Fanfiction: Experiencing Freedom CHAPTER 47 is a go! (February 7th)

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    Yay Lewis, the Pelican Town MEDEVAC driver. :p

    And like I said before, innnnnteresting... *Notices that the popcorn is empty, goes to find more.*
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      It's hard to think of an alternative when Lewis and Morris are the only people with vehicles. Plus, more interesting things will appear later on.
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        Well, my character has a car. : P Oh wait this is a different story.
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          An actual crisis! That sucks for James but personally I'm happy to see some mortal danger and enemy action every once in a while. It's like watching a movie :p Looks like he's gonna be alright tho. They trained him well... too well! :rofl:
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            So glad that you enjoy this. It's my first time writing things like this.
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              James hadn’t even moved an inch for an entire week. The community was starting to get concerned of what will happen to Cerulean Farm. Some even thought of giving it away to Joja, only to be scolded by Lewis and Marnie. When it was 24th of Spring when the Flower Festival starts, nobody except Haley had a smile on their face. They were too concerned with the young mysterious farmer lying on the hospital bed. The teenager trio even went to the point where they shouted at their parents for forcing them to go dance when their friend’s life was in the balance. They stayed next to James at all times. Meanwhile, the Flower Dance commenced with only Alex, Haley, Leah and Elliot dancing. The dance ended with empty claps. Most of the townspeople immediately went to the clinic to see if James was alive or not. Lewis even told the people to take turns taking care of Cerulean Farm until James had the strength to work on his own.

              Meanwhile, James was fighting his own consciousness. He was constantly getting tormented by the demons of his past. His commissar, the Graceful Mercy, his grandfather… He was fighting like he was the last man of his squad. Later he was even forced to fight off his newly made friends in uniforms. He wanted to scream but his body refused. The entire world was against him. If only he knew how to gain the eternal sleep that he craved for a long time… He struggled with all his might. Suddenly, he heard a voice unlike any other. “I saw him! His toe flinched!” The voice exclaimed. He didn’t know whose it was, but he was relieved that it was a voice that supported him in the middle of his chaos. He struggled harder as the demons horded upon him. He heard two voices. “There, didn’t you see? His feet flinched!” “James! Can you hear us?” they said. ‘Yes, I can!’ James tried to speak, but the words couldn’t pass through the memories. He struggled once again. The voices returned. “Get yourself together!” “James, stay with us!” “Stay determined!” The voices resonated the halls, giving James the energy he needs. With one final push, he forced a path through the memories and ran to what seemed like the sunlight.

              “James! His eyes moved!” Sebastian exclaimed. The attention of the room was suddenly focused on James.

              “James, answer me! Can you hear me?” Sam shouted. All was getting clear. James felt something on his left wrist. Curious of what is happening; he managed to open his mouth.

              “…What’s happening?” James mumbled.

              “HE SPOKE! OH MY GOD I WAS SO WORRIED!” Abigail screamed in joy. James finally had enough strength to open his eyes, only to be blinded by the bright lights of the room. When everything cleared, he found Sebastian, Sam, Abigail, Alex, Leah and Elliot standing around him.

              “…Guys?” James mumbled again.

              “Don’t worry! We’re here!” Leah comforted him. “You are alive and well. That’s all that matters to us.”

              “…What time is it?” James mumbled.

              “It’s…. Should we tell how long he was here?” Maru came and asked.

              “Yeah, I think we should.” Sebastian replied.

              “It’s 5:43 PM in 24th of Spring. You have been in a coma for a week and a half.” Maru continued with a sigh. James’s heart fell. He still remembers the phone call and tried to commit suicide to save his friends from his ghosts of his past. Now that he is alive, his future plans became disoriented. He looked around to see who else was there.

              “…Alex? What are you doing here?” James mumbled.

              “Bro, you’re the only guy that understood me among the entire town other than my grandparents. No way I’m gonna see you die.” Alex replied.

              “Hah, thanks…” James mumbled. He was slowly gaining strength. He tired getting up, but his abdomen gave out excruciating pain.

              “Now, now James. Your back will need some time to fix up. We’ll give it a few hours.” Harvey said, putting James down back to bed. “Now will you excuse us, please go to the waiting room? I have some examinations to do.” He asked the friends and Maru. They all nodded and headed out of the surgery room. Once they were out, Harvey opened his mouth. “James, I need to you to be honest. While we were operating, we have found…”

              “Doc, please don’t mention it.” James stopped him.

              “James, please. We need to know what’s haunting you. Please let me continue?” Harvey asked worriedly.

              “…fine.” James complied with maximum anxiety.

              “Thank you. While we were operating, we have found some interesting things about your body.” Harvey said, rolling up James’s right sleeve, revealing his cybernetics. “May I know what it is?”

              “Oh god. No…” James was horrified. His lethal actions had revealed his true self. “Who else knows about this?” He asked.

              “Me and Clint. Nobody else knows, luckily for you.” Harvey assured him.

              “…Thank god. Okay, I’ll explain.” James said. He spent ten minutes explaining his past. He explained how he was kidnapped from his family after his grandfather passed. He explained about what the Gorgon Project has done to him. He wrapped it up by explaining how he got to Stardew Valley, showing the remains of his neural tracking device on the back of his head.

              “I see. I’m sorry for all those sufferings you had to endure.” Harvey said.

              “Thank you, doc.” James started to cry.

              “What is it?” Harvey asked.

              “I don’t want my friends to know this. Please don’t tell anybody about it…?” James asked sobbing.

