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Bug/Issue Farmhand Cabin won't upgrade

Discussion in 'Support' started by ironduckjm, May 20, 2018.

  1. ironduckjm

    ironduckjm Space Hobo

    Hi my wife and I play and wanted to marry other NPCs but the farmhand house won't upgrade. Robin will take the materials and money and say it will take 3 days like usual and shell start the next day. However next day she isn't working on the cabin she is still at her home. I validated files and re downloaded since I was the farmhand and nothing, we even made a new farm that I hosted and she was the farmhand and it happened again. I went through the forums to find other people had issues with farmhand cabin fridges and decorations after a upgrade so I assume others are at least getting their first upgrade. Any news or advice is greatly appreciated :D
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    • chickenfeet

      chickenfeet Space Hobo

      Hi I'm also having the same problem. My bf is hosting and I'm co-oping. Hope this can be fixed. I've tried to upgrade twice, Robin takes the wood and money and then leaves me with nothing!!! I just want to upgrade my cabin! It's too tiny!!!
      • ironduckjm

        ironduckjm Space Hobo

        Hey, update on my issue, idk if it was the new batch of updates (its not in the fix log that I saw) but we went with the upgrade, robin didn't show up next day. so we played the day out, logged of out of frustration, just got back on, played another day, the third day was the flower dance, went to bed and woke up fourth day and wife got the achievement and her house upgrade! Maybe its not so much bugged but just that Robin doesn't appear on farmhand houses so you don't think shes upgrading until its done. Hope this helps!

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