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    I am not sure, I barely remember, probably it was one of those precursors to video games as we know them today, maybe something along the lines of this, but probably a cheap knock-off.
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    first games i played were need for speed underground, diablo 1, Z game strategy, and GTA 1,2,3. i dont remember more. Oh, also heroes 1,2. My family got them from somewhere. It was nice times but made me a nerd
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    I remember that game. I think It is called "Nu Pagadi" (or something like that) and its a Russian game. It even has its own cartoon show. Quite good for its time.
    Ah, good ol' Heroes... I had a second installment, but I've lend the CD to a friend, and he gave it back scratched, so it's unusable, and the first disc of third installment was shattered to pieces by CD-Drive. However, Heroes franchise were games, that made me interested in Fantasy genre, and I am sure I am not the only one.

    EDIT : Oh, thank you, Iris, for maintaining this thread.
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    I actually don't remember. I think it was "Little Big Planet 2" on my PS4 when i was 6 or 7.
    I think it was around year 2016.
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  6. caimar11

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    Galaga on atari when I was like 5
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    These were the first game I played. Among these there few others but not worth mentioning much. One of them being super mario which I found very idiotic and seeing all the games on the market it was quite irrelevant. Only 20 years later to be spammed by some individuals how that game was amazing and revolutionary and influenced a lot of others... Um yeah nice joke. Nice delusion of yours. It's nothing revolutionary about it and it became quite over rated at one point. The evidence is clear, the market was full of great games and mario didn't do anything new it just copy pasted things that already existed and packaged it into a weird drugged italian plumber guy jumping around on animals in a imaginary lsd trip setting. If anything, it's pathetic. These are the games I enjoyed and actually found quite popular back in a day. Almost everyone I knew played these at least once and loved it. And can be called inspiring.

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  8. Catherine Franz

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    Red Alert 2
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  9. I_am_the_Storm

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    Sorry for delay in response. I've been somehow busy.
    Good to know I am not the only one, who thought that Mario was quite... over-hyped. It was fun, but nothing groundbreaking, at least not for me. Similiar thing for Sonic The Hedgehog games; speeding through levels and collecting rings was not my cup of tea. But I can understand why both franchises have such dedicated fanbase.
    Regarding those examples of NES games... I only remember Mach Rider and Battle City, since my only method of buying games were from local vietnamese shops and markets, which sold those cartridges, togetherwith consoles. I cannot say I was picky back in my childhood, but I was certainly 'guided' to convince my mom in buying games with nicest cover...

    ...which brings me to this. Only in adulthood and after I was able to connect to the Internet, I discovered that :
    First, I didn't had an ORIGINAL NES console. It was actually a Famicom, but it did not looked like a Famicom console, It was shaped like a Playstation 1.
    Second, most (if not all) of the games I have are not the original version. They are bootleg version, with wrong and sometimes misleading covers and images. For example, my cartridge with 'Tokkyuu Shirei : Solbrain' (in the Japan version, the USA version is called 'Shatterhand') has cover from Playstation 1 version of Doom, and is yellow instead of blue-ish colour. Or Super Robin Hood, which had picture of Kevin Costner from the movie Robin Hood, with the title slapped on it. Or cartridges that boasted that whooping 1000 amazing games are in this cartridge... I could go on and on.
    Both cases are because of some people's will to profit from stupidity of other people. I and my mother were victims, unfortunately. Both consoles and games were cheap rip-offs, and local market was flooded with such. Today, I wouldn't fall for this, but in 1999 - 200X, we didn't knew they are copies, because we didn't knew how originals looked like in first place. But it didn't mattered to me, it worked and that was all I needed to be happy.
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    Those are called famiclones, Famicom is actually a Nintendo product and the ones you mention are clones of the very same but they did run ripped-ported games from other systems too
    There were different versions most of them played 8bit games some were 16bit. Some were rips of nintendo, amiga etc games and many were simply homebrew. My first famiclone that I bought with my own money, since parents never wanted to buy me anything related to tech, was in 1993 and it was called Terminator 2
    I did had a Sega Genesis at that point but bought this for shits and giggles and manly for the homebrew games since I was into that back then, nowadays called indie development was underground stuff back then. Also for the fact that in my region Nintendo games were nowhere to be found anymore by that time because of how expensive they were and over all uninteresting with the public. That is when famiclones kicked in certain locations and became a substitute. SEGA and famiclones pretty much ruled the market till late 90s then PlayStation took over that flag.
    So if that was in 1999 your region was kinda 10 years behind and I know then that for sure nothing else would sell there so I believe you when you say you didn't know how an original equipment or game looked like. And you don't have to worry about anything really, no need to label your self or be labeled because essentially your market wasn't at all interested in expensive things since no one really had the funds to buy any of it so you had to turn to alternatives. It's not your fault, it's the market and corporation's fault really. Same thing happened like I said in parts of Europe and Russia where famiclones were popular in late 80s to early 90s because there was no certain market for originals so people turned to alternatives and things that actually entertained them plus the cheap cost help it further. Maybe till 1995 when PlayStation hit worldwide well again minus certain locations but still people did managed to get one eventually and by 1998 and 1999 it took over everything. Next in line was PS2 which again is still the most sold console ever with the most list of good games ever released when it comes to a generation of consoles.

