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    Yup, as a geek I am so pleased to have the story end on such a nice number, the only better one being "42." (I REALLY wanted to make a Hitchhiker's Guide joke for that chapter but couldn't work it in. DAMN.)

    But while this is the end of this part of the story, it's not completely over; a new tale picks up on Monday, shortly after where this one ends.
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      :rainbowbarf: hurkh how did that get in there? lmao! tbh this is another thing that was being built up to in the background that I didn't see coming. Neither did Lys. His reaction is legendary. He was totally stunned :rofl: Cheers and tears all around and whatnot! On such a stupendous note, I have to wonder what 64 will bring. Sounds like a proper closure is on its way before the excitement begins anew!!
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        Didn't see it coming? Mate, I telegraphed that moment so hard everyone in this thread spontaneously learned Morse Code. :rofl: Still, it is kinda satisfying to know that it caught a few people off-guard; I wanted to allude to it but not make it obvious, since I really feel like I'm crap at subtlety, especially about romance and such. :)

        BUT SERIOUSLY, we all know that Elliott is the dreamy romantic type and would totally do this in-game if it were possible. :D This was so cute/fun to write, you have NO IDEA.
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          Just...wow. Project Rose & Sunflower is now complete. Almost six months and 142k words, and it's been a success.

          I can't thank all of you enough for your kind words and commentary, all of the support and laughs you've provided as I've tinkered and posted. Even those of you who haven't said anything, I've seen the view count and I know that I've got dedicated readers coming back every time. Thank you. You all have no idea how much it means that this silly idea got such a following, and I am proud to have created something that entertained so many people for so long.

          Because of that, and I want to try out a few ideas, a new story starts on Monday. Several of you have wondered why I never touched on the magic of the game, the Junimos, and a couple of other things. It was partially because it didn't fit the feel and style of the story that I wanted to tell at first. After I'd had the chance to world-build a bit more I got ideas that I wanted to incorporate and play with, and I'm eager to give them a try. Hopefully I'll be able to muck with the new patch a bit before I get too deep in the new story, because I think there's a few things I want to fold in, but I need to see what they are and how they work. So you all get two shiny new things next week!

          Once again, my hat is off to you all, and I look forward to seeing everyone again for Rose & Sunflower 2: Vox Arcana.//

          The next couple of months were a blur of planning and activity; the band performed twice more in Zuzu City, at new locations, drawing even bigger crowds than before and getting offers to perform again. Sam didn't stop smiling for a full week, and Lys was happy to see him not only so enthusiastic, but also taking charge of the scheduling, fee negotiations, and other administrivia that he honestly hadn't thought that Sam would have the focus to handle. He was happy to be wrong about this, and Jodi remarked in passing how much he had matured and become such a responsible adult.

          After much discussion (though most of it from Lys being irritatingly passive about it because he didn't want to be pushy), Elliott moved in at the house, due to it being larger than the cabin, and that it made no sense for Lys to move all the way down to the ocean if he had the garden to mind. Given the nature of their relationship at that time and all of the planning that needed to be done, it just made sense to make it happen sooner rather than later. It was almost surreal for Lys to see Elliott's piano in the main room every time he walked through, but it was felt natural at the same time. It had only taken a couple of days to accomplish the move, especially with Alex's assistance (and truck!), and only slightly longer to unpack. When unloading Elliott's books onto the shelves, Lys had to have a moment to sit down and really wrap his mind around it, and upon being questioned about his state of delirium, Elliott sympathized, remarking that he'd had the same thing happen when hanging up clothes a bit earlier.

          On the fourth day after Elliott had moved in, everything was unpacked and sorted where it needed to go. He stood on the porch that morning, watching the rain come down, smiling faintly to himself, lost in thought. A soft touch on his arm brought him around, and he accepted a cup of coffee from Lys. An arm around each other, they watched the rain in silence, hearing the distant rumble of thunder as the wind picked up.

          "Will your garden be able to weather the weather, I wonder?" Lys elbowed him playfully at the wordplay.

          "It'll be fine. I don't have anything fragile out here, and it shouldn't be a big storm. The only concern is the greenhouse, and I cut back anything that could fall in or damage it. It'll just be a nice day to watch the storm from the comfort of the couch and a crackling fire. And once we're bored of that we can take care of a few wedding plans. I was hoping for something small."

          "And then mother stepped in."

          "Your mom? Love, she would just have been disapproving if certain requirements aren't met. It's my mom who scares me. Do you have any idea what she said to me when I told her about us getting engaged?"

          "I do not. What was it?"


          "I...do not follow."

          "Did you know you can hear her grin over the phone? She's like a Cheshire Cat. You know as well as I do that if we don't do something at least a little posh she'll... You'll learn more about mom soon enough... Though I admit I am this close to wearing a dress just to mess with Liz." Elliott chuckled over his coffee, hugging Lys fondly.

