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    ( Flat time + additional time for every move played )

    A timer that incentivise quick thinking and fast moving and minimizes time spending watching an inactive board when your opponent is litterally considering every single move he can do before starting to move anything.

    Here is an example of how it could/would work:
    Every player gets 30scd-ish timer (arbitrary numbers here) at beginning of their turn and the player gains extra time for his turn every time he makes a move for example 0.5scd per move made.

    That would be a cool additional timer option to have on top of what we already have, it would make multiplayer games more dynamic and smooth to both watch and play (because it enforces constant moving, and also allows big games to be played faster and fully since it by design adapts to the growing number of units on the board and makes sure that players are not just staring at their screen).

    Not only that, but it would really fit this game very well, given the way it often has very big variance in complexity (number of moves that can or have to be made per turn).

    It would be unique and more adapted to the game:

    It would not have the drawback of forcing games to end on a fixed time penalizing players for getting a board advantage and playing aggressively (like chess timer does right now). Unlike chess your number of units/moves to consider usually varies during the game and you can move more than one unit each turns whereas in chess the complexity decreases steadily and players have only one move to make per turn every turn which makes it much easier to manage a time bank that way and makes it more adapted for that type of game.

    And it would also not force a fixed time every turn both too long for the early game and too short when the complexity increases.
    On that note I also think having a timer that adapts to the number of moves players can make per turn could be a cool addition but there is already another suggestion for that so you should head there and support it too if that is something you would fancy having too.

    Sometimes people just want things to roll and see things moving you know.
    Such a timer option really would benefit the game. If I am to stream this game in multiplayer for example, I want things to move on the screen and feel smooth, especially if I had a terribly boring game before. Games where players are considering all their life choices every turn before running out of time when the board finaly starts to look interesting can be very very off putting sometimes. Having that other option available in between would help creating a break from these experiences and be a refreshing touch.

    I really believe that would make a big difference because as it stands now I feel the game potential is held back by its lack of a timer option that really makes it justice.

    I hope it helps and I love yall <3

    PS: Also I would it be possible to have the timer always animate and count down even if it is to be adjusted when moves are made? Basically the time still would be updated/corrected the way it is atm, but would animated locally in between so it feels less awkward.
    Having the displayed time have its own time variable copy could be one way to achieve this, that way it can count down freely and it can be updated/corrected when necessary with the real deal every move. I dont know how it was programmed but I feel it should be fairly trivial, maybe this can help though so Ill leave it there :nuruhappy:.

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