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RELEASED Fire morph ball! Burn enemies

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by SuperMandrew, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. SuperMandrew

    SuperMandrew Cosmic Narwhal


    EDIT: Pedguin has been nice enough to provide us all with a mod review, and a tutorial on how to install the mod! Great review and great video - check it out!

    Hey all,

    You may have recently seen my tutorial in the mod help section discussing how to make a custom tech. I decided to take the idea from the tutorial and expand upon it some.

    This tech gives you the ability to morph into a ball (which can still drop bombs), but it gives you a new dash technique. When you dash, you leave behind fire which damages enemies. Also, while in ball mode, you have flames coming off you constantly, which looks pretty sweet. :D

    This mod hasn't been tested for balance, and I think it may be somewhat OP, depending on what level you obtain the tech. How you integrate the tech into your game (via recipe, etc) is up to you.

    I hope you enjoy!



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  2. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Orbital Explorer

    how get this tech in game?
  3. Voidnaut

    Voidnaut Big Damn Hero

    :O !!!
  4. Bestpick

    Bestpick Big Damn Hero

    How do you get the tech? I have put the "tech" folder into my "assets" folder, but it won't show up in the tech menu.

    Nevermind, you just add it to the player file and you get the recipe..
  5. Rekalty

    Rekalty Friend of the Night

    Who needs balance, when you have a Flying Ball of Fire? I like it!
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  6. Eyhzat

    Eyhzat Space Hobo

    Oh my goooooooooooooood, yes! :O
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  7. SuperMandrew

    SuperMandrew Cosmic Narwhal

    I didn't add a way to get it in game, as other people right seem to have differing opinions of the best way to add items. And although most people don't agree with this method, if you go to player.config and above this line:
    { "item" : "copperarmorhead" },

    Add the line:
    { "item" : "firemorphballTech" },

    Now you can always craft it!
  8. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Orbital Explorer

    SuperMandrew, when firemorph added and activated in game = all monsters on planet not atack and im cant atack too.
  9. SuperMandrew

    SuperMandrew Cosmic Narwhal

    I have no idea about this. I didn't get this problem at all - are you sure removing the fire morph ball files and the one line from player.config fixes this?
  10. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Orbital Explorer

    This bug work only when locked in techtree on spaceship. When not locked = not bugging and all work fine. But without firemorphball. Mb when testing ur mod u use only opengl. Need test all preferences.

    Mb bug cuz use other mods like^

    custom ship mod http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/build-your-own-ship-sandbox-ship.41890/

    arcmods http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/arcs-mods-now-with-explosive-baubles.43241/

    ERISTECH SPACE HEATER 9000! http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/eristech-space-heater-9000.43863/
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  11. SuperMandrew

    SuperMandrew Cosmic Narwhal

    I haven't tried it on the OpenGL preferences, but I'm not actually sure that should change the way the mod works. Have you tried this with creating a new character? Or without arcmods/custom ship/space heater? I can't promise mod compatibility with other mods. I'm not having this problem when I only use the fire morph ball, so maybe it's incompatible with other mods.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  12. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Orbital Explorer

    I dont try without other mods. Sad that this mod does not work with other great mods... :(
  13. SuperMandrew

    SuperMandrew Cosmic Narwhal

    New video review from fellow Starbounder Pedguin! Added to the top, check it out :)
  14. Jecoconono

    Jecoconono Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hold on a second, i got to cry of happiness that i can do this now "cries"
  15. AHrEJl

    AHrEJl Orbital Explorer

    SuperMandrew, new patch and ur mod work corectly now!!! with other mods...
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  16. Jessen

    Jessen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i cannot get this mod to work, regardless of if I put an entry into player.config or not
  17. ninjaboy52

    ninjaboy52 Void-Bound Voyager

    1 torch crafts it
    I think
  18. emretulu6

    emretulu6 Void-Bound Voyager

    Can I install this into packed.pak file?
  19. momodou121

    momodou121 Void-Bound Voyager

    Where find player.config?
  20. xoxalix23

    xoxalix23 Space Hobo

    в какой папке это устанавливать?

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