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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IreneGR, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. IreneGR

    IreneGR Orbital Explorer

    Hello! I just found out that SV is coming to iOS next week and I am so excited as I am many hours away home! I am about to preorder.
    I have two questions only.
    1. Shall this version be playable in offline mode? Or do you have to be online.
    2. Will the progress be synced to two devices? Got an iPhone and an iPad.

    Thank you!
    • gummywyrms

      gummywyrms Big Damn Hero

      1. It should be playable offline, at least the PC and console versions are. The only thing you need to have a connection for is multiplayer, but the iOS version won't have that.

      2. I'm not entirely sure about that. It seems you can access saves via iTunes, so if that's synced, I would imagine it is.
      • Marley420

        Marley420 Big Damn Hero

        Something that hasn’t been discussed much about the mobile version is mod compatibility. CA stated that it won’t be supported, yet I’m hoping the modding community will find a workaround.

        Is there any possibility of seeing that happening? I just can’t see myself playing SDV without mods. :(
        • Ltfightr

          Ltfightr Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I would don't think mods are going to work with IOS Apple has a very negative view of game mods. Baldurs gate 2 has a bunch of mods but you cannot mod your IOS game because its against apple's terms of service unless its an official patch.
          • Rudeliuz

            Rudeliuz Space Hobo

            I started playing on the phone, but could not continue on the ipad.
            I would also love to know if we are going to get some kind of cloud saving or account linking. I’m and android guy and I don’t want to start over a new farm when it finally launches on android.. welp
            • Nyqi

              Nyqi Void-Bound Voyager

              What about multiplayer will it be available sometime in future?

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