Fishing: Add in a tension bar, reduce fish bar importance

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by pronkyou2, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. pronkyou2

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    This suggestion is simple: Make the fishing minigame more like real fishing. IRL Fishing can be as quick as a few seconds for small fish, to 3 hour fights against giant sharks. While ingame Legendary fish shouldn't take hours, a 5+ minute fight for a pro seems legit. So why not add in a tension bar to complicate things, and then simplify them a little by slowing down the fish bar and reducing its importance?
    • If tension is too high, you have to let the fish pull (can't click or the line will break, fish pulls on the reel when it is not at bottom of fish bar).
    • Tension rises faster with stronger fish.
    • Tension stays up longer when fish isn't worn out and has stamina.
    • Low tension will unhook and lose the fish.
    • The total progress bar (reel) is based on the amount of line your pole has (potential for reel items).
    • Fishing no longer feels like aiming an over-sized laser light at a hyperactive mosquito.

    How to catch a fish IRL:

    Fishing for "Legendary" fish IRL:
    • Kittenykat

      Kittenykat Big Damn Hero


      In all seriousness, though, I'd certainly give this system a try if anyone made a mod for it! =)
      • Ainzoal

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        Fishing is just fine in the game if you make use of every tool that is available to you. The Trap Bobber makes catching even the legendary fish a breeze. I've caught every single one except the Legend since it's not spring yet, on my first try. The game is fine and the dev has already said he won't change it.
        • Kittenykat

          Kittenykat Big Damn Hero

          To put it bluntly, the suggestions forum is for bringing new ideas to the game, not telling people to shut up and go home because you like things the way they are. :wut: Sorry, but posts like that just, irk me. :/

          Even if the developer decides not to change it, which is neither something I've seen evidence of, or something that's ever set in stone, modders may take up the idea and produce alternatives for people who would like to try something different.

          The proposed system isn't easier, it's different. In an interesting way, to boot. I can definitely see an audience for a mod that makes this system work.
          • pronkyou2

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            So have I. And after I was done, I ignored fishing. It holds nothing after that point because it's too simplistic and less lucrative than the 100k I get from a harvest. Even if I'm not farming I'd rather go to the dungeon, or just pass the days. If you also feel like this at some point and want more replayability out of this minigame, making it slightly more complex may be a way to add to it.

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