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    I was scrolling through a forum where people were discussing if the Wizard was the father of Abigail. One of the replies had included a picture of Jas, implying that she could be the daughter of the wizard, which could make sense. Here are some points I wanted to make.

    •The parents of Jas are said to be dead, according to Jas, though they could have just disappeared (the Witch and the Wizard).
    •The Wizard claims to have a child among the villagers of the Valley, though is unsure of who.
    •The Wizard and Jas both share a similar purple hair color.
    •Jas has a Jumino Coloring Book in her room. The Wizard was the one who introduced the Player to the Juminos. Perhaps the coloring book was from the Wizard. This one is a stretch.
    •Though a stretch, the Wizard goes by M. Rasmodius almost similar to an author in the library who goes by the name M. Jasper. Perhaps they are the same person, and Jas is named after M. Jasper?

    Though they are some things that have to be considered as well.

    •Shane knew the parents of Jas before they died.
    •Abigail could possibly be the daughter of the Wizard instead of Jas.
    •M. Jasper was most likely a miner, and not a wizard, as he wrote a book about diamond yields and not anything magic related.

    What do you think of this theory? Is Jas the real daughter of the wizard? Or do you still believe Abigail is still the wizard's daughter.
    • Git Gud Fox

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      I know Pierre is concerned that Abigail isn't his daughter, but Jas' natural hair color is closer to Rasmodius'.
      • musical74

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        I'm more inclined to think Abby is the Wizard's daughter than Jas is. One, Shane would have mentioned something about it to SOMEONE if Jas's parents were magical. Two, Caroline has mentioned that she's taken walks over by the Wizard's tower, but to not tell Pierre because he'd be jealous. Jealous of walking by the place makes no sense so...are there other things afoot? Third, while Jas is definitely creepy, Abby has a definite interest in the occult and Caroline wonders where Abby gets it from, since Pierre doesn't have any interest in it. I think the father of Jas actually was killed, but that's the joy of this game, there are so many ways to interpret things and everyone has their own spin on it!
        • Git Gud Fox

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          I think the main problem with Abigail being the Wizard's daughter is her hair color. Caroline says it's naturally brown, and it doesn't make sense for brown hair to come out of purple hair and green hair unless all of them have their hair dyed which I think would be senselessly confusing. On the other hand, Pierre has brown hair.

          If Abigail is the daughter of the wizard, then I think her hair color is a bizarre oversight especially because her dyed hair is an upfront component of her character traits.
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          • Tamamo-no-Bae

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            Also Jas seems to have a problem with her grandfather, maybe that's Jasper?
            • everfreefire

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              If you marry her, she'll mention she's stopped dying her hair, but the color is staying.
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              • Git Gud Fox

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                Which only makes it stranger that she started with brown hair, dyed her hair purple, and now her hair isn't growing back to brown. I've heard of people's hair and eyes changing colors, slightly, as they age, but changing from hazelnut brown or walnut brown (whatever Caroline used to describe it) to purple is strange.

                An argument could be made that maybe an emergent arcane energy rising up inside her caused her hair to change colors, but there are other people in town with strane hair colors who I don't consider potentially magical like Caroline and Emily.

                If Abigail is the Wizard's daughter, then it implies he cheated on the Witch with Caroline who cheated on Pierre with the Wizard.

                On the other hand, if you believe that IQ is genetic, then it could explain why Jas is so sharp in her tuition.

                Overall, I think the argument for Abigail is the strongest, but I also think that the hair color issue is what prevents me from ruling Jas out entirely.

                Watch it be neither of them. Maybe Haley is the Wizard's daughter, and her complaint about wondering how she could be related to Emily winds up being because she isn't related to Emily at all.
                • Dakmordian

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                  Jas' hair is far darker than the Wizard's hair colour. Some kids are naturally bright, and Jas has little to do besides study and be curious. Genetics alone will not determine how someone acts, personalities form based on experiences and from observing other people. That's why a lot of kids become rebellious, cause they don't WANT to be their parents who may not understand them or because they seem "outdated".

                  Similarly, with siblings it's easy to have them be like night and day. Haley's observation is surprisingly common among siblings.

                  Also, seemingly exotic hair colours don't need to have a magical origin. It's often called Anime Hair, but more and more people are adopting different colours. I've even seen little old ladies with their hair died blue or pink.
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                  • Git Gud Fox

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                    Jas' hair is darker than the Wizard's, but the Witch's hair is jet black, so it is logical that Jas' hair could be an in between color.

                    The reverse logic about genetics is also true. Genetics can be a determining factor in how someone acts, so it's still logical that potentially intelligent parents would result in having a child that is naturally inquisitive and inclined towards being book smart.

                    Abigail was born with brown hair. Now, it is not returning to its natural color even with her discontinuing the dying of it. That is peculiar and anime hair is not sufficient to explain it.

                    And the bit about Haley was a joke.
                    • Tamamo-no-Bae

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                      Perhaps eating rocks is what's causing her to be pale and purple haired?

                      ...That or Caroline is the one dyeing her hair brown to keep her true father a secret from Pierre, and she's actually naturally purple haired.
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                      • Git Gud Fox

                        Git Gud Fox Star Wrangler

                        The no fun answer is that I think it could be an oversight.

                        The more fun answer is that Abigail is a red herring. Her hair color, interest in the occult and what not sort of spells her out as the obvious candidate as the Wizard's daughter which is the perfect slight of hand movement to distract you from Jas who is a character that flies under the radar.

                        Either way, I still think it's really weird how Abigail's hair has such dramatic changes in color. It's not like brown hair fading or blonde hair turning slightly brown or black hair becoming a bit dark brown. It's straight up brown going to purple.
                        • Scubysnax

                          Scubysnax Seal Broken

                          My brother went red to dark brown over the course of his late teens...

                          I think the Wizard's child is Vincent :D Especially how Kent is so estranged from him.
                          • Git Gud Fox

                            Git Gud Fox Star Wrangler

                            That would be an unexpected twist of events. I heard someone mention that Jodi isn't too happy with her marriage, either.
                            • WilliamZ

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                              You totally have sold me on Aby lol.
                              • Roskii Heiral

                                Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                Is Shane a candidate?

                                He drinks to keep his powers from manifesting xD
                                • dwuff

                                  dwuff Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  I always thought she was related to Shane by blood because of her hair colour. So what if: ALL the young people in town are the wizard's children, with the exception of Maru? :sarcasm:
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                                    Git Gud Fox Star Wrangler

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                                    • Roskii Heiral

                                      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                      Maru is the wizard's child w/ dewmetrius
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                                      • Silverbane7

                                        Silverbane7 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        why does everyone think the 'child' is one of the marageables?
                                        i mean, after all there is no reason for age to be a factor. magical people tend to live a lot longer, in some cases, than normal people. the wizard could be the father of anyone in the town of stardew, age notwithstanding.

                                        i allways thought that he helped with a potion, not with the ahem, manual method (lol) to get abby. i mean, harvest moon is an influencer, and in those games (excluding AWL) you had 2 ways to make children/offspring.
                                        ether use 'miracle potion' on your livestock or give your partner a gift every day for a whole month. (and hope lol) i just figured when the gifts didnt work, she went to the wizard for the stardew version of a 'miracle potion' that works on humans :)
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