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WIP Figures' Tutorial Quests Mod

Discussion in 'Other' started by Figures, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Figures

    Figures Poptop Tamer


    This mod changes the current tutorial from 6 quests to around 40. The idea behind it is to better introduce new players to the game and guide them through some of its concepts and early stages. This is my first mod, and I’m still learning the system, so expect bugs and please leave feedback.


    • Download zip file from https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhjehmztaymjqp6/FiguresTutorialMod.zip
    • Unzip FiguresTutorialMod.zip
    • Navigate to your \assets\quests folder (probably found at C:\Program Files\steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\assets\quests )
    • Make a backup of the quests.config file
    • Replace quests.config with the file supplied
    • Copy the FiguresTutorialMod folder over

    You should now have a folder with two subfolders (FiguresTutorialMod, tutorial) and a file quests.config

    [To restore: delete the FiguresTutorialMod folder and replace quests.config with your backed up version]

    Known Issues

    • - These quests will only work for new characters.
    • - Hunting Bow quest currently skipped due to issues with quest completion logic
    • - All quests of the type gather
    • - All quests are linear
    • - Requires original quests.config to be overwritten (aim is to do this without changing existing code)
    • - Final UFO battle not included
    • - Only takes player up to constructing copper armour
    • - Not tested on a server / multiplayer environment

    Future Plans

    • - Further Race Specific Quests
    • - Branching Quest Lines
    • - Kill Quests (Bounty Hunter Missions!)
    • - Special Missions!

    v0.1 - Initial Release
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  2. wingedwolf123

    wingedwolf123 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Love this .. good job...testing this now.. did you include farming in your mod? i see alot of players asking how to plant seeds and grow crops
  3. Figures

    Figures Poptop Tamer

    Thanks. Yes, there are farming quests in there as well
  4. liack

    liack Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Any idea how to do followups dependant on the player's race?
  5. Figures

    Figures Poptop Tamer

    I was playing around with this today. The syntax wasn't being rejected but it wasn't working. Basically I tried to do a conditional within the followup. This together with another non-syntax issue I discovered makes me think that the quest system still needs a bit of developer work.
  6. ollj

    ollj Big Damn Hero

    simple, your first quest to that is finding an item or block that you only find on a surface dungeon of your own species. like "repair the floran roof by picking up some blocks of it", if you are a floran. Your next quests are sabotages or aid however you want to phrase it, blocks will get dug.

    a harder quest is finding one specific book to search for some information.
  7. liack

    liack Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Figured as much: beyond the gather objective, I haven't found anything in the decompiled code regarding different objectives....

    The question was more on how to implement it in the questtemplate files rather than ideas on what mission objective could be. Currently quest are linear, so unless we make a line per race, the human would be stuck with the floran quest.
  8. Godd2

    Godd2 Tentacle Wrangler

    You can add quests to the quests initializer per race in quests.config.

      "refreshInterval" : 2.0,
      "initialquests" : {
      "glitch" : [ "supersecretglitchquestline.gearup", "glitchtutorial.gearup" ],
      "human" : [ "humantutorial.gearup" ],
      "avian" : [ "aviantutorial.gearup" ],
      "apex" : [ "apextutorial.gearup" ],
      "floran" : [ "florantutorial.gearup" ],
      "hylotl" : [ "hylotltutorial.gearup" ]
    This will look in assets\quests and its children directories for supersecretglitchquestline.questtemplate. For some reason, when you have multiple starting quests, it loads them in reverse, so this will show the default tutorial quest first, then it will show the supersecretglitchquestline quest, which would look something like this:

      "id" : "supersecretglitchquestline.gearup",
      "title" : "^#9be3d6;This is for Glitch eyes only!",
      "text" : "Welcome to the alternate Glitch questline. Go grab some ^#cb6d51;Copper Ore ^white;or some other task...",
      "completionText" : "You completed the first Glitch quest!",
      "conditions" : [
        { "kind" : "gather", "item" : [ "copperore", 1] }
      "moneyRange" : [50, 100],
      "rewards" : [
        [ [ "copperore", 1] ]
      "planetMode" : "none",
      "questDungeons" : [ ],
      "followUp" : "supersecretglitchquestline2.gearup"
  9. Darkreaper

    Darkreaper Aquatic Astronaut

    Have any of you managed to make two follow up quests? So for example after you complete the quest on getting cooked alien meat, it would give you not only the furnace quest, but another quest, in this case with the ID "farmingtutorial1.gearup". How would that work? Or would that not be possible?

    EDIT: Tried adding two followup quests, world crashed on loading, it was fine with just one though, I'll test some more.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  10. liack

    liack Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Have you changed the syntax accordingly (haven't tried, but you could test:
    "followUp" : [ "supersecretglitchquestline2.gearup", "glitchtutorial2.gearup" ]

    Not sure if it's implemented, but if the syntax for the initial quest is the same as follow up, it might be worth checking if the dictionary (using JSON terminology) works for follow up quest:

    "glitch" : [ "supersecretglitchquestline2.gearup" ],
    "human" : [ "supersecrethumanquestline2.gearup" ],
    "avian" : [ "supersecretavianquestline2l.gearup" ],
    "apex" : [ "supersecretapexquestline2.gearup" ],
    "floran" : [ "supersecretfloranquestline2.gearup" ],
    "hylotl" : [ "supersecrethylotlquestline2.gearup" ]

    I'll test these during my lunch break (will be back with results in 2 hours)
  11. ollj

    ollj Big Damn Hero

    there are mods that have quests looping infinitely by having 2 quests in a loop.

    if there would be a known way for branching quests someone would already have made it.
  12. liack

    liack Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I guess more work concerning quest will be done in the future...with the expanding ships perhaps being part of the rewards....I'll try these nonetheless but I agree chances are small these will work....
  13. liack

    liack Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I think on offended koala, the armor pieces' names have changed. quest 360 showed as buggish. Beside that, excellent work :)

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