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Outdated Fight For Universe: Per Aspera Ad Astra 0.055

Modular Starship Construction System & More Planned

  1. Oh, you can open Advanced Construction and there are 6 lists of stuctures to do :)
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    You should look at the ammo overhaul mod. I know you are planning to have universal ammo but that mod is pretty cool and having diff types of ammo for guns is fun too.BTW I love you are adding ammo as a finite resource.
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    Yes. Posted in case if the problem is familiar. So, 'll Handle himself. If it turns out - I'll write a soulution.

    upd. Problem was, of course, not in mod. Game was broken by mysterious way... Realy dont know how. Anyway, reinstall solve all problems.
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    So i want to sprite a "data module". How big should it be? D:
  6. You can make it any size you want. But if you want a reference take already existent art as well mock-up images. Fusion Reactor Example is good reference image.
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    Adaptation and Tolerance in conjunction with difficulty.
    For purpose of discussion I will only use a single stat, Hunger tolerance and some examples of other stats interacting with it. The stat is imaginary and is only used to present the idea in an understandable manor. All numbers other then minimal and maximal float(0 and 1 respectively) are also imaginary and used for presentation only.

    Hunger tolerance for example acts as a modifier for your starvation/metabolism rate.
    A high stat(max float, 1) means you can go a incredible time without eating as you metabolize food slowly.
    A low stat is the exact converse of this, at 0.0 you can starve incredibly fast. Obtaining a true 0.0 stat however is next to impossible as your starvation will begin to directly effect this. The more you 'starve' the more tolerance you build to this.
    Starvation is NOT the damage you take when the hunger bar empties, but is instead the rate at which your hunger bar decreases. Low tolerance(0.0) would equate to your bar reducing at twice the rate of vanilla. a 'average' tolerance(0.2) would reduce at vanilla levels and a high tolerance would reduce at an astounding 3x slower rate.

    Hunger tolerance is reduced by the following factors
    Physical damage(attacks from enemies or environment). These include enemies attacking you and dealing damage, falls, hazards, poison, and explosions. Based on the level of damage received you take a "permanent" and temporary loss to your tolerance. Permanent reduction is a reduction directly applied to the stat. Say you need to heal 50 points of health, you lose .0005 tolerance per each point you regain. This can be regained though normal play but because its applied directly to the stat is not regained in the same way as temporary reduction. Temporary is an additional reduction that recoups immediately after healing completely. It acts a representative of another stat, Healing factor, the rate of healing a character has. The stat varies with healing factor. A high healing factor means a almost non-existent tolerance reduction. A low healing factor means a large reduction.

    Poison/illness(immunity level). When recouping from a poison or illness you will take a similar reduction to your hunger tolerance. Both a permanent and temporary reduction occurs. This can make damage inducing poisons incredibly effective long term so be warned. High immunity reduces temporary reductions, low immunity increases them.

    Thirst(water). Thirst acts as a mirror to hunger and effects it the most. Thirst has a constantly applied temporary reduction to hunger. Higher thirst results in less reduction. lower thirst results in higher reduction.

    Armor. Oddly enough having the best amour in game will actually reduce many stats. While not directly effecting any stat the 'most powerful' armors will remove factors such as exposure to illness, temperature, and other things. These stats no longer are being 'trained' and begin to decay for disuse. While this may not present a problem(your armor takes care of you) immediately, those stats are important and may lower the effectiveness of the armor to the point where those decayed stats are needed again. (a planet with a -20 cold rating and a armor with a -20 cold threshold; You can withstand -4 threshold naturally. Over time this is reduced from disuse until your tolerance reaches below average... and your natural threshold is less then zero reducing the armors threshold enough for you to experience cold again.

    (heat and cold). In each extreme you need to either burn energy to sweat or to maintain your body temp. A temporary stat reduction is applied when you are outside your temperature threshold.

    And many more!(too lazy to write anymore, this is a presentation, not a feature release/change log)

    The following increase the hunger tolerance:

    Fasting. It may sound counterproductive to do this but not eating every time you lost 1 bar of hunger is beneficial. If you fast a bit and space your meals accordingly, your tolerance level receives a significant boost. However, fasting too long and you may receive a reduction instead as your body overcompensates. Eating just what you need is the best method to boosting this stat passively.

    Diet. Eating one thing and one thing only tends to not give you everything your body needs. When you eat, eating meals is far more beneficial then just eating a steak and calling it a day. Each species will have separate dietary needs. By meeting these you can aggressively alter your tolerance to hunger.

    And more!(again, being lazy!)

    Why the need for permanent and temporary stats?

