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Outdated Fight For Universe: Per Aspera Ad Astra 0.055

Modular Starship Construction System & More Planned

  1. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Starbound: More in-depth than EVE, more vast then Minecraft, runs on your Grandmas computer.
    In short = BEST FUKIN GAME EVER!
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  2. numptykiller

    numptykiller Poptop Tamer

    Ya I get that but what I'm trying to say is (for hardcore only maybe) all you have to go by is how the planet looks and you don't even know what the difficulty is until you land on the planet which makes it feel like you actually have no idea what is to come on this planet so everything it new and exiting and with the randomness of all the creatures you will have no idea what is to come. But you could (after lots of tech and resources are spent) still build scanners and suchlike you were saying which I think would fit in perfectly with you generators and machines idea.
  3. Sounds ok with me. But I will add some complexity like sensors/scanners will be divided by groups, types or tires, I'm not sure for now how it will be, but when I will start modding upon modding API release, I will start thinking about it.

    Okay, prepare yourself for surgical reply.

    I'm not agree with you, "If you don't want it, don't use it" - it's more enough of justification, because in my case it will be a mod, made by me, so I could enjoy game more.

    Nobody will force you to believe in my god, i.e. nobody will force you to play in my mod. You always can pass by. But if you like some part of mod, but dislike other, you always could make mod yourself.

    My friend, creator decides what will be there and what won't be there. Not you.

    My friend, our world is world of opinions, and when you say, that something is have no place within the current system of logic, you mean it yours logic, and only yours, some people may share it, some people may not. Actually, that why vote system exists.

    That's where you're wrong my friend. Magic - it's something we can use, but old grandpas with 50 years of experience in Quantum Mechanics and Dimensional Physics still couldn't explain and show in formulas how it works. Good example: We both present at experiment, we both see as experimental item moved instantly form location A to location B all 100 km, I understood everything because I know a enough of Superstring Physics and M-Physics to understand how it actually worked out, while you, don't know these things, so you call current event Magic. So who is wrong here and who is right here?

    You can't order people what to do and what not to do. You only can state your opinion.

    There is no law that could explain how sound influence heat because: old grandpas with 50 years of experience in Quantum Mechanics and Dimensional Physics still couldn't explain and show in formulas how it works.

    It's impossible with current laws and forces of nature, because we still know nothing about it. Do you know amount of dimensions that exists? Nope you don't, I don't know either. Do you know what dimensions are known for us? I know only 12 so far. How much dimension we can feel/sense? Only 3 so far we can see, touch, interact with them, 4th dimension is barely sensible by us, 5th+ dimensions are beyond our perception range. So everything that more then 4th dimension is Magic? Or everything more then 12th dimension is Magic? Also theoretically amount of dimension is unlimited. You ask why? Here is the answer: Lim(∞)→0

    Sure it can. We live in 3 dimensional metrics, influenced by 4th dimension we can sense (barely) and other dimensions we don't sense. Who ever said, that planet can be exists in different universe, where default dimension metrics is 2.71, or 2.55, or have completely negative number? I'm sure you understand if default dimensional metric is different so basic formulas are too (like for example: formula for Kinetic Energy will be not mv^2, but 2mv^(1.78) or something).

    No body said that 7th dimension does not receives sound vibrations in specific order, that makes 7th dimension to affect first 3 dimensions in such way that friction between molecules is increased or electrons that orbit atoms gain additional velocity that causes breakdown of currently atomic chains, so stray electrons can form excess static electricity.

    As I said, that it's only your opinion.

    My opinion: it does.

    As I said, that it's only your opinion.

    Again, its world of opinions and opinions only, your general concept of magic is very different from mine. My friend, to have explanation of any logic behind any concept of magic, you must have very much practical and theoretical knowledge, that you're missing. Sure you can fight against it, in past Churches even made huge Inquisition armies to fight them. Good luck with that.
  4. Zomgmeister

    Zomgmeister Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It seems to me that this modification project can (and should in my opinion) be divided in several parts.

    1. Survival: expanded temperature, fatigue, hunger et cetera.
    2. Magic.
    3. Advanced construction and infrastructure.

    As far as I can see it, these parts have no real connection to each other. And, I think it would be best for everyone involved in design, production and playing of this game modification, that it would stay this way. Thus, not 1 huge mod, but 3 different ones: smallish and less complex "survival" module, medium to large "magic" and grand "construction" module. This way, everyone will be happy, because if people want to play "survival" + "construction", for example, without "magic" at all, then they could do it. More than that, interested people could help you with their suggestions and contributions to the parts of mods they are interested in.

