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RELEASED [FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke 2.0hotfix6

Last generation of gunshop/gunners mod

  1. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    leyhan submitted a new mod:

    Lyetzi's Gunshop MOD [under preparation] - this mod add dozen or more REAL GUNS.

    Read more about this mod...
  2. Nimnon

    Nimnon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This looks pretty cool
  3. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    thanks :)
  4. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  5. Tacomancer

    Tacomancer Void-Bound Voyager

    all that comes to mind...
  6. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    oh! haha,
    yeah. Here's at you. This mod has big guns. :D

    + with Huge Quality ! :3
  7. Datfoxfur

    Datfoxfur Void-Bound Voyager

    now if only we had a mod to craft lower level guns that actually works
  8. Datfoxfur

    Datfoxfur Void-Bound Voyager

    hey ive noticed something weird, the recon team and the merchants have guns and point them at enemies, but they dont fire at all :/ ive been watching my guys just roll over and die pretty much
  9. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    Thanks to feedback. :D
    This is my answer.


    the recon team and Vanilla-guards are same with moster.
    I mean , If you set Recon team in 10-Level planet, they has 10-level-monster ability.
    so, they can use 10-level unique Guns.
    but you set them in lower-level planet, they can't use that.

    i know that problem. and i can change it.


    you know, this mod fit with Vanilla Starbaund balance - for threat level 10 User.
    If i change that, Lower level User can use 100Lv-Guard , only 1000 pixel.

    this will cause DESTROYING Starbound balance and gameplay of New player.

    i think, This is not good.

    so, i have already preparing UPDATE 2.0

    with some TANKs and 5-Threatlevel Guards.

    This version 1.0 is just for X-sector User. :3
    please, you must know that.

    Thank you.
  10. Datfoxfur

    Datfoxfur Void-Bound Voyager

    ok, but what about the recon team not properly responding to enemy's? im pretty sure it isnt normal that they arent firing at enemies. I mean its cool to have them but they dont do anything.
  11. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    oops, man?! :)

    have you ever set a vanilla guard?

    Vanilla guard system is simple.
    if friendly player (with friendly character) or guards are attacked, they revenge them.

    and, SCAA guard script is samethings with Vanilla guard's script.

    Vanilla guards and SCAA team, they DO NOT STRIKE ENEMY FIRST.

    Thanks :D

    ps.if they strike enemy first, they wil do a lot of ' friendly fire ' .. like pirate guards.. OTL
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  12. unoterminator

    unoterminator Yeah, You!

    I'm sure it is the right folder because it is not the first mod that I put on and then to force the latest version downloaded this morning saw that the other solutions?
  13. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    This mod must be installed lastly. you do that?
    (this is not meaning : install last version.)

    this mod change file ---> merchant.npctype ---> this file is essential for SCAA's item selling.
    you need to check other mod that change this file : .. assets / npcs / merchant.npctype.

    you said : "it is not the first mod that i put on "
    so , you must check this.

    if you have any other mod files that change this file(.. assets / npcs / merchant.npctype.),
    you must delete that mod .
    if you do not, that will be cause of crashes --- like DON'T SELLING ANYTHING

    if you can't understand that solution, just follow this.

    this is reason.
    over one-hundreds player have played this MOD,but they play as well.
    so, that problem must be "MOD CRASH" with other mod that you had installed.

    thank you.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
  14. unoterminator

    unoterminator Yeah, You!

    and how can I see if it has changed because from what I've seen seems normal to me.
  15. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm already explain "SOLUTIONS".

    and Now, you asked me to "How to check crashing MOD."


    1.BACK-UP All of your mod files, and DELETE EVERY MODS WITH YOUR CUSTOM FILES.
    2.install 'Gunshop' mod in Vanilla Starbounds.
    3.PLAY with new character.

    if it has nothing problem, just follow this way.

    1.install 'A' mod ----> Start starbound ----> Check Crashing with 'Gunshop' Mod.
    2.install 'B' mod ----> Start starbound ----> Check Crashing with 'Gunshop' Mod.
    3.install 'C' mod ----> Start starbound ----> Check Crashing with 'Gunshop' Mod.
    4.install 'D' mod ----> Start starbound ----> Check Crashing with 'Gunshop' Mod.
    5. .....

    X.If you found crashing-mod. ---> Exclude that mod from starbound.

    and PLAY!

    thanks :)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
  16. Datfoxfur

    Datfoxfur Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah i know >.>.... but what im saying is that they arent responding to attackers. what does this mean?

    Example: A hostile creature comes out of the blue and starts to attack them. Now, at this point they are taking damage, but instead fighting back, the simply aim their weapons at them, and do nothing. They do not fire their weapons at all. And as further proof, I spawn about six SCAA and attacked them, they responded the same, pointed their guns but didnt fire.

    besides that everything works fine, the guns all work correctly without crashing, and the venders appear and sell their weapons after setting a spawner. but its.... weird
  17. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal


    Did you set them in 'Threat level 10 planet' ?
    check that and feedback please! :)
  18. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  19. leyhan

    leyhan Cosmic Narwhal

  20. rowrow12

    rowrow12 Space Hobo

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