Feature Request: Asynchronous Multiplayer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CheesecakeJones, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. CheesecakeJones

    CheesecakeJones Poptop Tamer

    I would love to see asynchronous multiplayer. Let me explain with a story.

    In college my brother and I were in love with Advance Wars. We were separated by distance, though. We would chat about the single player, but we had no real way to play together. My brother (a computer science major) took matters into his own hands and created a hacked ROM of Advance Wars we could email each other back and forth. He would make his move, and email me the ROM. I would make my move over the next day or so, and email it back. A single match could take weeks! It really increased the value of your turn. You'd think about it for days planning and hoping. We had so much fun.

    I'd love to see something similar in War Groove. You'd take your turn, and then it would ping your friend with a notification. They could take their turn whenever it was convenient for them.
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    • KevCar

      KevCar Void-Bound Voyager

      This would be a great feature. Lots of times I can't play games like this with a friend because both of us need to set aside time and our schedules don't always line up. This would be a great way to make sure I get the most of the multiplayer features and a fantastic excuse to boot up the game every day.
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      • MongooseCalledFred

        MongooseCalledFred Orbital Explorer

        I'd like this too. I can't guarantee enough timing or bandwidth for simultaneous (although I don't expect this to need much).
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        • Firebird Zoom

          Firebird Zoom Heliosphere

          This sounds a lot like rol, an online gaming website.
          • Howitzer

            Howitzer Seal Broken

            I really hope this feature makes it onto the game. I like how it would allow for longer turns and would make it practical to have longer games with really high turn counts on bigger maps.
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            • ComatosePhoenix

              ComatosePhoenix Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I think what your asking for is generally called Play by E-Mail or PBEM. Asynchronus multiplayer is something else.
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              • CheesecakeJones

                CheesecakeJones Poptop Tamer

              • ComatosePhoenix

                ComatosePhoenix Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Huh, I generally think of Asynchronous multiplayer for when the game doesn't rely on players taking turns in sequence. Kinda like what is used in Dominions, frozen Synapse, gratuitious space battles, etc. Though I suppose any turn based game is Asynchronous.
                • ObscureAnimal

                  ObscureAnimal Space Hobo

                  I'm really hoping for this feature too. It was one of the first things I wanted to know when they were developing this game. I hoooope so badly that they put it in somehow!
                  • dabri85

                    dabri85 Space Hobo

                    I would also greatly love to see this feature. Being able to put the game down between turns (only multiplayer) and coming back to it on my own time would greatly extend how long I keep playing this game.
                    • ppm4587

                      ppm4587 Tentacle Wrangler

                      +1 I think that is a great idea.
                      The 90% of time that I play chess is asynchronous multiplayer, and this is 1 vs 1. In this game that can play 4. I think that is a great option and oportunity for players, and the game.
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                      • MongooseCalledFred

                        MongooseCalledFred Orbital Explorer

                        One of the recent dev streams confirmed that this is how they are doing multiplayer.
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                        • Ellipsis87

                          Ellipsis87 Seal Broken

                          ^yep this has been confirmed.
                          • Chizuru Minamoto

                            Chizuru Minamoto Astral Cartographer

                            I'm okay with asynchonous multiplayer, but I'd like it to be a feature you can toggle, because if I play a game with random strangers, I don't want the same thing that Frozen Synapse did... If you play your round, then the enemy plays his, you play yours in a matter of 5 minutes for the whole thing, and suddenly, he just left and comes back to play his round next day... Its kinda annoying if this kind of thing happens, although if they don't make it possible to have multiple games on at the same time like Frozen Synapse, I guess it wont happen as much, people would feel more entitled to playing the game, possibly? Plus multiple games can be confusing if you play one turn on each games, so I'm not a fan of that.

                            I mean, I understand that waiting for others to do their turn is annoying, and its better for turn based strategy games, but I don't want to play 1 turn a day, unless its against a person that lives really far away from me (Like me, in europe, playing against someone in the US, which then is excused, he doesn't sleep at the same time as I do; I would also excuse people working, but then don't play and work is a better solution there...). I'd rather just play turns one after the other and then say after for exemple 10 turns, "If you want, we'll continue tomorrow" rather than just wait a day for every turns. (This mostly came from my experience on Frozen Synapse, of having games where the enemy doesn't give up but also doesn't play at all, or like I said, players who plays 2 moves with you right away without any delay, and then goes off to other games and leaves... this type of people, I am not willing to fight against... its really infuriating when it keeps happening :nurumad:, especially if it goes like "I'm not gonna play, that way I can't lose, I'll just wait for the enemy to give up and get my free "You won" point", which, really, I kept getting on Frozen Synapse).

                            BUT, for playing with friends, its fine, because you know they'll just get to it, you know when they decide to stop, you can have a friendly chat and all, that's not an issue. But strangers... again, can be pretty annoying... So yeah, if they do that, I really hope they'll make it a good way... don't want to repeat my experience of Frozen Synapse (which was a good game btw, just I grew tired of people never playing their turns...)
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                            • theminemanner2

                              theminemanner2 Void-Bound Voyager

                              I didn't watch that dev stream, so I would like to know if asynchronous multiplayer is the only way to play multiplayer or if there will be an option to play a match where each side has a limited amount of time to make their turn.
                              • kookakoocha

                                kookakoocha Space Hobo

                                What Devs did with Neuroshima Hex worked well on iOS or on Android. You would get 3 possible games to be ran side by side and notifications when your turn was up in one of those games. The problem of players leaving was still there though.

                                One solution would be for players to each have a timer that would run down during their turn, like in chess. Thus it would be an incentive to play your turn. It should be an option for players to choose though, not a forced thing.

                                Or other incentives, like receiving reinforcements every 5 turns (or whatever makes sense) when playing each 5 turns without too much delay. Again, this should be an option players decide when hosting a game
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