              “…Of course. I’ll make sure it only exists between us three. Me, you and Clint.” Harvey assured, signaling his friends that it is okay to enter. The gang flooded back in and surrounded James once again.

              “James, what happened?” Abigail asked. “Why are you crying?”

              “…Injection. Never had it in a decade.” James lied.

              “Well, don’t be a crybaby now!” Sam joked. Sebastion punched him in the chest.

              “…Why are some of you guys wearing those clothes?” James asked Leah, Elliot and Alex.

              “We were in the Flower Dance. Everybody was worried about you!” Leah replied, holding Elliot’s hand.

              “…The Flower Festival? Was it today?” James asked with a positive reply from Alex. “I need to contact Lewis. Can you call him here? If not, I’ll go to his manor personally.” He asked Harvey.

              “No problem. I’ll call him.” Harvey replied, dialing Lewis’s number on his phone. Lewis entered the surgery room ten minutes later.

              “What is it, James? Is there something you need to tell me?” Lewis asked worriedly.

              “…Yes. I called you to say how sorry I am.” James replied. His friends looked at each other confused.

              “…Sorry? Why?” Lewis asked.

              “I’m sorry for ruining the Flower Festival. It could have been a happy day if it weren’t for me.” James continued. Tears gathered in his eyes once again.

              “James, it’s not your fault. This is common for everyone who thinks that they’ve ruined a festival because of their injuries. We were all worried of you. That’s it. Abigail, Sam and Sebastian decided not to join the dance because they care about you. They are true friends!” Lewis assured him. “Is there anything else you would like to speak of?”

              “No, thank you. I’m sorry if I took your precious time.” James replied.

              “Very well. Get well soon, farmer.” Lewis said, leaving the clinic.

              James was starting to feel better as the minutes passed. His pain on the abdomen reduced and he was able to stand up and walk. Harvey diagnosed him with physical tests until he considered James as ready to face the world again.

              “What happened to my farm, by the way?” James asked Elliot.

              “Marnie and Shane took turns taking care of it. It should be running smoothly well now.” Elliot replied.

              “Thank god. Anybody want a hug?” James asked. The entire gang gathered around him and hugged him one by one. Abigail hugged him the tightest. James felt the surge returning, but didn’t bother. “So, how about we all hangout in the saloon this Friday? I’ll be fine.” James suggested. Everybody agreed and left along with James.

              I know, this chapter is short. I'll make the next one long. Isn't it how it rolls around here?
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                When James had returned to the farm, he had noticed that the farm was actually holding on well. He had received thirty envelopes with gifts of money telling him to get well soon. A purple envelope took his attention as it stated that he should consider gaining the experience of mage before he faces his fears. It also stated that the wizard covered the town with an aura to prevent James from being tracked. James was more than happy to read it. The wizard was protecting him. Times were running as usual when the sun of the first day of Summer rose. James found that his spring crops have wilted. He shrugged as he cut their husks with his scythe. He continued with work on cutting wood. When he found out that he had more than enough wood for the upgrade, he loaded half of what he needed on a wheelbarrow and the other half on his right shoulders and went to the general store to buy seeds, plant them and climbed the mountain. When he reached the carpenter’s shop, he was greeted by Robin rushing from the counter to hug him. She hadn’t seen him ever since he left the hospital. “I’m so glad you’re okay, James.” Robin said.

                “I’m fine and that’s all that matters, right?” James asked. Robin nodded, releasing him. “I’m here for my house upgrade. The materials are outside. Here’s the money.” He said taking 10000 Galleons from his wallet.

                “Great! I’ll start working on your cottage from tomorrow! I suggest that you spend your days somewhere else while I get to work.” Robin said. James fell into thought. Who would he stay with while Robin was in her work? Just then, Sebastian, who was overhearing the conversation as he climbed up from his room, saved the day.

                “James, I’ll let you stay in my room. Mom usually finishes her projects in three days.” Sebastian said.

                “Oh, Sebby, you are such a good boy!” Robin exclaimed. “I want to hug you. Come here?”

                “Sure, when pigs fly, mom.” Sebastian replied wakling to the kitchen. Robin simply laughed. “Hey, bro! Sam and Abigail are in my room right now. Wanna come in?” Sebastian called from the kitchen.

                “I don’t see why not. I’ll come back with my tools and clothes!” James replied. “I’ll be back, ma’am.” He said to Robin. She nodded with a smile.

                When James returned to his cottage, he found a box lying on the porch. Curious, he attempted to open it only to stop. What if it’s one of those anthrax attacks that terrorists commonly use as biological weapons? What if it’s a bomb? He opened it anyway. When he looked inside, James’s face was covered with a grin. It was his Playstation and the gaming laptop he had ordered a week ago. He grabbed the box and packed his tools, blanket, pillow and clothes in his bag. He locked the door and took the key with him. He needed to give it to Robin. When James had arrived, Robin was nowhere to be seen. “Uh, Mr. Callahan, do you know where Robin is?” He asked Demetrius.

                “No, son. I haven’t seen her. Maybe she’s on her way to her new project?” Demetrius replied.

                “Well, I have to give my house key to her. Can you give it if you see her?” James asked, handing his house keys to him. When Demetrius accepted, he headed downstairs to the basement. He was immediately greeted by his friends.

                “What’s up, James?” Sam asked.

                “House upgrades. I have to stay here for a while.” James replied.

                “A sleepover? Ooh, that’s so… ugh, I forgot the term.” Abigail said. “Say, what’s in that box?” She added.

                “It’s the stuff I ordered in the internet. Pretty neat, huh?” James replied, putting the box down.

