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  1. I <3 Garrus

    I <3 Garrus Lucky Number 13

    So, carrying over a similar idea from a thread in general discussion...

    Farmhands. Yea? Nay? Ideas revolving around them...

    • Pay them a wage (with the option for raises)
    • There could potentially be job tiers, like Farmhand 1 = coop scraper, Farmhand 2 = harvester, etc
    • The friendlier they are with you, the better their job performance, the happier the animals
    • They could have a little house on your property that would also be upgradeable by you (or them?)
    • They would be randomly generated or you could create them like in the character creater
    • StardropPJ

      StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

      I would like this a lot, by the time I feed the animals, collect their products, water my crops and greenhouse crops I have no energy left! A helping hand on the farm would be amazing! :D (BTW welcome to the forums!)
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      • CjBeats

        CjBeats Weight of the Sky

        I've wanted this for a while. I think it would be nice to have a helping hand on the farm, and just someone new you can befriend. I'd probably just them to my coops and barns because I like manually watering all my crops by myself. But yeah I support this 100%
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        • Seaven

          Seaven Orbital Explorer

          It's really a nice idea! Or maybe an option you could share your work with the spouse... You select an option that the spouse only water the crops or feed the animals or gather the crops. Something like this.
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          • I <3 Garrus

            I <3 Garrus Lucky Number 13

            Ooh, that's really cool too! I don't have a spouse yet, so it didn't occur to me. Or your children, yeah? :rofl:
            • Sereru

              Sereru Aquatic Astronaut

              You could build a little hut where Junimo could live and help you out? That would be cute! Also try forcing your infant children to water your crops.
              • ShneekeyTheLost

                ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                How about this:

                If you complete the bundle, you have an opportunity to 'hire' the juminios to do chores around the place like collect eggs and put them in a chest. If you go the Joja route, you either have soulless Joja employees or just fully automated robotic arms and conveyor belts to accomplish the same thing. Gives the choice more of an impact. One way, you are one with the spirits. The other way, you go full industrial.
                • I <3 Garrus

                  I <3 Garrus Lucky Number 13

                  Hey, you'd be employing the out of work Joja employees! Win win!

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