Farm to Table Challenge (Chef Farm)

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    The point of this challenge is to become the best Chef in Stardew Valley(although you’re really only competing with Gus) and to win over everyone’s heart through their stomachs!


    Raise relationships with everyone that has a recipe to unlock, until they give it to you
    Unlock all Cooking Achievements by making every recipe
    Fully upgrade home
    Level 10 Farming with Artisan profession(Tiller 1st)
    Make 10 million, become Legendary

    Rules of the Challenge:
    • Get the kitchen home upgrade before Summer 1.
    • Shipping: once you have the kitchen upgrade, you CANNOT sell any fish, foraged food items or crops without it being processed or cooked. That means that everything you find, catch or grow needs to be made into something else. Like jam, juice, pickles, sugar, flour or anything made in the kitchen. That goes for edible items as well (field snacks, life elixir and oil of garlic). The only exceptions to this rule are: before you get your kitchen by Summer 1, you can sell whatever you want, and also you can sell ONLY 15 of each item total after that to get your Polyculture achievement, and 300 of only one crop of your choosing for Monoculture.
    • Gifting: once you have a kitchen, you can only gift a cooked dish that you have made, artisan good, or crafted edible item. No diamonds, no duck feather for pretty boy Elliot. We are winning over everyone through their stomach, remember that.
    • A good chef always tastes their own food, so you have to eat at least one meal every day.
    • Practice makes perfect: Perfect each recipe by creating each dish 50 times.
    • You can only regain energy with field snacks or cooked dishes. No berries, mushrooms, fish ect.
    • Your Grange display at the Fair can only be Dishes or Artisan goods. I haven’t tallied anything up to see if it’s even possible to win with that setup.
    • When you have your kitchen, you can’t make money from selling ANYTHING other than artisan goods and dishes. No selling any gems, ores, flowers, loot of any kind. Either toss it, use it to craft whatever, or keep it in your hoarder boxes. Subject to the Polyculture, Monoculture and Full Shipment achievement exception
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      I'm not sure how this is a challenge, so much as guidelines for general practice. Not for the cooking aspect, but making sure you don't sell any raw goods as opposed to processed goods is just good business, since you get so much more profit from it.
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      • One More Day

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        Agreed, one million worth of artisan goods is trivially easy.

        Even just cooked food I'd do 99% of it by spamming sashimi and one or two of something something easy like maple bar, eggplant parmesan, bruschetta. All ingredients could be spammed easily, then just a case of harvesting.

        Edit: Blackberry cobbler is pretty easy too, assuming you get at least triple harvest in first fall, and quadruple harvest with a +2 Foraging food buff in the second fall.

        To make it a bit more of an actual challenge, how about you have to cook every dish a minimum of, say, 50 times. Instead of just simple endurance, this would actually require some scheduling skills, including balanced crop volumes and you have to work in a lot of fishing, and possibly even craft rain totems for all the eels you'd need
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          Thanks for the input, and constructive criticism. I was just looking for a fun new way to play single player, with a cooking focus and wanted to share. I love the idea of having a minimum for cooked dishes, and got rid of the optional section to make it maybe an actual challenge.

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