    About the market, the west was and still is the most focused on because they are the only ones tossing out money on garbage just as for good things and the very reason why many games are focused to please that type of mindset. The typical bulls--t some random american guy is the hero while russians are villains and the list goes on. Most things be it fictional or based on real life is always revolves around western settings. With some rare occasions when it isn't the case. Anyways others chip in on that market or turn to alternatives.
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    Yeah, that makes sense. Quick research showed me that there are tons of clones- If they are legal, illegal or in the 'grey zone' is up for debate, however back then, they were the only solution, as people could not afford overpriced consoles, and the market made them look like a legit consoles. The magazines maybe did wrote about it and showed the pictures of legit copies, but they were pricey too, and not many people bought them, because they were in foreigh language, and those translated were close to unknown. On top of it, only big companies and few 'chosen ones' had access to internet to verify this.
    The 'Ending Man' or 'Terminator 2' console looks intersting though. Funny they are still selling it...

    Anyway, I don't want to stray too off topic, and to make a truck-load of text again, as I always do, so I'll cut it short.
    Yes, my country, Czechia, was always -and will be- behind in terms of... actually everything, and 1999 was not an exception. Since I live in region where every major town or city is quite far, since we didn't had a car, and Internet was a thing majority of people never heard of, it is no surprise we had to use or buy things that were available, no matter how legitimate they are. I am not proud of it, though. Now, I am sure there WERE original NES consoles, but only in cities, thus out of our possibilites. Same goes for a cars, clothing, food, services... you name it. As for Playstation and other consoles; those were available, but again; the price tag was often as high as half of most family salaries at that time, depending on the region and type of goods. So people in cities could afford it, but people from villages were glad to get even food and other wares for entire month.
    Regarding the market, I would just add that it doesn't make any sense. The west isn't good or bad, neither east. It depends on individual people, not country as a whole, yet movies and gaming industry are trying to tell us that side X is bad/good, and viewer/player should trust this side. It is only disgusting form of brainwashing, that should not exist in first place. But... it does. So yeah, I completely agree on your point.

    I will now forcefully stop myself from ranting and going off topic, since this is not a place to discuss these things.
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  12. Xylia

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    Well, I suppose back in the 1980s... SMB was hyped because, well, before the NES came out, what we had previously was the Atari 2600 and other similar systems like the Intellivision. When you go from Atari 2600 to... Super Mario Bros... well, the difference is rather big. SMB was the flagship game of the NES, it was shipped with pretty much every NES in 1980s and it usually included Duck Hunt too.

    But anyhow.

    SMB paved the way for a lot of other games, and the list of early NES games at least here in the US included a lot of staples that would go on to define/invent genres, including Final Fantasy, Faxanadu, SMB, and some others. So it isn't a huge surprise that SMB was likely the first game for a lot of people who started gaming in the late 1980s.
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    Yes and no. Great points Xylia on some things but still overall picture is false. To start it off at the beginning.
    What I wrote in my post about the games were actually more available then SMB and many came out before SMB and quite better made, so it makes no sense to be more exposed to something that doesn't exist or is available just as easily as the games I mentioned. So you jumped few years up. People didn't jump from Atari to SMB there were bunch of games in-between. That is the whole point. SMB was mentioned here and there but only hyped first of all by Nintendo making Mario it's own mascot. Years later by younger generations, mainly by people who we called posers and hipsters that didn't even grew up with the Atari, SNES, Famicom or Segas etc basically the arcades but still wanted to stay relevant and act like they know something glorified the obvious oversaturated characters ignoring actual games that were on the market and inspired the future platforms. This was their typical try-hard move to be hip in the topic of retro games "oh I played Mario... it was a amazing game... I loved it" bla bla bla. As you said SMB was bundled with Nintendos and these mentioned individuals only saw that as a canon information and Nintendo used Mario as the main mascot that just fueled the relevancy in they eyes of these individuals, the obvious oh look Mario is a mascot therefore it must be a epic game... :rofl: Trying hard to stay relevant in the topic they started talking about Mario only because they were exposed to this false picture of that game, when someone mentioned them other games they went blank and change the topic since they realized this is something they can't seek attention from. They ignored gaming history and didn't want to learn anything.
    Many from them even went to the lengths of trying to convince me how Mario games were on Sega consoles. :rofl:
    If you ask any older person who played games they will all mention bunch of other games from all platforms and Mario games being brushed off as a transition faze game that is overall quite irrelevant. Some sure will glorify it but I already mentioned the types. Anyways that era of hyping and glorifying Mario is quite over so no need to worry anymore. And what happened to related Sonic which was another icon and Sega's mascot is another topic on it's own and just more proof on the point.
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  14. Xylia

