Fast Forward Systems - The Future of Propulsion

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    (Considering the start in activity in this thread, I would consider this an okay corporation profile. Am still waiting for approval from Opirian)
    Fast Forward Systems
    The Future of Propulsion

    Logo made by Me

    Who are we?

    Fast Forward Systems is a company that specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of propulsion systems for spaceships, probes and the like. The company started as a filler for a large gap in the market - there seemed to be plenty of manufacturers producing and selling ships, but there seemed to be little innovation in how they were propelled through the icy fingers of space. As a result, FFS was born to help innovate and provide ships with the best in propulsion.

    Code of Conduct and Ethics

    - Dealings and sales are to be by the law
    - Treat our customers with respect
    - Do not test products with living/feeling creatures
    - Theft/Offence/Corruption at work will result in punishment
    This will be updated later with more rules

    Ordering Rules

    FFS would like the following to occur for orders placed:
    - All orders must be placed in advance
    - All orders will have limitations on amounts (Min 1, Max 50,000)
    - All orders must be paid in Pixels (px), the universal currency
    - All orders must be paid for, unless there are business arrangements


    All our Propulsion Systems' power is measured in Light Years per Second (lyps) or Miles per Hour (mph)
    All our Propulsion Systems' efficiency is measured in Light Years per Fuel Unit (lypfu) or Miles per Fuel Unit (mpfu)
    Standard space-faring ships and escape-pods average at 1 lyps

    All our products have a standard 1 Year (from our headquarters) Guarantee for replacements. These are not included on purchases in bulk, unless extra payments are made.
    All products can have an extra 50 px Installation Fee, in which we shall install the engine into your spacecraft for you. These cannot be applied on purchases in bulk of more than 5 products.
    Blueprints for engines can be bought for a higher fee. For more information, ask.

    Standard Drive
    -- Top Speed 1.5 lyps, 5x5x7 ft, 1 lypfu --
    -- 40,000 px --

    Hyper Drive
    -- Top Speed 2.4 lyps, 7x5x7 ft, 0.8 lypfu --
    -- 64,000 px --
    Mini Drive

    -- Top Speed 1.7 lyps, 5x3x6 ft, 1.2 lypfu --
    -- 48,000 px --

    Blaster Class A
    -- Top Speed 120 mph, 1x2x2 ft, 55 mpfu --
    -- 5000 px --

    Blaster Class B
    -- Top Speed 100 mph, 1x1x2 ft, 52 mpfu --
    -- 4500 px --

    Hunger Class A
    -- Top Speed 100 mph, 1x1x2 ft, 46 mpfu --
    -- 4200 px --



    Our Projects list is a list of all our current developments and plans for improvements in the Propulsion market. Whenever we develop something that would be considered useful to the people, we make sure we make it readily available for the people who need it most. Investments and donations of technology or money are appreciated to help us develop these new technologies.

    If you want to help us develop new technologies and potential new products, contact us via Private Messaging™.

    Higher Top Speeds
    -- Funding 33% --
    -- Progress 60% --

    Cheaper Fuel Use
    -- Funding 33% --
    -- Progress 30% --

    Unusual Materials

    -- Funding 33% --
    -- Progress 0% --


    Relations And Miscellaneous
    As a business, we are always seeking ways to improve our technologies and to supply others with them.
    Key Phrase: Project Omega




    We are not responsible for the damaging of people, property, personnel, etc. or the creation of weapons of mass destruction from our products.
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    Fast Forward Systems - Other Information



    Employing and Employees

    As a company, we are constantly seeking the best scientists, researchers, engineers and electricians to help us develop the very best in engines. If you have the experience, then you can find out how to apply for a job below, and what jobs are currently available.

    Why Work For Us?
    At Fast Forward Systems, we believe that the brightest and best can offer the most, and as such, give them the best environment and benefits to make sure that they are happy. Benefits can include:

    Dental Care! Company Car! Key Chains! Private Offices! Holidays! Key Chains! Health Plan! Company Guns! Childcare Vouchers! Annual Leave! Key Chains! End-Of-Year Bonuses! Food Vouchers! Cafeteria Coupons! Cafe Cards! Loyalty Cards! Key Chains! Nectar Points!

    Whilst jobs can include said bonuses, as described in vivid detail above, it is unlikely that for the first five years of working at FFS Systems, will you actually receive any benefits from FFS Systems.

    Available Jobs
    Jobs listings constantly change - one job available may not be there next week, but a better job might be in it's place. You can apply for any of the jobs below, and if more information is required, please ask.

    Head of Research (1 Needed)
    Engineer (2 Needed)
    General Assistant (3 Needed)

    Applying for Jobs
    If you want to apply for a job, you will need to supply a bit of information about yourself. This usually includes work experience, previous work, species, etc. In order for your application to be taken seriously, you must supply a Key Phrase. This is a word, or set of words found randomly throughout the first post. This will change at the same rate of jobs, as is used to make sure you have read through the company records...

    Notable Employees

    Rusted Sky (Kenmario) - CEO

    Money and Possessions


    One Orbital Weapon Tungsten Rod Launcher

    Recent Transactions
    + 60,000 px


    We are not responsible for the damaging of people, property, personnel, etc. or the creation of weapons of mass destruction from our products.
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    Hello there, i would say here that i am owner of Falcon motorsports, but you already know it so let's cut to the chase. I was making my ship Falcon 1 (capable to travel between dimensions), but any engine we used wasn't effective enough. So i want you to make 16 super powerful engines. Price isn't important. Also, if you manage to accomplish this, you will get acces to my company highest standards R&D lab.
  4. Shock

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    Looking good, Ken. Could I purchase a Hyper Drive?
  5. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Hey - Thanks for the future funding. We've dreamed of using a specific crystal - incredibly rare - that will allow us to develop cross dimensional travel. This particular crystal, named Crystallized Arcanium works by creating a substance known as Hard Light.
    This 'Hard Light' is the cause of an effect of light hitting an object. As light travels at the speed of light, it does not experience time - if light gains enough speed, it can actually produce Hard Light by allowing light to travel fast enough to go back through time into itself, causing a collision and creating a rip in space-time. Whilst this crystal does produce Hard Light and rips naturally, it struggles to create rips quick enough or with enough force for them to last longer than fractions of a millisecond. If we can develop engines using this crystal, by applying enough force and energy to them will allow them to create large enough rips that last long enough to be used by people, or other, larger, objects. Nothing like this project has ever been done before, but, theoretically, it can be done.
    In short, if you can provide us with a sample of this crystal, or the funding to retrieve one, then we can develop this engine for you. I thank you for the use of your R&D lab - this will allow us to develop more advanced engines in the future.


    Sure, I'd be happy to sell one to my first cross-company customer. Normally, it'd cost you 64,000 px, but I'll give it to you for 60,000. Would you like to pay for installation with that?
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  6. Shock

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    Sure thing. Thanks in advance.
  7. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Thanks - your order should be with you in a day.
  8. Shock

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    Good to know!
  9. kenmario

    kenmario Corporate Co-Chair

    Our research team has been hard at work at finding new ways to combine our technology into smaller devices, and we have succeeded in creating the Mini Drive!
    Small, efficient, and ready to blast your world away, we are now manufacturing and shipping our new engines straight to your door!

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