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Feature Request: Make fishing easier on iOS

Discussion in 'Support' started by cristoslc, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. cristoslc

    cristoslc Space Hobo

    On my iPad Pro 12.9", fishing is absolutely impossible. Since some of the community center bundles (not to mention certain quests) need fish to be completed, I feel like there are whole aspects of the game I can't access, just because fishing has an absurd difficulty level. Can you make any tweaks to the input scheme so that it's more forgiving for beginner fishers?
    • Skinflint

      Skinflint Aquatic Astronaut

      I'm on an iPod Touch and hated fishing so much I ignored it for several years, but now am fairly proficient. I did some thinking about why this is, and I suspect part of it is the fact that the bar is a solid color so fails to give visual feedback except as its edges move, which makes the connection to how long you press much harder to feel. A gradient on the green bar I think might help a lot in this regard. Perhaps its color or shade could also reflect the amount of tension to give a sense of the momentum that will happen when you end the press (this is obviously a huge issue on touchscreen whereas a physical button the feedback to start and end input is much stronger and more precise).

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