RELEASED FarmHouseExtended (Alternatives) Small + Micro Basement Versions (Interior Only) Updated 15/5

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    S'pose I forgot I read that, danke. These things will happen when scanning the three major mod sites pretty much constantly.
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      No worries! I tend not to use the others b/c I am lazy! Also makes my stuff more of a treasure to find since there arent any like my mods.

      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask
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        *cough*cough*There's only two*cough*cough* :)
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          Ehh, Nexus, this one, and I could have sworn there was a third that I occasionally must wander onto, google kicks ya there sometimes and it's certainly not this site or nexus. It's kind of shady actually, so I won't bother to look into what it is actually called. So yeah, you're probably righter than wrong.

          On a side note, and rather more on topic, through extensive fuckery I have discovered that in "FarmHouseExtended Micro+SlimeCave Version 1.05" the bathroom tiles are, at least for me after much deleting and restoring of files, borked near the door that forces you to change into your bathing suit; you can walk into it through the upper part of the wall and not change clothes therefore allowing you to place furniture in the bathroom. Much thanks to taintedwheat for linking her version of the mod though; I had it half installed and was tinkering with parts of hers and parts of the official when I discovered the borked tiles.

          TL DR- FarmHouseExtended Micro Version 1.1 is indeed problematic, as it's bathroom door/wall tiles are solid.
          FarmHouse Extended Smaller Basement 1.4 (Latest) I did not test this one, it seems pretty obvious that the bathroom being a warp type dealio is going to leave no room for broken tiles. Dunno though.
          FarmHouseExtended Micro+SlimeCave Version 1.05 works, if you walk in through the borked tiles. Testing done now, Slimecave v1.05 seems the way to go if you want to be able to use tools in the bathroom. Just walk through the wall above the door to stay in farming clothes and have access to your toolbar. :) (I tested Slimecave v1.05 a few times also doing full restores of all farmhouse files, I am sure that one works now.) New saves are indeed required for switching from one version to another though if you already have a stage 3 farmhouse. Stage 2 seems to be fine, but stage 3 breaks shit.
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          • barfyscorpion

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            Edit: For some reason, this crash only happened twice and has resolved itself without me meddling with anything. Carry on.
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            • teeLcee

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              I thought that I would have issues with FarmHouse Extended Smaller Basement 1.3 after the 1.1 update. I decided to risk upgrading the house to get the cellar to see what would happen with this mod installed. The end results produced a cellar AND I kept the basement from this mod. FarmHouse Extended Smaller Basement 1.3 and 1.1 Cellar.JPG
              Everything in the basement and the new cellar is fully functional and my game has not crashed once. The attic, and the games that are in it, still works as well. I cannot say that others will get the same results that I did because I do not have full fledge mods in my game (SMAPI or API based). I use only .xnb replacement files.
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              • ekffie

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                I just tried it also - with smapi and farm automation and chests anywhere - works fine in 1.11:)
                • RendHeaven

                  RendHeaven Void-Bound Voyager

                  So version 1.1 has its own basement version. What would happen if I do the 3rd house upgrade while this mod is installed?
                  • sabrinatw

                    sabrinatw Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    I've got this mod working with the final house upgrade and it's absolutely fine. As you can see in the picture a few posts above, the entrance to the cellar is different to the basement so you can have both at the same time without any issues at all. :3

                    Make sure to always back up your files first though!
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                    • Iomega0318

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                      Indeed on all points.

                      I am actually modifying the 1.1 Cellar for my own use haha, but was probably going to end up installing one of these as well for even more space :)
                      • Minakie

                        Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                        I'm using the micro basement with the slimes cave.

                        Everything else is working fine, but I noticed that you have a stove in the starter house, but the stove isn't showing up in game for me and I can't use this old mod because it would require me to override your FarmHouse. :( Is there any way I can have your mod and the stove at the same time?

                        Also, how can I add slimes to the cave?
                        • quirkyquark

                          quirkyquark Astral Cartographer

                          Just a warning: as slimes in the slime cave increase, they WILL eventually cross into other parts of the map - I had tons show up in the bathroom and two even enter via the main farmhouse entrance one floor above! Otherwise the slimes will stray into the blank space around the basement.

                          Raising slimes in the cave is also somewhat useless since they will breed BUT because there is no water trough, you will not get any slimeballs.

                          Please see my note above. If you still want to, you can raise slimes in the cave by crafting a slime incubator and placing it anywhere on a dirt tile in the cave. Also craft a slime egg-press (can put anywhere), put 100 slime in it and in 2 days it will give you an egg. Put the egg in the incubator and in 3 days a slime will "hatch" and start roaming around the cave. The slimes will attack you as you move around, so best to have the slime charmer ring.

                          I eventually killed off the slimes and had to edit the save file to remove those who were in unreachable blank space. The cave does make an excellent place to plant oak trees to get regular oak resin though!
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                          • krakau

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                            i stopped playing stardew at version 1.07 (cause I archived everything and implemented most of the current mods back then. but due to some bugs destroying my save, it didnt make fun anymore).
                            well now im back at 1.2.30 so uhm... is this mod compatible wih version 1.2.30? <.<
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