    To prevent loops. Imagine hunger and thirst relationship without temporary stats. As thirst reduces, hunger reduces... In turn hunger reduces thirst and repeats until both stats are constantly clocked at 0.0. Temporary stats are not applied to the primary stat and thus allow a lot of interaction between the stats with minimal risk of causing unintended loop exploits or bugs.
    This isnt realistic!
    This is where "gaming" up play comes in. In the real world, such 'stats' do exist to a limited extent, the most powerful and well known being immunity. Those exposed to a lot of germs develop a powerful immunity to these particular pathogens(its not always perfect but for perspective is how it generally works). Conversely someone never introduced to these may experience the germs at their most destructive... Possibly even in death. In the game this is reflected by allowing you to expose your character to deadly elements to build some level of tolerance against them.
    What does this really do and not do?
    I'll tel you what it wont do, it wont let you stand in fire or swim in liquid nitrogen. What it will do is let you stand in the snow buck naked five minutes longer then 'the other guy'. None of these stats should effect play by any significant portion. Instead they are there as an extra metagame. By working hard on building these stats you are rewarded by having to use less resources to survive and thrive. You CAN play the entire game through without ever once looking at these stats or even knowing they are there.
    So where does game difficulty really come in?
    Right from the start. Game difficulty determines what your initial stats are. Easymode may be .2 to all stats and hardmode may be .5 to all stats. In addition to this, easymode will experience a large(0.15) reduction to the stats on death. That is to say that by needing to be resurrected, you lose much of your built up immunity and tolerance. You wont be able to chug that beer bong like you once used to. Hardmode(permadeath) on the other hand will experience a much lower(0.05) reduction(more on why respawning is even a factor in a later post). This acts to prevent players from 'death farming', or using death as a means to escape such things as being stuck deep in a mine, hunger pangs, or reckless combat.
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    Going to download this and play this once it has more content, this looks promising and actually allow me to play the game the way I want ^^

    Basicly when some of these nicely planned facilities are in. I love setting up my own factories and produce tons of stuff. Loved it in the X series and would love to do that in starbound
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    Hey this is honeslty the best mod I've ever seen especially with all that's planned. I was just looking through the discussions and noticed you said that the update will break a lot of stuff, does that mean that it will be wiped or will our ships still be intact? It literally took me a day to figure out where all the pieces fit and how the invisible blocks were implemented. Keep up the good work!
  11. Well, most of the current ship parts that implemented in game are implemented as objects. I've re-implemented them as blocks/tiles to avoid CPU, and simplify ship construction and make ship construction more flexible. I also will warn everybody in the update message, that update will break a lot of stuff.

    And I've upgraded invisible blocks too, now when you mine them, they just removed and not dropped, I've implemented them because some objects couldn't be mounted upon .structure file loading on to empty space, so they need some kind of block, to be on top of it, even if already in-game player has no need for background block to mount them.
  12. Wow. Even at current state Starbound's Engine is just wow. Simplifies things a lot. Beside default 8x8 pixel size of block itself, it also has 4 pixels around it (making it 16x16 in total) for makeshift image, thus allowing to create spaceship part which look like they take 2-3 blocks, while actually it's only 1 block in size!

    In addition beware, next mod release will break a lot of things, since most spaceship parts got converted from objects in to blocks/tiles.
  13. Murukai

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    Ok thanks for the info, I'll be sure to printscreen my ship so I'll remember how it looks
  14. ECC

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    No need unless your ship uses large amounts of the old tiles. If what I gather from war is right, only the old blocks will be removed.(im sure he'll correct me)
  15. Dimitri The Silly Sergal

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  16. ECC

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    Works fine for me. Try redownloading the mod if you havent already.
  17. Murukai

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    Just to clarify will most of my ship be have to be remade? When you say old tiles do you mean the interior/exterior hull pieces? or the platform pieces. or all? I'm only about 10% done my ship and I'll use vanilla blocks for the time being. Here's what I've got so far.
  18. ECC

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    Yes, much of that will probably need to be replaced. All the red ship parts are being converted to tiles(blocks) instead of objects(decor /w collision boxes)

    things like background tiles, steel platforms and etc should be fine but most of your ship will be destroyed. Hopefully this will be a one time occurrence.

    again however I am not war and he'll correct me if I am wrong

    If you need resources just find me on the server between 3-5PM today(EST). I'll also be on and off at some other times but I can only promise I'll be on for those two hours today. Try logging in and saying 'hello'. I will respond :)
    Im sure I can spare some basic tiles so you dont get sucked out into the vacuum of space ;)

    Edit: on second thought, maybe I'll anime instead of play starbound. tah! :p

    Edit2: War corrected me in steamchat: Ships will need to be either cleaned or wiped with the upcoming update. If you do not want to lose your ship you will need to clear out all ship parts from this mod other then the engines and exhaust. Vanilla blocks and items will not be effected by this so if your ship is primarily comprised of these(as mine is) you will only have a small portion to replace.
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    I have redownloaded multiple times
  20. ECC

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    Odd. I'll take a look again then.
    Just some stupid trouble shooting:
    1. Have you modified the unpacker/repacker in any way?
    2. Are you using the one given by the game or by the mod?
    3. Are you looking in this filepath? (default for starbound) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\mods\ffu_paaa\ffu_paaa <-- blue for new file after unpacking
    4. Are you smarter then a 5th grader?
    5. 100% sure you have not done something to change or alter anything?

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