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    Oh boy, this is going to be a list of suggestions:

    Being able to customize your farm from the beginning, not with just a prescribed farm maps.
    Example: A "farm editor" that gives you a bunch of options to choose from, how your farm should look like.
    Like: Placing here an elevated platform, Placing there a custom pond.
    [Suggestion Two might clash with this one or would make it more difficult.]

    Being able to expand your farm. Either with purchasing custom plots of lands directly around your current farm or other plots of land around Stardew Valley. E.g. a deserted winery with a somewhat medium-sized field and an additionally large cellar for ageing.

    Being able to expand the cave on your farm.
    Maybe -after reaching a certain friendship level with Demetrius- you could ask him/he will ask you if he could examine the stones and ores in your cave. Thus he will begin to expand your cave after he removed some stone. The entire process would have three steps till you get your final cave, which in turn will be able to inhibit upgrades and special buildings from Demetrius, the smith and the Wizard, like a quarry for stone, coal or ores [or gems]; Machinery to break open geodes yourself, two separate rooms with an increased amount of mushrooms (or as a choice, one room mushrooms, one room monsters) and something wizard related. [And more of course, because it's so easy to do this..]
    You could even add a Pinboard or a computer that gives you randomly generated quests every two days of characters like Demetrius, the smith or the wizard, asking for items related to the cave. Who doesn't like more things to do? :eyes:

    Additionally, I'd suggest more big "quests". Like, right now there is the Community Center.
    And that's it. Most, if not all, other things are mini-/side-quests.
    Further quests that'd be possible would include:
    >A public garden near the entrance of Stardew Valley, being a public works project that will be re-discovered in Spring, Year 2. Said public garden would be a landmark for Stardew Valley and it will be judged by the Mayor, the Governor and a mysterious NPC [that randomly appears and is totally not foreshadowing to something bigger like another city or a paid DLC on a large scale or a free Expansion].
    Said garden would gather Stardew Valley a trophy (or multiple if the best multiple times; Other towns as competitors would get randomly generated points (within reason)) names "Garden of the Season", which would be displayed/collected at the….

    >Town hall
    Seriously, there's no Town Hall in Stardew Valley.
    Imagine a quest to rebuild the Town Hall in -like Year 3/4- when the mayor asks you for help, since the structure is run down. Including other townspeople that could work together with you, you gather materials and such to rebuild the structure. You'd also have to get a secretary or two to handle all the duties in there. ((Which would be a opportunity for new characters!) This sounds like a reuse of the Community Center, but... guys? The Community Center was fun. And it'll be fun a second time. Especially because -i know, this is getting large- this is going to lead to another big quest: Town Ratings.

    >Town Ratings and New People
    After the Town Hall is reopened, several things could be opened up/unlocked to the player.
    This would require the town to be redesigned more or less, but "Town Ratings". Through mini-buildings, like wells, little gardens, fruit trees, etc. that you'd be able to place on open spots in and around town you could increase the rating of your town. [Best way to describe it would be "Public Work Projects in Animal Crossing"] The higher your town ranking, the more people would move into your city, more opportunity for new characters.
    Things that could also be unlocked could be things like a café, buildings and characters to make the beach a place with more stuff to do (Speaking of the beach: Make Willies Shop Great Again! His shop is boring and plain. How about a quest that improves his shop/upgrades it or somethin'), an alternative route to Pam's house/the city clean-up, let the traveling merchant get a permanent shop in SV, etc. Possibilities would be endless.

    Phew, I think that's enough for now.
    I have a few thousand ideas and suggestions, but posting all of them would literally take a few days.
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      The problem with the farm editor is that their is some balancing concerns. The vanilla map is the most growth space. While the others lower this but add a few more elemets that make different resources. Without that its gonna be simcity2000 skurk utility created maps.

      The others I whoe heartedly agree. I mean you got several portions of the town map that are large enough for several buildings that never get touched by events that could be done by seveal new people. Also for yobas sake get the church out of pierres. Thats like a church with a gift shop
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        my only wish is that we can craft an item called "soil" (or something like that) with 10 clays or so.
        the purpose is to fill the water portion with this "soil" so it becomes land (just one spot per soil).
        and we can also dig a spot 3 times or so to make it a hole or trench, or even with a new tool called "spade/shovel" (just for field editing purpose), then fill that hole with water to make a pond.
        this way, we can edit the field (although limited to just the land and water).
        i personally don't like the "uneven" shape of the pond. i like things to be symmetrical :catbleh:
        but to avoid breaking the preset map, this can only happen in the vanilla map, because if we can do this on the presets, it would render the preset maps useless.
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