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Farming Question

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by OobleckTheGreen, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. OobleckTheGreen

    OobleckTheGreen Space Kumquat

    1. Is there a special trick to farming certain vegetables? I have no trouble with corn, bananas & wheat, but carrots don't seem to grow at all, and neither do those purple Toxic Tops. I would think carrots would grow in dirt, but no luck so far. Is there special kinds of soil required to grow certain items?

    2. Anyone know what "Cell Materia" is for? The little green spore thingies.
  2. Justanzo

    Justanzo Cosmic Narwhal

    1. Certain plants can take an absurd amount of time to grow. Based on the data that someone posted a while back, the longest it can take for a plant to advance by one stage is 40+ minutes. I'm sure this will get fixed. Eventually.

    2. There probably isn't a use for Cell Materia yet, I suspect we'll see it in a more advanced form of crafting.
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  3. Animusrien

    Animusrien Space Hobo

    1. No trick. Some vegetables, very unfortunately, have super long growth times. At this point in the game, as there is no current advantage to them, I would suggest not attempting to cultivate those plants. Everything grows in dirt, that I know of.
    2. Cell Matter/Materia seems to be for a feature yet unreleased, as are quite a few other things at this moment. Perhaps it will be used in for matter energy conversion?
  4. Animusrien

    Animusrien Space Hobo

    Beat me to it by seconds..
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  5. TheRandomHero

    TheRandomHero Aquatic Astronaut

    How are you supposed to harvest the vegetables? Because I always end up breaking them and just getting seeds.
  6. Justanzo

    Justanzo Cosmic Narwhal

    You move close to the vegetable/fruit, hover your mouse over it (just in case), then press E.
  7. BitHorizon

    BitHorizon Ketchup Robot

    I've heard it's used in a select few pieces of furniture.
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  8. Justanzo

    Justanzo Cosmic Narwhal

    Really? Huh...that's actually kinda disturbing...talking about the furniture it's used in of course.
  9. Demonicbeandip

    Demonicbeandip Tentacle Wrangler

    I've been trying to try out all the different recipes for crafting food items to find out what different effects they have on you, so I collected a ton of seeds from different plants. From what I've planted wheat, kiwis, bananas, tomatoes, feathercrown, and boltbulb grow pretty fast. All of the other plants I have planted don't seem to grow. I ended up having to find two different merchants to buy the materials to craft the recipes because most plants don't seem to grow.

    which sucks because i spent a while designing a huge farm to have all the different plants. Now I just have six different plants growing.

    Cell Materia has crafting recipes you have to find. My friend found a recipe for a table.
  10. dererererer

    dererererer Space Hobo

    right now game has 90% of items that is junk , no current use , wait until full release after this ask about it

    cell materia is used later on game part where u dig bones

    u will need to collect them dont remember for what
  11. Laecerelius

    Laecerelius Sandwich Man

    Rice also grows really fast. For a while I was growing rice and wheat at the same time on my ship and they'd both be ready at the same time. Avesmingo grows really, really slowly and is used for what seems to be the top tier (green and blue) food items. The only thing I've found a recipe for that uses it is Roast Dinner, which seems to be an Apex meal and I found the recipe in an Apex town. The meal itself gives you really high health regen, super speed, and makes you jump WAY too high. You jump so high that when you land you almost kill yourself. I was lucky enough to find a produce merchant that sold avesmingo, though I do have lots of seeds for it and let me tell you it takes way too long to grow so I'd just hope that you can find a produce merchant that sells it and buy up a couple hundred to save yourself the hassle. In fact I did that for a lot of produce items since in the Beta sector I had tons of pixels and nothing to spend them on yet.
  12. OobleckTheGreen

    OobleckTheGreen Space Kumquat

    By way too long to grow, do you have a time estimate? For example, have you ever measured how many wheat crops you can produce compared to one crop of the avesmingo? I'm wondering if maybe that's the deal with carrots. I let it sit next to some wheat for 2 growing seasons, and after collecting fully grown wheat the for the 3rd time with no carrot growth, I just assumed they don't grow in dirt.
  13. Laecerelius

    Laecerelius Sandwich Man

    Uhhh... I think I've fully explored the surface of like four or five planets and it has grown only one stage while wheat and rice seem to grow fully like when I'm halfway done with a planet. I can't really give you a time estimate right now since I tend not to keep track of time much while playing. I can pull them all up and have one of a variety of plants growing beside it so I can get a slightly better timeline on its growth. Carrots do tend to grow really slowly for some reason, though. I noticed it when I was playing on a server with friends pre-wipe and we had a house with a farm out back. I'd harvest the wheat like five or six times and the carrots still wouldn't be ready.
  14. Laecerelius

    Laecerelius Sandwich Man

    So far wheat, bananas, rice, and dirturchin all have roughly the same growth time. Dirturchin seems a tad bit slower than the other three, though. In a bit less than two and a half wheat grow cycles my potato grew and the carrot has gone through its first growth stage. The avesmingo has yet to do anything.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot about the currentcorn I planted. It has yet to do anything either.
  15. Quenton

    Quenton Phantasmal Quasar

    One of my early characters found blueprints for a cell table and a cell lantern. One of them called for the use of cell materia, if I remember right. That was before the character wipe so I can't verify.
  16. Laecerelius

    Laecerelius Sandwich Man

    Alright, so the avismingo and currentcorn FINALLY grew right when the carrot was done growing, which took a bit over four wheat growth cycles.
  17. Tsal

    Tsal Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Some of the stuff takes ages to grow but that doesn't really matter. I play as apex and bananas, wheat , and eggshoot all grow really fast. Someone told me that growing under lights might speed things up but don't quote me on that.

    The key is growing in quantity. Keep replanting the additional seeds you get and it won't take that long to work yourself into having a massive quantity of anything you'd ever need. I have sort of a home building with like 12 floors of greenhouse and I could probably make enough food out of it to supply enough that ten people could eat it like its going out of style.

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