                “Oh my god! It that a Playstation 4 NEO?” Sam asked with his mouth wide open. James nodded with a large smile. Sam picked it up and placed it on Sebastian’s table to find something else. “And… an ALIENWARE?! Jesus Christ, James! How is this even possible?!”

                “It’s simple! I buy something somebody else used! Fairly cheap prices, although my wallet was crying back then.” James replied. Abigail laughed. “Say, what’cha guys playing?” James asked.

                “We’re playing Cards Against Humanity. Wanna join after this match?” Sebastian asked.

                “Sure! It’ll be useful for my pastime collection!” James replied. He waited as the trio wrapped up the game with Sebastian winning. “So what are the rules?” James asked, receiving his deck of white cards. He sat down on his bench, only to have his knees higher than the table due to his immense height.

                “You fill in the blanks of the black cards with any of your white cards. The person who makes the funniest sentence wins a point, which is the black card. Get seven to win.” Sam replied. “Looks like I’m the card czar this round. Let’s see…” He added holding a black card.

                The game continued for two hours, filling the room with loud laughter. Sam laughed to the point where Maru stormed in with a frown telling the four to be quiet, only to be flipped off by Sebastian. Abigail somehow won most of the games.

                “Hey, it’s nice and all, but I think we should give my Playstation a spin, you know?” James asked nervously. He didn’t want to ruin the fun, although he was eager to try his recently bought console.

                “Really? What do you have in your PS4?” Sebastian asked, peering through his cards. James peeked into the box to find two games: Rocket League and Battlefield 1.

                “I have two game boxes here. All time favorites, apparently. Still, I think we should finish off this round.” James replied, submitting his white card to Abigail. After a few matches, Sam came out as victor and the game was over. Sebastian helped set his friend’s console up in his TV. He moved his TV to his coffee table where they’ve played the card game with an extension cord. With the console on, Abigail helped James make his Playstation Account. The Teenager Trio seemed to be friendlier to James since he recovered from his coma. He pushed all his worries aside and inserted the Rocket League disc into the console. He connected two controllers and started a split screen match. Although James had a hard time understanding the controls, he got used to it as he kept losing but learning how the game mechanics work. ‘The reviews were right all along!’ James thought as he played on. It was 7 at night when Sam and Abigail left. James and Sebastian were all alone, bored of the console. Perhaps it is the good time to converse.

                “Uh… So, you live in this basement?” James asked.

                “Well, yup. I’ve been stuck here for twelve years. Plans for leaving the Valley isn’t going as planned. You know, the war.” Sebastian replied. James felt sadness when he heard the word ‘war’.

                “Huh. What do you think of the two guys that were here?” James asked.

                “I’ve been friends with Sam for about ten years. He’s basically my best friend. Abigail, well… I just consider as a conventional friend. She’s kind of weird to me. I remember her chanting some mysterious… spells.” Sebastian replied. “I guess it’s my turn now. May I ask you this?” He added.

                “What is it?” James asked.

                “…What happened that time when you received that phone call?” Sebastian asked, choosing his words carefully. James’s smile dissipated immediately.

                “Ugh. I’ve been trying to forget it. It’s too dark for you.” James replied. He didn’t want to reveal his true self. In fact, he was fighting to hide it.

                “Bro, it’s okay. You and I are the only ones in this room.” Sebastian assured.

                “…It was my ex-girlfriend. I forgot her name since I last saw her in high school. I don’t remember what I did, but she broke up with me. I… she owns a large corporation. You know how corrupt conglomerates are, right? The’ money equals power’ thing?” James lied.

                “Yeah, I’ve been looking those things up for some time.” Sebastian replied.

                “…She has the power to bribe government agencies to kill someone she doesn’t like. Looks like I’m the next target now. She said that she will kill you guys too. That’s why I tried to end my life.” James said. Tears were flooding his face and he started to cry. Sebastian started to regret his question.

                “Dude, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had such a painful past. I’m sorry.” Sebastian grasped James’s shoulders.

                “No, it’s okay. I.. I… I was scared of losing you guys. You guys brightened up my life ever since I came to Cerulean Farm. I didn’t want you guys to get killed due to my existence.” James cried even harder, soaking Sebastian’s shirt. Sebastian hugged James tightly. He thought he knew what was paining him so much, but didn’t know the true reason behind his friend’s sorrow.

                “Boys, dinner’s ready! Come upstairs!” Robin called.

                “Give me time. I need to get my face back up. I don’t want to worry your mom.” James said, sobbing.

                “It’s okay. I’ll tell her that you’re in the bathroom.” Sebastian said, running upstairs. James immediately rushed to the bathroom sink and washed his face. He clenched a fist on his right hand. Its force was powerful enough to punch a hole through an American battle tank. He didn’t want to see himself use violence again. When he saw that his face was okay, he ran upstairs to meet Sebastian’s family for dinner.

                It was five o’clock the next morning. James woke up from his floor mattress sweating. Another damn nightmare. He saw Sebastian sleeping on his bed and crept his way out of the shop with his tools. He trekked his way down the mountain and to his farm. His cottage was surrounded by wooden poles and incomplete construction sites. Robin was pretty quick on her work. He was halfway done with watering his crops when he heard Robin coming down the same mountain path. “Hello, James! Fancy meeting you here so early” Robin said.

                “Uh, what time is it?” James asked.

                “It’s 6 AM. My, you’re a diligent boy! Sebby always wakes up at ten o’clock. I’m concerned of that boy.” She replied.

                “Yeah? I guess that’s a bit problematic.” James said. His past memories suddenly returned about five of his comrades executed for waking up at 4:01 AM instead of 4 AM sharp. He pushed them away. He continued watering his plants. “Hey, Mrs. Callahan?” James asked.

