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Bug/Issue Fast moving larva / flying bugs in mines audio issue.

Discussion in 'Support' started by WhyWorry, May 3, 2018.

  1. WhyWorry

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    Fast moving larva / flying bugs in mines audio issue.

    • The "Flying Bugs" (White striped bugs with wings that fly in a dive-bomb towards you until you hit them with your sword; they also make a buzzing sound) are having sound issues. Sometimes, after being killed by another player in the Co-Op mode, the other players are able to hear the bug still making it's buzzing sound. This doesn't seem to happen to the player who KILLS the bug, but it randomly appears to happen to all other players. This has happened every time I have gone into the mines in Co-Op mode. There are no mods being used, and this issue happens in both full screen and windowed mode.

    Just want to reinforce this one. It was happening 100% of the time for us last night. If I killed the bug, my friend would continue to hear the loud buzzing and it wouldn't stop until we left the floor. Same thing happened if she killed the bug, I would continue to hear the buzzing, and it was prompting us to run to the next level as fast as possible to solve it.

    Backpack issue
    • Backpacks not applying to both players when purchased, and not giving the option to buy a tier of backpacks again
    The other issue was maybe even more important. Backpacks should either apply to both players or be able to be purchase more than once. Presently there's no way for both us to get the second tier of backpack since it disappears from the store shelf when purchased by one person.
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      Found something else related to the larva bugs. In single player the larva bugs can no longer be hit once the "cocoon" script is triggered. Essentially after a couple of hits once the larva decide to transform before they even start to move to a spot to actually transform they become invulnerable.
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