Bug/Issue Fishing freezes me and nothing else

Discussion in 'Support' started by squiddays, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. squiddays

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    Hi, never posted before, but am dealing with something kinda irritating as fishing is my main source of income.

    I’m on the switch on version 1.3.37 and when I fish facing downwards and only do the absolute minimum of the cast bar (tapping the button) my character casts and then when they pull back, they freeze with the rod floating next to their head.

    The rest of the game moves on without me, and if I’m in a multiplayer game, the other players are fine. I can move my cursor and get the little description bubble of items but can’t choose any and no button is responsive outside of chat.

    We tried both harming my character and letting it roll over to 2 am, but the clock simply stopped and I stayed, stuck in time. Only solution I haven’t tried yet is death. Would love some help or maybe just moral support in such trying times. Thank you.
    • minervamaga

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      That soft lock is a known issue and should be fixed in the upcoming 1.4 updates for consoles.

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