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RELEASED [FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke 2.0hotfix6

Last generation of gunshop/gunners mod

  1. kay250000

    kay250000 Orbital Explorer

    ok sorry xD
  2. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

    Still he is right. Our Forum Rules state that posts have to be in english or that they at least should provide an english translation.
    Just a friendly reminder here. :nurucool:
  3. Feniter

    Feniter Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well if we're going to take a look at it, a simple google search reveals that the mandatory military service on the Korean Military would at least take 21 months but not more than 24 months (just depends on the branch really). Lets say he was literally drafted into the military service exactly at July 4, 2018 and the branch he went to only takes 21 months at least, so with those taken into account he should be returning by at least April 4, 2020. If the worst has struck him with 24 months mandatory military service he should return by July 4, 2020. (sorry if it is filled with grammatical errors, not my first language.) well if anyone has spotted some wrong things I have said wrong please correct me as I wouldn't want to spread fake news. Anyways have a good day y'all

    Anyways I will still look forward to his return if he comes back to the mod, staying strong! hahahaha
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  4. Rom Solo

    Rom Solo Big Damn Hero

  5. Feniter

    Feniter Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I see! That's great, I just assumed he went to the mandatory military service due to the previous discussion. Anyways the patience was worth it after all.
  6. Rom Solo

    Rom Solo Big Damn Hero

    Agreed! Godspeed mate.
  7. rfhdh

    rfhdh Space Hobo

    Может кто помочь с этим?
  8. universalist23

    universalist23 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    we glad you back leyhan
  9. johnbas16

    johnbas16 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    hoping to have more mission the future updates.
  10. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  11. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  12. Joseph K

    Joseph K Giant Laser Beams

    Can you please tell me how to start the second quest? Well, I got the quest, but it says to get one pixel and it won't say what to do next.
  13. alex7887

    alex7887 Void-Bound Voyager

    Мне интересно, в этом моде будут ли боеприпасы для оружия?
    Это может сохранить и обеспечить еще больший интерес ко всем орудиям, этого мода.
    Так же его разнообразить.
    В ином случае, игрок предпочитает купить себе одно или два оружия, и использовать его пока оно не надоест.
    Это просто вопрос, не требование или оскорбление создателя мода.

    I wonder if there will be ammunition for weapons in this mod?
    This can save and provide even greater interest in all the tools of this mod.
    Also diversify it.
    Otherwise, the player prefers to buy one or two weapons, and use them until they get bored.
    This is just a question, not a demand or an insult to the creator of the mod.
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  14. Joseph K

    Joseph K Giant Laser Beams

    Why is the airship boss unkillable?
  15. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    I'll not use any other ammo system before starbound updating new ammo system.
    Sorry about that.

    You have to use Armorpiercing weapon.
  16. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  17. Joseph K

    Joseph K Giant Laser Beams

    Maybe you should have put some in the mission. Because all I have is a pistol.
  18. Joseph K

    Joseph K Giant Laser Beams

    It keeps saying I have a new mission on my ship's computer, but I'm not seeing any. Also, why does Ruin's Larva instakill you when it gets low enough?
  19. Joseph K

    Joseph K Giant Laser Beams

    Listen, I'm sorry, but the Hellgate dungeon is really really unfair. It's really long, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is if there are no checkpoints! Not only that, but a lot of the rooms contain at least 100 monsters that all attack you at the same time, and there's no possible way to avoid them. I'll give you credit for the Ruin's Puppet, that was an awesome fight, but the Ruin Larva is pretty bad. I like the concept of it tunneling around and coming out of the ground with its giant maw, but the attack where everything goes dark just instakills you if you're moving when it starts. And if that happens you have to go through the entire mission again, which takes at least thirty minutes. All in all, you can't possibly have gone through it legitimately, and that's a bad thing. When modding it's best to go through your missions legitimately before releasing them. I really like the concept, and how you brought back the old hopping eye boss as a spawner enemy, but please make the enemy count a little less extreme.
  20. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    It is just a challenging dungeon.
    You have to gather your squad for challenging it.

    And 666th basement is unnecessary for main story.
    Do not challenge there before ready enough.

    And there is way to defeat larva.
    You believe this or not, Already solo-winner is exist.

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