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    Apologies if I've missed a place this is already being discussed! My sister and I have been busily and intensely playing multiplayer together, and finally got married on the 7th of Winter, which we were really looking forward to.

    So far, though, I have to say being married has been a little disappointing. The experience just isn't nearly as good or welcoming. I have a few quality-of-life suggestions for making marriage feel better and making you feel more connected to your spouse.

    1) I know people have been saying this already, but the Wedding Ring was just flat too hard to make. I got the Iridium Bars no problem, but deliberately grinding for a Prismatic Shard was stressful and unpleasant and just blah. The Iridium Bar cost already ensures you have to be able to get Iridium, which means advancing to the Skull Cave or waiting for the Statue of Perfection; maybe 5 Diamonds instead of a Prismatic Shard. They're just too hard to get.

    2) A hug/kiss animation for the two married farmers, please! I really miss being able to hug/kiss my spouse throughout a hard day's work. It's surprising how many warm fuzzies this gave me that I now miss.

    3) It would be really nice to have the ability to move one spouse's "spawn point" to the other spouse's (marriage-ready, double-bed-possessing) house. When I join my wife's game (she's host), and wake up in my tiny cabin instead of in the big house I share with her, I feel like I've been couched! I understand this might not be a good *default* state of things, but maybe a furniture item you can buy from Robin once married (Foot Locker? Wardrobe?) that lets you wake up in whatever house/cabin you've left it in could work? Ex. Steve the farmhand marries Diana the farmer, Steve buys a "Wardrobe," they put it in Diana's house and Steve uses it to set his spawn to Diana's bed (which Diana must approve).

    4) Another possibility: Maybe a way to connect the farmhand's cabin to the farmer (or other farmhand's) house/cabin, through a magic door? Say that when you get married (or through some quest with the Wizard following marriage), you're able to add a Door to a wall of your house, the way you'd add a window. Add a matching Door to the other house, and these Doors connect: Go through one Door, enter the house via the other Door.

    5) Having kids at the statistical blessing of the game didn't feel nearly so bad when you were married to a computer program. When you're married to another farmer, it feels bad to have it so out of your control. (I might feel more strongly about this than I need to because when the prompt came up on our wedding night, an apparent glitch related to triggering the "Go to bed for the night?" prompt accidentally the next morning led the game to think I'd said no to a kid when in fact I'd said yes!) It would be nice to have some way to affect this. My suggestion: When you get married, Grandma Evelyn (or the Wizard, or whoever) sends you a recipe in the mail for how to cook a food item that helps with fertility. It can be a little hard to make. Eating this cooked food on a given day increases the odds of being asked to/able to conceive if you sleep in the same bed that night.

    I have been loving multiplayer to death and want it to be all it can be! I just think farmer marriage could be a little better than it is. :)
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