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    Fishing is extremely difficult in this game, however im just starting out tho, so maybe it will get easier. but ive played several other sandbox/rpgs/mmorpgs with a fishing mechanic or skill and this one is the most overly difficult and irritating mini-game ever. Does anyone else agree here? i think the fishing is like stupid hard, in fact. Or is it just me? anyone have any tips... perhaps a strategy for reeling them in using a mouse? because that bar just bounces all over the place when i attempt to reel one in. ive tried clicking fast, holding the button down, or maybe steady clicks with longer pauses.... no matter what i try its nothing but fail after fail. like i said, its just stupid hard. the mechanic needs to be re-evaluated by the creator imo.
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      Others do agree with you. I just started my second character and I forgot how challenging fishing is early on. Your assumption about it getting easier as you level is correct with the green slider increasing in size. Some fish are still difficult, jumping and zigzagging. Some food offer buffs which increase your fishing level, but they're not immediately available. Check the mod section or do a forum search for mods which make fishing easier. If you want to continue vanilla, just stick to fishing areas with the easy catches until you level up.

      If you want to spoil yourself, you can check the wiki for a list of the fish, their locations and their respective difficulty ratings.
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        Not as rage as fl**py bird but yeah.

        To get use to fishing mini game, I recommend easy pool area first. Try fishing in town's river (prefer near the beach) during Spring and before 5 p.m. will got lot of easy fish like smallmouth bass / sunfish. Those fish are good to go with lv 0-2 fishing skill. Don't try to fish in river/lake after 5 p.m. as you can nail the Pike which mostly impossible for low lv skill.
        Higher fishing skill result in larger green bar, bear with it for a while. Fishing also give you extra profit before you reach mine lv 40+, first/second week.

        If you wish to make fishing bar stay still somewhere, you need to keep small tap, double click also do the trick as the key is not to hold/release too long.

        EX : Your fishing bar will never bounce when hit the top area, but will do at the bottom. So to prevent/make it less bouncy - hold/tap left click when the bar close to the bottom depend on how far it drop down.
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          Fishing gets super easy once you get the Iridium rod and have access to the trap bobber that slows the rate that the fish escapes. coupled with fishing buff food even the legendaries become a breeze. Caught all but one of them on my first try.
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            I started reading over the other rather large thread about how 'hard' fishing is, and personally I don't see it. I enjoy the mini-game and, as you play it more, it gets easier both because of a rise in skill both in-game and as a player. A mix of click-and-hold and clicking to keep the bar steady works best, and honestly at times the reason you might be failing is because you've got a rather difficult fish on the end of the line. There's a mash-up of difficult and easy fish to catch, and what you get on the end of your line is random so don't lose heart immediately.

            Not only that but once you get the iridium rod you can start using tackle; this doesn't come along until later because, by that point, you'd be taking on bigger fishing challenges and would need the assistance. The various tackle options allow you to adapt to what you're fishing for; the cork bobber and trap bobber are probably the best for making fishing 'easier' by the way, and if you can't craft them you can purchase them from Willy eventually.

            I honestly don't think the fishing game is that hard. It can be challenging at points (legendaries, certain rare/uncommon fish), but that doesn't mean that it's "hard". I've been reading posts where I've seen people say "I've played it all of 3/5/8/etc. times and given up because it's just so HARD" in the other thread. That's like saying you played a game, in general, for a half hour or so and decided it was too hard to enjoy. Put down the time to actually fish, in-game, for most of a day and then come back and talk about how difficult it is; that's what I have to say to the people who have spent little to no time actually trying to get how it works down. You'll find with practice you'll get a grip on how to do it, because at this point in the game's development I feel like there are way more things that should be worked on/added than the fishing mini-game.
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