                “What is it? Besides, you may just call me Robin. It’s okay.” Robin replied.

                “Uh… what do I have to do to get a… coop?” James asked.

                “A coop? Oh, you sure are improving your farm quickly! Just give me the materials and I’ll get sharp on it! You may ask Marnie about the chickens!” Robin replied, continuing her work.

                “Well, thanks!” James said, finishing off his work by sowing some pepper seeds on tilled soil and watering them. ‘I should go visit the blacksmith.’ James thought, walking towards Pelican Town. When he reached the blacksmith, he was immediately greeted by Clint Blackthrone, the local blacksmith.

                “James! It’s good to see you well!” Clint greeted.

                “Hello, sir. I hope you’re keeping my secret safe.” James replied.

                “Secret…? Oh, right! Don’t worry, it will never escape my mind!” Clint assured. James nodded. “So, what are you here for?” He asked.

                “I just wanted to see what I can do here.” James replied.

                “Oh, I see. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I make tools out of whatever metal is forgeable. Besides of that, I sell metallic ore and coal. Have any geodes? I’ll process them for an irrefutable price!” Clint said proudly.

                “Cool! Perhaps I’ll come here often when I come back from the mines!” James beamed. He noticed that Clint was concentrated on his right arm. “Uh, are you… curious of this arm?” James asked, pointing at his arm.

                “To be honest, yes. I know what it is, James. Do not worry. I just wish to see it in close and see what it can do.” Clint replied. James was starting to get nervous. This will be the first time he will reveal his cybernetics to someone outside the Gotoro Empire. He slowly rolled up his sleeves, revealing the cold, hard metallic arms with blue streaks flowing through his ‘veins’. “Interesting.” Clint said, examining the arm. He picked up a mallet and tried to tap it, only to have James’s artificially modified reflexes to instantly grap Clint’s wrist.

                “Oh, sorry. It’s really sensitive.” James said, sweating. Clint nodded off. He tapped the arm with the mallet. Clint tilted his head.

                “I have never seen this alloy before. I’m going to need Demetrius to tell me what it is, but I don’t want to break your promise. I guess I’ll have to scrap that.” Clint said. “Ah, I have an idea!” he exclaimed, rushing towards his large furnace and picked up a bar of glowing hot metal and placed it on his iridium-alloy anvil. “Can you try hitting this bar? It’s pure tungsten heated up to about… well, about 1000 degrees Celsius.” He requested.

                “Sure. I’m fine with that.” James replied, walking to the anvil. “Hold it still. I don’t know how strong this is.” He warned, holding his right arm high up and struck the glowing metal down with great force. The part of the bar that was hit was instantly flattened with a fist mark highly visible.

                “Amazing! I usually have hard times working with this metal, but you made it into a pancake with just one strike? Simply awesome.” Clint exclaimed.

                “Well, thanks. I can use my feet if my arm can’t do the work. They’re cybernetic too, you know.” James said. “Hey, uh… I have been collecting a lot of copper ore recently from the mines. I don’t know what to do with it.” He added.

                “Oh? That is very good! Perhaps now is the time where I teach you how to smelt your own ingots! Wait here.” Clint said, running into his room behind the counter. He came back with a blueprint of something. “It’s a spare blueprint of a small furnace. It’s about the size of a small refrigerator. I’m sure that carrying it will be absolutely no problem for you!” he said, giving the papers to James.

                “Looks good! How do I use it?” James asked, taking a look at the blueprint.

                “It’s simple! You just need to put in the right amount of metal ore in the top. You add the heat at the bottom. I recommend coal. Wood will cause impurities in your ingots. Say, this is a good idea! I won’t have to sacrifice time to smelt ingots when you can do it yourself!”Clint said.

                “Yeah, I guess it is so. Look, I’d better go. My friend might be worried by now.” James said, heading for the door. “Hey, I have a question.” He stopped and asked the blacksmith.

                “Go on, son!” Clint replied.

                “My engineering side of me is starting to wake up. I… do have some projects in mind. I want to know if you think it’s a good idea to work together to accomplish them.” James said. He was trained to be an engineer of his team back at base. He was trained to build basically everything; from ammunition to even functioning computers. He remembered building a grenade launcher when he was fourteen years old.

                “Sounds like a splendid idea, James!” Clint replied. James felt good about the response.

                “Great! I’ll see you later!” James said happily, leaving the blacksmith.

                I tried adding Sebastian's 6-heart event. It sucked. I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll add another heart event in the next chapter. Maybe two.
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                  Hee, good to see more friend-time. I always get a kick out of how everyone writes the group scenes. And CAH? Niiice. If you want more cheeky fun look up "Funemployed." Think CAH but as job applicants. :D
                  • ApertureGaming011

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                    James spent the rest of the day with Alex, playing football in the beach. He saw Sam and Vincent playing in the beach.

                    “It’s kind of heartwarming to see sibling playing nicely, you know?” James said to Alex, picking up the ball.

                    “Yeah? I don’t think so. What makes you think like that?” Alex asked.

                    “Well, it’s just that I miss my brother.” James replied. “I really hate bringing personal information, but… I had an elder brother three years older than me. I think his name was Frank. He… died of heart disease when I he was nine years old. I was a naïve little kid back then. May he rest in peace.” He said.

                    “I’m sorry for your loss.” Alex said.

