could be an old version, could be corrupt, could be a gif?"

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :'''''''''''''''''(

    (It is not an old version... I'm having this problem since lastnight)
  17. Oh this is a bit complicated by itself i'm unsure how can i make it look easier. You must need to follow with careful and try to understand overall what i'm trying to achieve.
    Where do you get that?
  18. Loyal Dashie

    Loyal Dashie Orbital Explorer

    Thanks, now I was able to fix the glitch( and replace my guitar with a violin:giggle:)
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  19. AnaLei

    AnaLei Space Hobo

    The .player file was empty thats why Starbound couldn't load the character and of course the starreader couldn't read it :) ... At least i recovered the stuffs on my ship. Thank you Bacon :)
  20. shailabh_sahu1

    shailabh_sahu1 Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey Max Bacon hi again, the pc crashed again and this time, the world and the items on the ship are gone.... HELP!! @Bacon
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