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    Hey everyone!

    Been playing this game a while now, and recently, I got most of my friends to buy it. In this time, I've seen them make some very small mistakes.

    (You'll never forget your friend's anger and rage when they accidentally resell their seeds.)

    So, I decided to create a list of five tips they can follow. I thought it would be helpful to new players just starting the game. These tips address the five common mistakes I've seen my friends make. If you'd like further elaboration on these five tips, I also posted a link to an article I posted above.

    • 1. Always watch television.
    From the start your house contains a television set. Use it.

    The TV will help you prepare for the next day — and for farmers, planning and preparation is what will make you successful.

    The channels will help you find out the weather forecast for the next day, your luck, or even teach you new recipes. Here in Stardew Valley, the television is your friend.
    • 2. Trade calmly and carefully.
    You don't get a confirmation when you buy or sell. Please, take your time. Buying the wrong item or selling the wrong plant can set you back tremendously.
    • 3. Chests are your friend.
    Inventory space is one of the things every player needs to consider early on. The 24 pack sold by Pierre is a priority, but even then, you could hold it off by just using chests.

    Did you know you could place chests on the first level of the mine? Every five levels of the mine there is an elevator, simply take the elevator back up and place everything in your chest. Take the elevator back down when you're done and continue. Rinse and repeat.
    • 4. Time your days and seasons.
    Like an actual farmer, you need to understand the importance of timing.

    There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, and each lasts 28 days. Each day lasts about 14 minutes real-time.
    • 5. Adventure is good — don't be scared of the mine.
    If you want to get anywhere in the game, you need ores, and ores are found in the mine. They are crucial when you want to upgrade your tools.

    In Stardew Valley, you're more than just a farmer.

    You're an adventurer.

    I hope this helps! If you have anymore tips, please feel free to add it below.
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