RELEASED FarmHouseExtended (Updated 25/4) (Exploding Machines Fixed)(Interior Only)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by QuantumConcious, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Mystiana

    Mystiana Void-Bound Voyager

    First off, love your mod! I saw the smaller one first and instantly installed it and it was working perfectly...until I saw the larger slime cave version and decided to install that over the orig. (yes, previously saved game so that's probably why I have this one "error").

    Sorry if it has been mentioned before by others but I didn't see it while skimming the other 42 pages. Both on the starting house and the first expansion (I haven't expanded a second time yet), after entering the basement the ladder leading to the main floor is in a different position. The section of the wall with the ladder is missing and the ladder has moved to the section just north of its original position.


    I'm not sure if this is caused by overwriting the smaller mod, using a previously saved game, or perhaps a mod conflict. In all honestly it's not THAT big of a deal but I worry about it causing larger conflicts somehow. Any help / advice would be appreciated. If needed, I'll go through my mods and give you a list of them and try to get a screen capture of it.

    Also quick question, do you know if you mod conflicts at all with Spouse Rooms? I haven't installed it yet considering.

    Thank you.


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    • taintedwheat

      taintedwheat Master Astronaut

      Yeah... the placement of the ladder changes slightly after upgrade. It doesn't damage anything or break your game. I would suggest moving things away from the ladders when upgrading, but its not a big deal.

      and no, it doesn't conflict with the spouse mod.
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      • Mystiana

        Mystiana Void-Bound Voyager

        Awesome! And thank you for the quick reply.
        • Firstborn Dragon

          Firstborn Dragon Star Wrangler

          Just wanted to say thanks, it was the desert mod. Meant to post the other day, got to playing again, and lost track of time.
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          • Pandaling

            Pandaling Aquatic Astronaut

            I'm having an issue and I'm not sure if it's been mentioned already (don't really want to search 44 pages for it if it's there), but when I go into the basement or attic with a light ring on, it doesn't work unless i take it off and put it back on. Same goes for lamps if I put them in the basement or attic, I have to pick them up, then put them back down for them to work. Also going into the basement or the attic at all, bugs out all the lamps on the main floor and bugs my ring out again. Is there a fix to this?
            • Entoarox

              Entoarox Oxygen Tank

              I am afraid this is a issue in stardew itself and cannot be fixed, CA was forced between making lighting "kinda" or "really" work, but "really" would have a large impact on FPS, so he went for the "kinda" approach, and it works for vanilla since he himself never does some of the things we modders do, I might look into if there is a way to circumvent the problem, but dont get your hopes up, lighting is a really messy thing...
              • Pandaling

                Pandaling Aquatic Astronaut

                Ohh! Ok that makes a lot of sense. Thank you for letting me know. c:
                • rosegirl15

                  rosegirl15 Aquatic Astronaut

                  Don't now whether it is supposed to be or not, but since I got this mod my dog only sleeps in the basement of my house instead of my bedroom :(
                  During bad weather he is down there too .. so it's not like on of the reported bugs where the dog totally disappear, it only teleport into the basement when it should go into the house.
                  On sunny days the pet is outside like it used to be before the mod

                  Does somebody know if this is normal? or if it is possible to be changed, I would like to have my dog back in my room again :)
                  • lannihamm

                    lannihamm Big Damn Hero

                    Pets and children will wander into the basement from time to time, but it doesn't harm anything so I don't believe a fix has ever been made.
                    • Entoarox

                      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                      As far as the pet AI is concerned, the basement and attic are all part of the house, CA didnt really design the game to have multiple seperate areas on the same map...
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                      • tilyene

                        tilyene Aquatic Astronaut

                        Any hope of releasing a really really basic version? Like, one simple room as a basement, with nothing else in it (no smithy, or boiler, or anything of that sort), and a basic room for an attic? (no games, no bathrooms)
                        • foghorn

                          foghorn Pangalactic Porcupine

                        • tilyene

                          tilyene Aquatic Astronaut

                          still has the games, various stuff in the basement, and the bathroom
                          • foghorn

                            foghorn Pangalactic Porcupine

                            QuantumConcious has requested that his mods not be edited and then shared, so that's as basic as it gets for now. You could use tIDE to make the changes yourself though.
                            • tilyene

                              tilyene Aquatic Astronaut

                              I never edit other people's mods. If he cannot/will not, then i just wont download, and i will make do =)
                              • Destany89

                                Destany89 Void-Bound Voyager

                                hey i tried using this and stardew stops working when i load my file, switch back to original content and works fine. i had a basement mod on my old laptop, just got a new one today, and it had wine makers in it and other things. is thats whats causing it to not load with the mod? my old laptop stopped working last month so cant get on there to remove them. i just want a basement back lol i am married in the game,

                                *just tried the more farmland mod and it works fine. so its this mod thats not wanting to work
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                                • AngryCat

                                  AngryCat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Is there an option to not have a bathroom?
                                  • RozanePasteru

                                    RozanePasteru Twenty-three is number one

                                    Using this.. Thanks!
                                    • Ladysarajane

                                      Ladysarajane Phantasmal Quasar

                                      I have been using this mod for about a month on two different saves. Specifically the Farmhouse Extended + FarmCave + Slimecave ver 1.2. In one save, the house was already fully expanded when I added that mod and I experienced no problems with it. Second save I upgraded to the first upgrade, and I had no problem. Basement was fine, had machines etc down there. Upgraded it again and the morning it was finished, the basement disappeared.....Off both saves. Not sure what to do. Suggestions on what to try?
                                      • nerdface

                                        nerdface Aquatic Astronaut

                                        Hi!!! I love your Mod, just wondering if you'll be doing an updated version with the new patch (it over-wrote my maps and I can't access any of the stuff I had in your basement ;-;!). Or if someone knows how I can get my things out until then that would be great! Thank you!!!

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