RELEASED FarmHouseExtended (Updated 25/4) (Exploding Machines Fixed)(Interior Only)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Mar 25, 2016.

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    This really helped me out too, thank you so much. [I thought I'd lost everything.. ^^;]
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      I found a bug in (i think only) final tier house (not counting the vanilla cellar upgrade, as that doesn't affect the house, technically) As seen here: [​IMG]
      you can get out/in the bathroom in your bath clothes, as well as get in/out in your normal clothes (which causes a rather comical bug in the bath)
      to do this, just walk above the weird section of roof you are supposed to walk under. Like I said, you can do this in both directions. Just thought I'd let you know :)
      Bath Bug:
      Your shirt freaks out... and your legs disappear... SPOOKY SCARY GHOST-FARMERS! Nah, doesn't have any ring to it. Darn. ;P

      This is a really great mod, helps for when you have a load of furniture (eg. stuff from the museum) and you have nowhere to put it. It also looks amazing :)
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      • LadyEllesmere

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        Cant use the mod with the 1.1 update :( The celler gets rid of it, upon upgrading your house
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          Please fix it for 1.1 update..? It's a fantastic mod!
          • eLe

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            The mod is working for me in the latest upd8. The basement entrance is to the left a the cellar stairs, so there's no conflict
            • Sarahfiren

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              does this work with the Extended Cellar from nexus?
              • eLe

                eLe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Yes, assuming you mean this one c:

                Just tested it, and it worked fine :3
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                  Nice ok cool! Thank you!
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                  • Minakie

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                    So far I was using 3 different mods:

                    - Basement+Bathroom: I was using the Farmhouse Basement Mod to add a small basement underneath the living room area, as well as a small bathroom next to the kids room.
                    - Attic: I was using a custom attic-only version of Add a Room and Attic's mod attic, made by request, in order to be compatible with the basement/bathroom I was using.
                    - Cellar: I was using the Extended Cellar but I recently decided the final version of the cellar was too big for me (and I have no use for the extra farming area) so I ended up changing into Karmylla's cellar, which is essentially just a recolor of the vanilla one.

                    But your mod seems to include elements from all of them. And I really like the fact that the cellar is upgraded as the house itself gets upgraded, and that it feels increasingly big, but never too big (same for the attic).

                    I also LOVE that you have a version that includes a slime cave! I've been wanting to try the Winery/Brewery mod for a while, but wasn't quite sure what to do about my slimes. xD

                    I think the only thing that I will miss is my old bathroom... I don't find it very realistic for a house to only have a bathroom on the basement. I wish your mod had a smaller bathroom on the house itself and then it would be perfect for me.
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                    • Flumme

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                      One question please: WHERE is this Config File please?

                      "[SMAPI] Get Dressed (adds a char. customization menu to the farmhouse) by Jinxiewinxie
                      Check it Out

                      (This mod Is compatible with the stove i add in Starter House, if people change the config to say stoveInCorner = true. Your new fandagled Dresser will be moved and stove will stay)"

                      EDIT: Ahhhh in the Mods Folder at GetDressed ... THIS Config. Now I understand. THANKS :)


                      For me the best Farmhouse would be a combination from this two wonderful mods:


                      - Basement / Cellar: This Mod ("FarmHouse Extended") for the Cellar (without Cart and Cave) with Large Bathroom C :)
                      - Farmhouse: Mod ("Add a Room") - first picture at the images (with the Bathroom under the Sleeping Room)
                      - Attic: This Mod here again ("FarmHouse Extended") for the Attic with the 3 1/2 rooms (big Attic) WITH the little Bathroom.

                      This would be a Cellar witch is not TO big, with a swimming pool. A Farmhouse with a lot of rooms and a nice Bathroom under the parents room. And a Attic with 3 little rooms and a small bathroom again.
                      Is it possible to merge something like this? :) NOT for Release of course.

                      THANKS and Greetings :)
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                      • Flumme

                        Flumme Space Penguin Leader

                        My child don't want to leave this cellar anymore. 80 % of the time my child is down there ..... :( Can I chance this somehow by an edit in the config file?
                        • woltithunder

                          woltithunder Big Damn Hero

                          I found a bug: When I go to bed the next day start, black screen and profit screen, when I quit the house. but when I upgrade the house, when I quit m'y house for the next day, my game crash.
                          • Moragaine

                            Moragaine Existential Complex

                            @woltithunder This mod is an xnb replacer mod and very out-dated. Try usin this version instead(it says Farmcaves, not sure why, but I didn't make it):

                              Attached Files:

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                            • JarHanks

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                              doesn't work, says it's not a smapi mod so won't be loaded
                              • JarHanks

                                JarHanks Poptop Tamer

                                Mod doesn't work, tried installing, farm house is still the same, not seeing any errors in smapi log, can anyone help?

                                I don't see any install instructions?? Is anyone able to help or do people just ignore you in this community?
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