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    Well, it depends really.

    A lot of people got introduced to video gaming through the NES and it was my understanding that pretty much every NES console shipped with SMB.

    Over here in the US, computers were expensive. You had the Commodore64 and other similar computers, but they were pricey at the time, and a lot of families simply couldn't afford them. Then, the NES came in Oct. of 1985 for $180. This was significantly cheaper than personal computers at the time which ran you $300 or more (until Commodore started their aggressive pricing, at least).

    So basically, the AT2600 comes out... then the Video Game Crash happens... PCs are still around, and there are games for them but they are still rather expensive, and then the NES hits the market and is an explosive success. And guess what game was the flagship of the NES? That's right, SMB.

    The Sega Master System didn't come out until September of 86, which was one month shy of a full year later, and by then, the NES had sold a lot of units.
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  15. Shanehaumpton

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    I'm a bit of an old school but back in the days I really love super mario the first edition and contra xD I was boyish back then.
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  16. AccountPrivacy

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    Yeah I liked Contra a lot back in a day too. The scifi action adventure and it's overall atmosphere with it's pumping music kept me in for sure. :)

    Sale numbers doesn't mean everything when people are not stuck with the product which what actually happened on a major scale, it was a short bloom anyways, quite irrelevant. Bundled games don't mean they are good or that people will stick with it, some sure are good but most of them are low grade titles that are just being pushed through the market because standalone they would probably sell less or not at all. One example from top of my mind just like Resident Evil 5 was pushed all over the place and since it was ported it had a laughable price of couple of euros even bundled with other games to push codes away and boost sales numbers to justify it's existence even tho it's being sold as lowest grade and low effort indie pointless garbage on steam or cellphone platforms.

    I don't know if I mentioned this here but I am genuinely surprised that Nintendo even survived as a company considering what type of crap they produced when you look at the overall picture of things. NES systems were swiped clean by SEGA at one point. Later Nintendo stabbed Sony in the back instead of trying to stay relevant. Then they go solo being a clueless bunch releasing N64 which was already then a outdated overpriced useless garbage, main problem being a cartridge based system that only supports limited amount of data and loading, it's tech supports only 3D materials and doesn't support 2D sprites whatsoever. PS1 was a epic machine and took the market clean rightfully so. Then Nintendo decide to once again release a major lacking system called Camecube. Strict to minidiscs, having surprisingly decent power even tho outsourced but the drivers not being able to bruteforce the loads. Games being heavily compressed, cut content etc due to all these issues. Controllers even worse then low budget china made crap back in a day. It's price was astronomical for that time and combined all together with the mentioned issues alongside others barely anyone bought one, the europe and many other regions were pretty much empty of it. Stores full of them pushing ads all over the place trying hard to sell the damn things then being a failure shipped back to Jap and China, remaining paid out consoles were tossed out as el-waste to be processed and recycled. Devs/publishers didn't wanted anything to do with it, minus the naive ones who got tricked into, still overall a minority. Failing the market once again. Back then PS2 was a clean winner and still to this day the best selling console with the greatest games library and legitimately deserving the title. After that Nintendo releases Wii once again an outdated piece of hardware with crap games. Seriously where the F# do these clowns get their funds to do all these things throughout the years, who is the money bag that keeps Nintendo's irrelevancy and presence on the market. Their only good thing is a recent gen of Switch, even that started off with faulty units and tons of issues to the point many turned away from it, the newer units which took couple of years to redeem them selves as trustworthy, I hear are ok but still a good number remaining a failure but even that is only somewhat popular only in some wealthy parts of the west not a worldwide thing. And now that I think of it I could ask the same question for Microsoft's consoles. Who and what keeps them afloat, the market surely does not.
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  17. Xylia

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    But yet, here in the USA, if you ask nearly anybody who was gaming during the 8-bit era, it's the NES everybody remembers, because everybody had one, and it had a simply huge and robust library of games with many, MANY classics. There were 715 licensed games for the NES, and the SMS only had ~360 licensed games.

