Fishing: A "guide" and an opinion

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  1. DarkPatrick123

    DarkPatrick123 Space Hobo

    So, i already saw some posts about this, but i thought nobody really got the same point as i. In my opinion, fishing is one of the best parts of the game, not because it's easy, but because it's hard! A real challenge in this game. Well, it starts out almost impossible, but after understanding how to fish and catching five or six fishes you will already know the basics, and that's enough to you to be ready... until you get to those fishes, you know which ones, right? The ones that jump up and down and never stay still. They drove me mad in the beginning, so i decided to ignore them and just move on to the next fish, i will come back and talk about them later in this thread.
    After you learn the basics, you will want to fish at least two fishes daily, they make a lot of money early in the game, in fact, fishes were one of the only things that gave me money in the start. Doing so will not only help you with money, but will level up your ability, that's when things start getting easier. You will want to upgrade your fishing rod as soon as you can, then, when you unlock the iridium rod, you will do that again. Remember to use bait always if it's possible.
    It will take some time, but you will get to a point where fishes that you struggled at first become easy. That's when you should stop ignoring the crazy fishes, those won't ever get easy, but they can be at least easier than in the start. You can and should learn the way that those fishes move, that can make you predict their next move. Other thing that you should do is always equip a tackle, i recommend the Trap Bobber. When you catch one of those fishes, you can consider yourself a real fisherman.
    Then we get to the legendary fishes, now, i don't wanna make it super easy for you, so, i have no tips of how to fish those, they are going to become a real challenge for you. The only thing i can say is, you can only catch one of those, so be smart of what you will do with it, i, myself, gave one to Willy, but when i learned he didn't actually like it, i reset my game and put in a chest. How to identify a legendary fish, you ask? Well, legendary fishes have little crowns in their heads when you play the fishing mini-game.

    One last thing, remember: You don't need to click your mouse like crazy, you can just hold the left click and it will work as well.
    • Lazarus_long

      Lazarus_long Void-Bound Voyager

      Fanatical forum fisherman foster fervent fascination for food and fond fortunes.
      • LuthienNightwolf

        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

        I'm rather ambiguous about fishing. I don't strongly dislike it but it's not something I rave about either. Its just something to do when I have extra time and don't feel like mining, and I usually challenge myself in each save to catch and keep 10 of every type (regular quality only, I sell off the starred fish) plus each of the legendaries. Beyond that, unless a villager or a recipe specifically calls for a certain fish, I don't usually bother over it too much. (Unless of course, there's something I need in a fishing chest, then I'm fishing all the time. lol)

        I actually caught The Legend earlier today. I'm down to only needing the Crimsonfish and I'll have the Catch Every Fish achievement. :3
        • Borodin

          Borodin Master Astronaut

          I like fishing after the first several levels, and only when I haven't got my farm to mind. Which effectively means the winter. At the start I find it too hard to really catch much, and takes a lot to level. Gradually, it gets much easier. I think I'd still rather kill things in the Mines, though.
          • MoonlitBrenya

            MoonlitBrenya Phantasmal Quasar

            I actually enjoy fishing for the most part. As for "those fish", yes, they can be annoying, but eventually you do catch them as well. I play using a speed mod and have my game slowed a bit, so I have more time, and fishing has definitely helped in the financial department. As for the ones I save, I only save gold stars, but that's only because eventually that's all I am catching, just makes it easier.
            • LuthienNightwolf

              LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

              I intentionally fish bad just to catch the non-starred fish for my collection. I never do it in view of Willy though, wouldn't want to disappoint him. lol
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              • Minimanta

                Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                I like fishing a lot, but I'm super-duper bored of it right now. I have been fishing a lot in my current playthrough, it's my main source of income in this save because I'm not allowed to buy seeds from Pierre or Joja (it's a challenge).

                It's very easy to fish once you get the idea though. I complete the fish list in all my saves, I don't see why not and I want that stardrop :p
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                • Ennarcia

                  Ennarcia Void-Bound Voyager

                  I like it now that I can actually do it, but I legit had to buy a wireless mouse to be any good at it. Even the must basic of fish eluded me with my laptop pad, but as soon as I had a proper mouse, Boom! I'm buried in fish. It's weird.
                  • Lilliput

                    Lilliput Oxygen Tank

                    Fishing grew on me the more I played, I'll admit. I had some hangups about the whole fishing thing from the start, for personal reasons (I don't eat fish in real life.) in addition to the general starting difficulty of the whole mini-game. I spent the first couple of weeks of playing using an easy fishing mod because my reflexes stink. But, after a bit of reflection I decided there was nothing wrong with virtual fish, and I got the hang of the mini-game and how the timing of the whole thing worked, and I soon removed the easy fishing mod for the original game version as CA intended it. These days, I fish a few times a game-week, and accept that there are certain fish that I'm just not going to snag without a bit of luck (even with a maxed out fishing skill, dish of the sea buff, and all the bait and tackle a fish can eat). I've adopted a more Zen outlook towards the whole fishing thing in Stardew, and I think, given the overall philosophy of the game, that's for the best.
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                    • ChaosAzeroth

                      ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                      Generally like it but given some of my issues I don't think I'll catch a king no matter what I do. I'll give myself an anxiety and stress induced heart attack before I actually catch one.X3
                      • NikkSword

                        NikkSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                        I never liked fishing.. simply because I am terrible at it. And lazy.. and because i become easy prey for roving Joja Mart employees when I am focused on standing still and staring into the water instead of.. OH GOD NO ! NOOOOOOO! :rip:
                        • Corraidhín

                          Corraidhín Supernova

                          I love fishing... so much! both in-game and irl, and after you discover that you can remap the keys to use your keyboard for fishing instead of the mouse... its one heaven easier to do! mind you, I have no idea how the blazes ppl use a rod irl, your own wrist, a cord and a piece of fish for bait is all you need! Even the most frustrating fish in Stardew valley are such fun to catch! specially because its so challenging, even after getting the patterns down in memory.
                          • RaineShadow

                            RaineShadow Industrial Terraformer

                            Same. It was one of my favorite activities, but it seems like after you get all the fish, there isn't anything left to do and I kinda miss the days I spent just wanting to catch fish for the achievement.
                            I need to take a fishing day again, I guess.

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