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Outdated Fight For Universe: Per Aspera Ad Astra 0.055

Modular Starship Construction System & More Planned

  1. bioa10

    bioa10 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello :D, I have a problem with adding custom races. I have unpacked it and then I added the races to the universe_server.config but when I run the game it seems to delete my custom races from the config because when I check the config again it is back to normal.
  2. Flip2247

    Flip2247 Void-Bound Voyager

    um theres a ton of different .shipworld files all have abunch of letters and numbers before the ".shipworld" also my hunger wont go up when I eat stuff even after I die it still is down all the way ny help?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2014
  3. d956381604

    d956381604 Space Hobo

    Hi, I've got a question here.
    Is v0.055.modpack suitable for Beta v. Enraged Koala?
    I've tried but the program said:

    IOException: BlockStorage method ‘readBlock' called when not open, must be open.
    00897f1A starbound.exe
    00898401 starbound.exe
    00898461 starbound.exe
    009c8b4f starbound.exe

    How should I fix this?
  4. ThePastyPrince

    ThePastyPrince Space Hobo

    Great idea! Now i can not wait for full release! but..
    1. will the corporations be player made or mod made? (what i mean is are there gonna be ones that you make with back story's and special items and vehicles? or made by a group of players?)
    2. Talking about the research tree will we later on be able to make mechs and other in game vehicle add ons?
  5. CrimsonXenoa

    CrimsonXenoa Void-Bound Voyager

    so, i know i'm gonna sound stupid bout whats the exact code to use this mod with custom chars?
  6. DarthTrethon

    DarthTrethon Spaceman Spiff

    Any plans to update this mod to the Unstable/Stable with the new patching system? Please say you will update this.
  7. Rosso Fuoco

    Rosso Fuoco Void-Bound Voyager

    I want this badly. Gimme!
  8. Kit_whatelse

    Kit_whatelse Tentacle Wrangler

    I hope this ain't going to be left deserted
  9. DarthTrethon

    DarthTrethon Spaceman Spiff

    There's been no replies or updates in 15 months.....this is 100% deserted.
  10. Rather then just deserted, I've just stopped the development, because as of right now Starbound engine won't be able to support all the features I want to see in my mod. Simple as that.
  11. zomboss

    zomboss Aquatic Astronaut

    it dosent work

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