    Actually..... loading is 100x faster from cartridge than from any optical disc drive, or even an HDD. Why do you think SSD drives are all the rage today? Turns out loading data from a chip is MUCH faster than loading it from anything with moving parts. You didn't see "Now Loading...." screens on the n64, like, ever.

    Sure, you had less overall data to work with, but as someone who played a few N64 games, if they were designed right, you could get around these limitations and still make good games if you were skilled at it and indeed some of the best games of the era were on n64. I don't think you'd really find anybody who would say, for example, Ocarina of Time was a bad game, or heck even SM64 is still regularly featured in speedrunning to this day. Starfox 64 is arguably the last good Starfox game ever made (a lot of people didn't like the motion controlled switch version).

    Yes, the PS1 was an awesome machine, as was the PS2. However, I owned a gamecube too, and maybe the machine wasn't quite as powerful, but yet there was something it had that even the PS didn't: The IPs and franchises. Metroid. Zelda. Don't underestimate franchise love. I will have to say that Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid Prime 2 gave me many, MANY hours of fond memories.

    Oh, and the gamecube had superior graphics to the PS1. The minidisc format did hold it back, but hot damn, if you think that anything on the PS1 could get anywhere near what you saw in, say, F-Zero, you're out of your mind, lol. That game was just ridiculous for its time. Metroid Prime 1&2 continue to be my all-time favorite FPS games to this day. Nothing like those games were ever made again, not even on modern PCs and I prefer the Gamecube version to the Switch Re-release, even.


    The Gamecube controller is considered by many to be one of the two top best controllers ever made, right alongside the PS2 Dualshock2 and I would certainly have to agree. It just fits nicely in the hands, and has all the buttons in perfect places. Now, the N64 controller was very controversial but once you got used to it, it felt good too. Once you got the hang of it.

    Nintendo obviously made mountains of money selling their games, and I think you're using local experiences and projecting them onto the entire world. Nintendo systems did way better than you're giving them credit for, and indeed when you look at the numbers, they don't lie. The Playstation 1 and 2 did better, yes, but that doesn't suddenly mean that Nintendo was selling N64s or Gamecubes at-loss. The gamecube sold 21.75 MILLION units worldwide. Not as many as the PS2, sure, but that's still a lot of units sold.

    Nintendo makes money off of its IPs that people fell in love with. Zelda. Mario. Metroid.

    Though sadly these days, these IPs are going heavily forgotten and nowadays Nintendo is sticking to "hardware innovation", though one would have to say, that they struck it rich with the Switch which is the undisputed king of consoles today.

    Will Nintendo be the king of next gen? Who knows. But they certainly hit the mobile gaming market and grabbed it by the horns while Sony and Microsoft are trying to sell you PCs in a fancy box with a proprietary OS using yesterday's PC architecture and obsolete hardware.
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    @Xylia @AccountPrivacy
    Both of you have good points. I cannot speak about things like GameCube, Sega Master System and the like, myself, as I only had NES, Famiclone, and PC, but I understand where this passionate discussion is coming from.
    Yet, this is not the right place to discuss these things. This thread is about games people that has played as first ever, and NOT about policies, intentions or profit of relative companies/manufacturers, which console is better, which controller is c**p, and so on.
    Personally, I like these discussions, and I will gladly join one, but not here. Feel free to create such thread, where people can discuss it, or keep it to minimum.

    Also, I feel like I am partially responsible for this, by saying that Super Mario on NES was over-hyped, same for Sonic, that matter regarding Famiclones, et cetera, in my previous posts. I want to sincerely apologize for that.
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    Please keep in mind to not do backseat moderation. If topics get derailed please inform the staff instead.
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    I get it but this forum isn't even that active so it's not like we spam or something. Still this is my last comment on this matter. I am talking about major scale things. It didn't brought back what they invested. PlayStation remains the most sold and most popular consoles worldwide and I will rest this discussion on this fact, the rest is irrelevant. As for me personally and people I know the upcoming gens of gaming is relevant to us as tits on a chicken... Gaming died back in 2010 with overpriced games, paywalls and gambling. This sadly became a priority to companies once again and by that many refuse to invest into this garbage. PS2 is still the ultimate success worldwide the rest is laughable in comparison and not even worth mentioning. It's just sad what all this has become and there is nothing else to be said. The End.

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