Fishing in secret woods on rain days

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Drewy91, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Drewy91

    Drewy91 Yeah, You!

    Hi all. In my first spring recently unlocked secret woods. I went to chop the stumps and noticed bubbles in the pond so decided to fish. I noticed the woods only has 3 possible fish carp, woodskip and catfish. I don’t know if there is certain percentage to get each fish in each area but seems it could be more profitable to fish here rather than the river on rain days. Carps kind of suck but woodskip is worth more than river fish and after a whole day fishing I ended up with 28 carp. 18 catfish but 2 got away and 15 woodskip. I was also catching mainly gold and iridium with a few silver from bubbles close to land.
    So do you think it may be more profitable than the forest river on rain days?
    • KThomas14

      KThomas14 Subatomic Cosmonaut

      The problem I had before with the secret forest pond was the difficulty getting quality fish. With the new perfect catch mechanic, that changes things. This needs to be investigated further. Thanks for bringing this up.
      • One More Day

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        I'm pretty sure I've caught gold quality fish in the secret woods, before 1.4, so I think iridium fish should be possible too. But the cast itself does need to be thrown into the perfect spot. I seem to recall standing halfway up the side and casting horizontally. Standing halfway along the top and casting down, it's too difficult to get the perfect distance on your throw.

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