Fish Ponds and new Island Area

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    • Build fish ponds through robin wherein you can breed fish that you catch
      • Fish caught can be placed in fish ponds and each fish have their own multiplication time wherein they will double after a certain amount of time
      • Fish must be fed everyday using bait/fish food
      • Fish ponds can be upgraded to house more fish and of higher quality
      • Fish can be harvested through fishing or by placing fishnets similar to crab pots (placing bait)
        • Fish nets to be bought from Willy
      • Number of fish and types of fish in the fish pond can be viewed through an already built-in signpost or some other object beside the fish pond
      • Saltwater fish and freshwater fish must be bred separately
        • You can change the type of fish pond as long as there are no fish already within
      • Harvesting fish grants experience points for fishing
    • Instead of the ability to pan for ore, have the reward for the fish tank in the community center be to fix a boat by the pier
      • Ore panning could be unlocked instead along with the earthquake that caused the railroad to be unlocked
      • Once the boat becomes available, the old mariner will be willing to ferry you for a price to a new island area during sunny days
        • He goes to his usually locations during stormy days or rainy days because it would be hard to navigate the sea
      • The new island area contains:
        • A shop (probably run by mermen or something) that sells new tropical crops for each season (pineapples (FoMT reference), watermelon, kiwis, rice maybe?)
        • New fishing areas (spring, pond, river, beach (AWL reference))
        • A mining area near the base of a volcano
        • Lots of tropical fruit trees and berry bushes like bananas, mangoes, papayas, cacao
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      oh man, this would be amazing but soooo much work!

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