                    “Thanks, man.” James replied, giving the ball back to Alex. “I have to go get something from my farm. It was nice playing in the beach.” He said, waving Alex goodbye and leaving the beach. James headed for the ranch. He wanted to learn all about raising farm animals. When he reached the Lannister ranch, he was greeted by a little girl wearing a purple dress. “Uh, hello.” James greeted. He had never spoken to little girls for fifteen years.

                    “…Are you here to see Aunt Marnie?” The girl asked. She was staring at James as if she saw a ghost.

                    “Well, yeah. Where is she?” James asked.

                    “She’s in the ranch. You look dark…. And smell like grass.” She replied.

                    ‘Well, DUH!’ James thought. “Thanks, kid.” He said as he entered the ranch. Before he could open the door, he was greeted by a middle-aged man wearing a Joja coat with a green shirt with a ‘2’ written on it.

                    “Oh, it’s that guy from the farm.” The man said. “What do you need?”

                    “Uh… I’m here for information on chickens.” James replied.

                    “Well, never seen Aunt Marnie today, nothing like a good time to get out of here.” The man annoyingly said.

                    “Hey, I just wanted to have a nice question but look at you. Is this how you treat friends?” James asked with annoyance in his face.

                    “I don’t need friends. What else do you want from me?” The man replied grinding his teeth. James’s tolerance had snapped. He punched the wall with all his might, leaving a large dent on it with a large bang followed by a couple clatters of rubble. The man looked at the dent and back to James with horror.

                    “Where’s. Miss. Marnie. Lannister?” James asked with a threatening glare. He fist didn’t let go of the dent.

                    “What was that sound?” Marnie’s voice interrupted the death sentence. The middle aged woman burst out from the door looking for the source of the sound. “Shane, what did you do to make the farmer angry?” She glared at the man.

                    “Wh… No, I can explain!” The man exclaimed at Marnie.

                    “Don’t you remember what Dr. Harvey said? DON’T AGGREVATE HIM.” Marnie scolded.

                    “Sorry, Aunt. I’m going to the saloon.” Shane grumbled, heading towards the west.

                    “Well, hello James!” Marnie greeted James with a completely different tone.

                    “I’m sorry for the wall. I’ll pay for it later.” James said.

                    “Oh, take your time on that. It’s not that the ranch will collapse. Anyway, what brings you here?” Marnie asked.

                    “I’m interested in raising chickens for my farm. I’m thinking of building a coop, but I wish to know what I need.” James replied, scratching his neck. He could feel the stitches enclosing the wound.

                    “Oh, you’ve come to the right place! I hope you have a pen and paper!” Marnie said enthusiastically. James opened his notes in his smartphone and started to take down notes and Marnie showered him with information and facts.

                    “…Keep in mind that your animals should be treated like your children! They’ll only produce their goods when they feel like it! You should give them a pat, take them out of their coops and let them breathe the fresh air outside and so on. I’ll leave the ways of animal loving to you. I’m sure you can handle it!” Marnie concluded. James had typed in everything that she had said.

                    “Well, that was very helpful. I can’t thank you enough.” James said, saving the data.

                    “No problem! What else do you need?” Marnie asked.

                    “..Who was that person who you scolded?” James asked.

                    “Him? He’s Shane, my nephew. He doesn’t get along with people, but I’m sure there’s a soft side somewhere in his heart.” Marnie replied.

                    “I see.” James said, peeking at the dent. “I’m really sorry for what I did. Uh… I… guess I need to go now.” He said, seeing that the sun was almost down.

                    “It’s okay, James! Goodbye!” Marnie waved as she closed the ranch door behind her. James walked to the saloon. He needed a meal for that he was famished. Gus greeted James when he entered.

                    “Good evening, James! It’s nice to see you fine!” Gus greeted.

                    “Well, thank you, sir. I would like… your special pizza with a side of a mug of beer.” James replied.

                    “Coming right up!” Gus replied, walking to the kitchen. James took his time to look around his surroundings. The place where him and the teenager trio was empty. He saw Leah and Elliot eating a plate of salad and what looked like Fettuccine Carbonara. He turned away as soon as possible. Pasta in general gave him the bad memories as it was the only thing he ate for fifteen years. He also saw Pam Denver, the mother of Penny, drinking her third mug of pale ale. His food arrived when he saw Shane finishing off his mug of beer beside the fireplace. He knew that he needed to apologize for the damage he had caused. He left his seat with his beer and approached the grumpy man.

                    “Hello, Shane.” James said, with concern on his face.

                    “Do you know me?” Shane replied, his eyes avoiding James’s.

                    “I sort of do, Shane. I’m here to say sorry.” James said.

                    “Whatever. Just stay out of my way, then everything will be fine.” Shane grunted, shaking his mug to get the last drops in his mouth.

                    “Hey, I just wanted to be apologetic. That’s not how people are to be treated.” James was getting frustrated, but he pushed it away. “Hey, have my beer. I didn’t put my mouth on it.” He said, holding out his full mug to Shane. Shane’s face lifted up almost instantly.

                    “Hey, how did you know this was my favorite?” Shane asked, taking the mug.

                    “Eh, just a wild guess.” James replied, eating a slice of his pizza.

                    “Tell you what, I already like you.” Shane jokingly said.

                    “Yeah? That’s good to know. Uh, may I ask one thing?” James asked. Shane was all ears. “Who was that girl in the purple dress?”

                    “Her? She’s my goddaughter Jas. What about it?” Shane replied.

                    “Just curious. Hey, I gotta go. Robin’s going to be worried again.” James said. “Hey Gus! May I have this pizza boxed?” he called. The pizza was immediately boxed. He waved at Shane and exited the saloon.

