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    I have a question about farming, particularly within the first few seasons. It seems a lot of time, energy and money goes toward buying seeds and watering. Especially given that you can make much more money fishing in the early game. I am curious to hear other people's strategies when it comes to how much they plant (or don't plant) early on. Is it better to plant a lot of one crop, or a mix? I've seen spreadsheets folks have made with returns on investment of various crops, and pictures of huge farms with tons of crops, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
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      If you invest in farming, even at the beginning of the game, the reward is alot higher than fishing. If your goal is to maximize your income, plant just as much as you can afford/water in a day. Then you can supplement it by fishing with whatever time you have left.

      As for what to plant, I think the more important part of making money is that you use your produce to make artisan goods, whatever it is. But yes, generally the higher the seed cost the higher the profit
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        Invest on quality sprinklers when you can, and subsequently iridium sprinklers. You'll save a lot of time and stamina. You can further invest on stuffs like Keg to make juice or wine, just smash the most expensive crop into it and wait for it. My favourite so far is Ancient Fruit wine, which sells 2250g each. The regrow rate and time to ferment is about the same too, 8 days to regrow 6 days to ferment. You'll have to plan.

        As to what to plant, it doesn't really matter. What I do is plant a huge amount of the most profitable crop, and then 8 of the others just to keep them in fridge or fill up the collection, lol.
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          this is my little beginner guide , as xnoirel said quality sprinklers, invest everything you can in there, i spend a lot of money into gold ore before i reached level 80 in the mines to get gold myself
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            Nice video, thank you! I love your accent, BTW.
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              its a deep german whisky voice

              Edit: btw for acient seed, i am in my 3. year and found none so far, so count on it
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