    And completely unrequired debate on the nature of magic, technomagic as a concept and fitting of magic into the Starbound setting will become irrelevant.
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  5. Problem (or quite opposite) is, that I'm the only one who will work on this mod.
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  6. It seems there no need for me to mod and implement Advanced Spaceships & Space Battles, because Starbound's Project Leader, Tiy already have some serious plans for post release regarding it:
  7. MindsEye

    MindsEye Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Sounds like a cool mod. Like Zomgmeister suggestion about modules. Im not for magic in this type of game either so would be nice if it was a module. Making a complex hardcore survival mod out of this game will be very cool tho. Im not in favor of announced ship battle system. Wish it was more like escape velocity. Running around doing trade and buying upgrades for your ship, or building a fleet of pirate or cargo ships.
  8. SmoothGuy

    SmoothGuy Phantasmal Quasar

    i like this alot,it adds lot of realism and new combineable items,and so on,As human race does,they will make equipment to preserve themselves,those are really,really good ideas,also im realism freak (im damn sorry) I just like realism in games,and this is the way i really like it....I agree with this
  9. Well, this is how production will look like in my mod:
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  10. Alpha_Squad

    Alpha_Squad Cosmic Narwhal

    Seems a bit redundant firstly with the resources needing to go the general parts factory before going to a secondary factory to actually get built. Secondly, with the scale of production design for essentially 1 person it seems it would be more conventional to just merely walk to each factory rather than setting up a complex configuration that this system seems content on doing, but that is just me.

    As per the chart itself, it is nice looking, but since all of the lines are close together it would be easier to look at if each line was color coordinated.
  11. Well, I've listed all Science Structures & Parts, which responsible for all science stuff, both light and dark. And I mostly finished listing Warfare Structures & Parts, including description of some interesting planned gameplay mechanics there.
  12. SLOW_oranges

    SLOW_oranges Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'm not sure what this is, but it looks so complex and organized, I just had to like it.
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  13. XRiZUX

    XRiZUX Spaceman Spiff

    Looks good to me, I have a feeling that it might change though. But it also seems like you are not the type to change your mind when you want something. Can't wait to see how this will look like and play out. :coffee:


    Specially those last ones, Armory, Spaceship Center, Vehicle Garage, Mecha Bay, Aircraft hangar, Naval Docks. I have a feeling those will look totally badass. Good luck man. :coffee:
  14. Well, I already changed something. Now it's not just Spaceship Prototype Assembly. There are also Satellite Prototype Assembly & ISHM Prototype Assembly. And Spacecraft Workshop will be responsible for producing it all...

    Hopefully, Defender Missiles doesn't need prototype assembly, since they are not modular.

    Even though this entire system seems very complicated, it is created in with thoughts in mind that one player could setup it and support it by himself or via preprogrammed NPC, that I will add to game, if devs won't :)
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  15. Warfare Structures & Parts section is finished... The only section is need to be done is Special Structures & Parts.
  16. All list of structures is finished. There will be a lot of stuff to add and implement in to game.
  17. I will answer some unasked questions before they will arise. Parameters of structures, weapons, vehicles, equipment & etc. will heavily depend on resources used in production. Example: if radar made form great material - it will find any stealth/cloaked unit with ease and on the other side if cloaking device is made from highest grade material it will easily hide user from any radar. And let us not forget that all structures have multiple parameters, which means you can't create structure or weapon that will exceed in all parameters and will become ultimate, you always will have to sacrifice other parameters for sake of parameters you're mainly interested. Example: you can create radar, that can detect anything, but on the other side this radar will stop working even if it will get little scratch, or on the other side you can create durable and though radar - but do you really need it if can see only low-class stealth systems? It will depend on player.
  18. Supreme Suprise

    Supreme Suprise Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    First of all, I think this is a great idea. I really appreciate how people like you spend time and effort coming up with lots of detailed ideas on ways to improve the game and/or create it to more of your image. While I'm not the biggest fan of the structures idea, (I'm not one for complex devices that require time/ lots of maintenance to keep running efficiently.) its still a very interesting concept and it sounds neat. As far as magic is concerned, I say...screw realism! Bring on the magic/runes/whatever! :rofl: (in some ways the whole rune thing made me think of Diablo) So what if it doesn't fit? Its another element added to the overall idea that can potentially make the mod that much harder. (and crazier ;) ) Who cares if its not science-like? If your not interested in that sort of thing...don't play the mod. I'm Not trying to be mean here, just practical. My only concern with this mod is going overboard with minor details. Granted, I do understand that this IS intended to be a hardcore mod, BUT this is a point where things can become ridiculous when too many minor details are added. I just hope you realize this, and will find a good balance. All in all, this concept looks awesome! :up: I'll be looking forward to this mod! (make it happen ;) )
  19. Lobo

    Lobo Spaceman Spiff

    OH! i remember this suggestion! :DD
    good times... lol
    i still like it, and i want it implemented in game :up:
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  20. Jagaeg

    Jagaeg Big Damn Hero

    It is like being introduced to Tekkit when you first start Minecraft. I'm for it!
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