                    While walking around Pelican Town, he noticed someone in the cemetery. It was a short, feminine figure. She looked at the tombstone in front of her and sat down beside it. Unable to quench his curiosity, James slowly walked to the cemetery. The figure was no other than Abigail Berneau. “Abigail?” James called.

                    “James? What are you doing?” Abigail asked.

                    “I was about to return.” James replied. He was about to ask the same thing when she seemed to read his mind.

                    “I guess you’re wondering why I’m here at this hour. Sit down! I won’t bite!” Abigail said, patting the ground beside her. James sat down, only to feel the surge return once again. He rolled his eyes.

                    “Hmm… I’m here because it’s the best place in town to find some privacy.” Abigail said. James looked at Abigail to find her covered in sweat. Some of it drenched his sleeve.

                    “What’s with the sweat?” James asked.

                    “I’m all sweaty because I was practicing my swordsmanship.” Abigail replied. James gave her a funny look.

                    ‘Swordsmanship? This girl is getting interesting…’ James thought.

                    “Hey! What… Do you think I’m too weak to swing a blade?” Abigail raised her voice.

                    ‘Damnit! Wrong emotion, James!’ James scolded himself.

                    “Sorry, got a little too defensive.” Abigail apologized, scooting closer to James. “Ooh, your arm is so cold! I like it!” She jokingly giggled, touching his right arm. He pulled it away quickly with the surge inside him getting stronger.

                    ‘Too close.’ James thought.

                    “You see, I want to explore the mountain caves, but I know it’s too dangerous to go there unarmed.” The purple-haired girl said, picking up her sword and touching its sharp edges.

                    “Huh, interesting.” James said. He was speaking the truth. It would be nice to have a spelunking partner.

                    “You’ve used a sword before, haven’t you?” She asked. James gave a grin as he pulled out his newly bought knight’s sword from the Adventurers’ Guild from its sheath from his back.

                    “It’s awesome.” James replied, putting the sword back.

                    “See? You understand why I’m out here, then!” Abigail said with a smile. “I’ve lived in the valley my whole life, but I’ve never really done anything memorable. I want to go on an adventure!” She added. Suddenly, a deep voice coming from the outside interrupted their conversation.

                    “Abigail?!” The voice called. It was no other than Pierre’s.

                    “Dad?!” Abigail bolted up, surprised. James looked around, looking for the source. Pierre was already near the two.

                    “I’ve been looking all over for you! Your mother wants you to come home and help with dinner!” Pierre said with an angry face. “What are you doing in the graveyard with the farmer, anyway? This is no place for a young lady!” he added. Abigail faced away with an annoyed face. James didn’t know what to do.

                    “Mind your own business! You think I should be at home cooking dinner because I’m a girl, don’t you?! You’re really stuck in the past, Dad.” Abigail raiser her voice. Pierre looked away in utter shock. He was annihilated by her daughter. “Let’s get out of here, James.” She said to James, grabbing his left arm and walking away. James could here Pierre’s futile shouts as he was dragged farther away from the graveyard. Abigail stopped at a bush next to a river. They hid inside it.

                    “Okay, my dad won’t find us here.” Abigail whispered with a sigh of relief.

                    “Abby, I don’t think it’s a good idea to scold your parents like that. They care about you!” James said.

                    “I know, I know…. They grew up in a different era with different values. It still ticks me off sometimes, okay?” Abigail replied. “Haven’t you felt the same?” She asked. James heart sank.

                    “I… I’ve never seen my parents for fifteen years. I grew up with my uncle, who was 18 year older than me.” James said with a sad tone. He wanted to punch himself so hard.

                    “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Abigail apologized, hugging him tightly. James heard a grumble. It was Abigail’s stomach. When she released him, he searched through his bag and took out a box of pizza he left from the saloon. Abigail’s eyes widened. “Hey, how did you know I was hungry? This looks delicious!” She said.

                    “I heard the beggar inside you. Let’s eat.” James replied, opening the box. The two happily ate the pizza, talking about Korea. “Hey, tell you what. I’ve been looking through online courses on teaching Korean. Perhaps I can teach you the language.” He said, wiping his mouth.

                    “Really? Wow, that’s amazing! Of course I’ll learn from you!” Abigail exclaimed with a glee. James’s phone rang. It was Sebastian. He was worried of James.

                    “I… gotta go. It was nice talking to ya.” James said, standing up.

                    “Wait, can you untangle my hair from this bush?” Abigail asked, laughing. James laughed along, untangled her hair and ran to the mountains. He didn’t want to worry his friend anymore.

                    Here's the 'another heart event' I've been talking about in the previous note. What do you think of James's surge, now getting stronger? I just baked pizza when I wrote about pizza in this chapter! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!
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                      Well, I'd honestly just thought of that idea - the spelunking one, that is - and now I see you implementing it! I guess you could say great minds think alike.
                      • Gabaw

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                        +1 for pizza :rofl: Looks like James' arm is having some issues. I'm interested in where you'll take that. As far as Shane being middle aged, it fits with his attitude and also with his responsibilities. Let's say that Marnie has a large age gap with one of her siblings, maybe? That works :p
                        • Risukage

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                          *Looks at James's power through scouter.* It's over nine-th-

                          No, wait, it isn't, not quite yet. :p
                          • ApertureGaming011

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                            ENEMY IDENTIFIED. CODENAME: CHAPTER 16.

