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    Okay, so I've made three posts in two days. I'm not very good at what I'm doing, am I?
    Post 1:Dialogue: mulitble boxes with conditions
    Post 2:NPC's Giving Gifts to player

    So what I need now is help changing dialogue of your spouse's relatives. Snice I can't tell you what I've tried without telling you who I've married. I married Sam.

    Here's what I wanted Jodi to say:
    Hi sweetie. Celebrating The Feast of the Winter Star with the family is one of my favorite parts of the year.
    Here's the code for the dialogue:
    "Hi sweetie.$0#$b#Celebrating The Feast of the Winter Star with the family is one of my favorite parts of the year

    If I wanted that to be what she says no matter what I'd use the prefix "Jodi:"
    If you married Sam he gets new dialogue in the vanilla and it uses the prefix: "Sam_spouse:"

    Now I've tried every combination I could think of.
    I started by using the prefix "Jodi_inlaw_Sam:" since "_inlaw_Sam:" is the way you do it in normal dialogue. I've tried "Jodi_Sam_spouse:" since that was how this file registered that I was married to Sam. FinalyI tried "Sam_spouse_Jodi:" since I wasn't sure what order it would be in as there is now giudes to do this online that I can find.

    I'm at my wit's end trying to figure this out and it's driving me crazy because I was already able to do this with normal dialogue but I can't with this. Out of all my posts so far, this one sounds the simplest but I still can't figure it out.

    Note: I think it by have to do with another file that specifies what each of these terms mean as "Jodi:" or other NPC names are not pefixs used outside of festivals. However I have know idea where to look.
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