                            Sebastian was working with his programming. He looked at the time to find that it was two o’clock in the morning. His friend James was sleeping on the floor beside his bed. Sebastian decided to look into the refrigerator to get refreshment as he was thirsty. He returned to his room with a Joja Cola can. He saw his friend unmoved. He was dead silent as usual. In fact, it didn’t bother Sebastian at all as Sam snored like a turbojet engine during sleepovers. As he continued with his work, something bothered Sebastian. What was James trying to hide from the community that he didn’t care about? What was behind all that clothing? He pushed his curiosity aside and concentrated at his work. He needed the money to escape the Valley. However, as time passed, his curiosity returned. Sebastian couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to know what was with James. He stood up and crept on his sleeping friend. James was so silent that Sebastian could even hear his heart race. He was nervous that he might wake him up. He decided to check on his right arm, as James tried to hide it the most. Sebastian found that he was wearing a thick glove. He slowly tired to take the glove off, when suddenly the arm grabbed on Sebastian’s wrist and twisted it slowly. Sebastian gritted his teeth in pain. When the pain had subsided, he found James full awake.

                            “What the hell are you doing?” James asked mindlessly. When all was clear for his mind, he realized what he had just done. “…Oh damn. I’m sorry.” He apologized, letting go of his friend.

                            “Watch what you are doing!” Sebastian hissed, clenching his wrist. He returned to his computer, continuing his work.

                            It was three and a half in the morning when Sebastian had finished his work. He sent the data to his client and awaited the transaction. He switched off his monitor, but James’s voice stopped him.

                            “Not now.” He said. Sebastian, wondering what is happening, turned to James. He wasn’t sleeping, but rather… scribbling on a large paper.

                            “What are you doing?” Sebastian asked, walking towards him. As he peeked on the paper, he found that his friend was drawing some kind of blueprint on a grid paper.

                            “Oh, it’s one of my projects. I’ve been really interested in engineering lately.” James replied, drawing something with a help of his ruler.

                            “Engineering? What are you designing?” Sebastian asked.

                            “Have you played the Assassins’ Creed games?” James asked with a grin.

                            “…You’re designing a hidden blade?! That’s awesome!” Sebastian beamed.

                            “Why not? I think that just a knife would be… boring.” James replied. “You look tired, man. Go get some sleep. I’m sorry about your wrist, though.”

                            “Thanks, bro. I’ll forgive you about my wrist. Your engineering just made you cool.” Sebastian jokingly said, jumping to his bed.

                            It was ten and a half in the morning. Sebastian groggily woke up from his bed, only to see James playing some kind of videogame on his laptop. ‘Why is he here? Isn’t he supposed to be in his farm?’ Sebastian thought. James looked at Sebastian.

                            “Already finished my chores three hours ago. Your mom was right. You do wake up late.” James said.

                            “That’s what I am.” Sebastian moaned, stretching. “What’cha playin’” He asked.

                            “Oh, it’s Battlefleet Gothic Armada. Really fun strategy game.” James replied.” Damn, there goes my battlecruiser.” He added as his Overlord blew into smithereens.

                            “I’ll come back after I wash up.” Sebastian said, limping towards the bathroom. Meanwhile, James was concentrating on his game. His fleet wasn’t faring well, though. Sebastian exited the bathroom refreshed when James’s fleet was annihilated. “So, what’s in the game?” He asked.

                            “I’m sure you know about the Warhammer 40000 board games, right?” James asked, looking at Sebastian’s boardgame collection.

                            “Well, yeah. I have the original Warhammer board, Battlefleet Gothic… Wait… OH, I SEE!” Sebastian exclaimed.

                            “Exactly. I found a YouTuber playing this game and instantly fell in love with it. Hey, I think you’ll like it!” James said. “Well, I gotta go. I have to meet Clint at the blacksmiths.” He added, picking up his bag without knowing that the zipper was open. Iron bars dropped to the ground, making large metallic collision sounds.

                            “Hey, what’s with all that iron?” Sebastian asked.

                            “They’re for my project. Can’t wait how they’ll turn out.” James replied, picking up the ingots. He then left the carpenter’s shop and headed for the blacksmith.

                            James opened the door to be greeted by Clint. He was hammering a bar of glowing metal as usual. “Hello, Mr. Blackthrone!” James said.

                            “Hello, James! What brings you here?” Clint asked.

                            “Remember the engineering projects I’ve been talking about?” James asked. Clint nodded, remembering that day clearly. “Well, here’s what I’ve devised.” He added, putting down the graph paper on the counter. Clint put down his tools to inspect the blueprint.

                            “Interesting contraption you’ve designed.” Clint said, nodding. “What does it do?”

                            “It’s a… Well, imagine a dagger that can pull itself out of its sheath.” James explained, showing hand motions of how the blade will work. “I’ve brought the materials, by the way.” He added, taking the iron and the wood from his bag.

                            “Excellent. That will conserve the time. Would you hold on for a minute while I analyze this blueprint further?” Clint asked, taking the blueprint to his room. “In a meantime, it would be nice to flatten that gold bar.” He added, pointing at the glowing metal. James complied and got to work. He instantly flattened the gold by hammering it with his fist a few times. Clint returned with his glasses, setting the paper down on the counter. “Okay, I’ve analyzed your project. It looks like we need to start with the blade first. I recommend that we use an alloy. I recommend carbon steel.”

                            “Well then, let’s get to work!” James replied enthusiastically. Thus, Clint and James started working with the metal. James took his time to look at the blueprints to figure how how he will make the mechanisms while carving the base of the contraption with wood. Clint continued his work on the blade.

                            “Clint, what’s the most ductile material you have in your shop?” James asked, finding that he needs metallic wires to fulfill the requirements.

                            “Gold is my answer, but I don’t have much. I’m running low on precious metals, you know.” Clint replied, quenching the blade in oil.

                            “Hmmm. I think a small nugget is more than enough. I’ll pay you, or perhaps go to the mines for them.” James said.

                            “Sure, then. It’s in the left of the counter.” Clint said, pointing at a storage door. James put his chisel down and walked into the storage. The room was filled to the brim with ore. The smell of coal surround the area, making James cough. “You should find it quickly before you choke!” Clint called. James rummaged through the ores until he found the largest gold nugget he could find. It was the size of a 5 year old child’s palm. He took it and walked quickly back to Clint.

                            “I’ll work on it. Where’s the machine?” James asked. Clint pointed at his die. James immediately went to work by flattening the gold nugget and then drawing long wires with the die.

                            The sun was almost down when the two completed the contraption. James tested the hidden blade by strapping it on his wrist. The trigger looked like a knuckle made of gold wires instead of brass. James unfolded his fist to pull out the blade and push it back in with another fist unfolding. The machine is a success. He couldn’t wait to show it off to his friends. “It works! I can’t believe it! My parents are going to regret what they’ve said to me!” James exclaimed. Clint stood there, smiling.

                            “Well, I’m glad it works your way. I’m just glad I’ve helped.” Clint said.

                            “I’m starting to like this idea! I’ll return the favor by… uh… giving you all the metal I can find down the mines!” James said.

                            “Good idea, James! That sounds like a deal! Beside, this project would have taken two days without you.” Clint concluded.

                            “Well, I gotta go. It was nice working with you!” James said, wearing his glove on his right hand and waving goodbye, exiting the door.

                            While walking around the town, James was greeted by Sam and Penny. They were walking to the mountains with their hands held together as usual.

                            “Hey, James! What’s up?” Sam called.

                            “Not much. Just heading to the Carpenter’s. You?” James called back.

                            “We’re heading for the bathhouse!” Penny said.

                            “Hey, I guess we’re on the same trail. Mind if I tag along?” James asked, walking closer to the couple.

                            “What’s that on your arm? Sam asked, pointing at the bulge on James’s left arm. Grinning, James triggered the blade, with the razor-sharp knife protruding from his wrist. “Bro, that’s AWESOME! Is that a prop you bought?” Sam asked with an amazed look.

                            “Nah, man. Made it today with Clint.” James replied, retracting the blade. “Besides, have you ever seen plastic that shines?” He added.

                            “That’s so cool!” Sam said.

                            “What are you going to use it on, Mr. James?” Penny asked.

                            “Oh, It’s a weapon for self defense, especially for the mines.” James replied as the three passed by the community center. James saw an orange Junimo waving at him. “Sam, about you band… I have some questions about it.”

                            “I’m all ears, bro! What is it?” Sam asked.

                            “Who’s in the band? What’s the purpose of it?” James asked.

                            “Well, it’s currently me and Sebastian. I want to be famous, man. I want to travel around the country or even the world if the war is over.” Sam replied.

                            “Sounds cool.” James replied. “Hey, I’ve been thinking about this for a while…”

                            “What’s up?” Sam asked.

                            “…I’ve been thinking about your band for quite some time ever since that phone call incident. You know, I’m sure you’re in recruiting band members.” James replied. “So, in short… May I join your band?”

                            “What?... Of, of course! Heh, I never thought someone would be THAT interesting in our band!” Sam beamed. Penny kissed her boyfriend by the cheek. Sam’s face turned to red.

                            “Glad to see that you’ve approved my existence. Well, there’s the shop. It’s been nice talking to you lovebirds.” James said, parting ways.

                            “Goodbye, Mr. James!” Penny waved.

                            “Oh, and Sam! Have fun.” James pointed at Sam, winking.

                            “Knock it off!” Sam called as James shut the door behind him. He climbed down to the basement to see Sebastian still on his laptop playing Battlefleet Gothic Armada.

                            “Still into that game, huh?” James asked.

                            “Yup. I’ve found out that the Eldar are my favorite faction.” Sebastian replied. “Where did you buy this game?”

                            “Found it out on a Steam summer sale. Pretty nifty price.” James replied. “Oh, and guess what I’ve brought!” He added, triggering his blade. Sebastian quit the game and approached his friend’s arm.

                            “Oh my god! You’ve did it! It’s just like what I’ve seen in the games!” Sebastian exclaimed.

                            “It’s about damn time we expose our nerdiness. Out with your comic books!” James called out jokingly. Thus, the two spend their last day together reading Sebastian’s favorite comics.

                            So this was the engineering side of James. His past experience was mentioned during a previous chapter. I'm thinking of him and Clint building unbelievable contraptions. Probably making a gun?
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                            • Risukage

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                              Not a bad idea, and it's possible. Depends on what kind of blacksmith Clint is and how big/technologically advanced his shop is. If all he's got is a forge and an anvil well... But a few lathes, an auto-hammer, a CNC bench (maybe Sebastian can teach him to use AutoCad?)... Hell, if you're going super-tech, give him a 3D printer and go crazy.
                              • ApertureGaming011

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                                Clint doesn't need a auto-hammer... He has James!
                                • ApertureGaming011

                                  ApertureGaming011 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  Anybody into Battlefleet Gothic Armada like I and Sebastian am?
                                  • ApertureGaming011

                                    ApertureGaming011 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    I've thought of Clint's equipment.
                                    -Belt Grinder
                                    -Heat treating oil + low-temperature furnace
                                    -That machine that bends metal rods
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                                        I just thought of two endings that I might do simultaneously. One will be the true happy ending while the other will be happy but sad at the same time.
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