          "And you will get to know her soon enough as well. She will treat your jest as exactly that and not give you the satisfaction of rising to the bait. She does have a good sense of humor, as I have already mentioned before."

          "True. Well, we've got another month for the last of the preparations. Emily having our measurements on hand helps a lot, though it's going to be weird wearing a suit. I mean, your clothes are comfy, and I'm half-inclined to crib some of your style myself, but a proper suit..." He shook his head and drained his coffee, exhaling with satisfaction before shivering and ducking into Elliott, who was partially blocking the wind that now suddenly got cold.

          "It appears that the storm is best viewed from indoors at this point. Let us warm ourselves by the fire before we take care of necessary preparations." Lys needed no further encouragement and held the door open for Elliott, who also ducked inside quickly.

          "At least we've got all of the invites out already. I do not know how you didn't have a massive hand cramp for a week, especially with that elegant script you write with."

          "Before I transitioned to a digital manner of transcribing my notes, I wrote completely by hand, and though my ideas never saw eyes beyond my own, I was prolific in my efforts to craft my imagined masterpiece. It has been long since I have penned with paper yet my skills have not atrophied."

          "On to the other details, then. For instance, I never did get that answer; gold or platinum?" smiled Lys as he sat down in front of the fire.

          Late spring was warm and sunny, without a cloud in the sky. Pelican Town was bustling with activity, and though Lys and Elliott didn't know everyone in town that well, they did have a decent reputation, as the Elements of Sound had brought some unexpected but welcome tourism, in addition to the novel that was quickly gaining popularity. At Haley's and Emily's house they were making the final adjustments to their suits, with Emily fastidiously checking and prodding and Haley snapping photos at every opportunity, very close to needing a new battery and SD card already.

          "Oy, Haley, it's not started yet, you're going to run out of storage and power soon," Lys remarked as Emily stepped back, eyed him up and down, and nodded with satisfaction.

          "I'm at home, silly, I'll just dump all of the pics to my hard drive before I go outside, and I'm charging through the cable right now. I know what I'm doing. Alex, are you comfortable with the video camera?" The athlete was investigating a few settings, having been drilled in its use a bit earlier.

          "Yeah, I'll record just fine, you'll be free to move around and get pics as you need." Emily now checked Elliott's suit, which took much less time than it did for Lys, as he was far more comfortable with wearing that sort of thing, and the ginger man tugged the ribbon loose from his hair to allow Emily to brush and tie it back cleanly.

          "Of all of the stage work I've ever done, this is by far the strangest-fitting costume I've ever worn. Not that it fits badly, just... I didn't think I'd ever see myself in something like this. Though charcoal grey looks better on us than black would, I think, not as harsh."

          "Only you would call a suit a costume," Elliott sighed with a smile, adjusting the red rose pinned in Lys's lapel pocket, before checking the white one in his own, "though I do daresay that this will also be the strangest stage upon which you have ever stood."

          "And I wouldn't do it without you. I've never liked being the center of attention for myself, but right now? This is our stage, and I can't wait to share it with you." Elliott stepped in to properly fix the bow tie with which Lys was struggling, feeling the carved pendant under the other man's collar, which was the only other jewelry he wore besides his earrings; the guitar-pick bracelets and necklace were still atop the dresser next to the iconic sunglasses. Once finished with that adjustment, he glanced in the mirror to check his own as Lewis walked in, wearing a nice, if old, suit as well, something that clearly hadn't been worn in years but was still in good repair.

          "Everyone is just about ready. Time for the guests of honor to take their places. And thank you again for asking me to officiate, Lysander, I remember when your grandfather asked the same of me long ago. ...It was so long ago... But I still remember it like it was yesterday." Alex stood up and picked up the equipment he would need, followed by Haley as she disconnected the camera from its power source, ducking into her room to transfer the photos she'd just taken in order to make room for more.

          "See you out there, cousin, time for us to get set up." Lys nodded and took a deep breath, getting into "character." Lewis squeezed their shoulders in a fatherly fashion and departed as well, with Lys and Elliott right behind. Emily closed the door behind everyone, the last to leave, and joined the other guests to mingle and chat. The crowd parted in front of Lewis as he walked through, creating a ripple effect as everyone turned to notice that the ceremony was about to start. In his wake, Lys and Elliott walked, and on his own Lys would have felt self-conscious and hesitant, but next to his partner he radiated confidence and pride. Flowers and lights adorned the plaza, and they stopped at the decorative fountain in the center, which would serve as the backdrop for the ceremony. Lys glanced out over the crowd and noticed that their parents were up front, and a study in contrasts; Arthur and Lynn were wearing informal and brightly-colored outfits, that were still appropriate. Phillip and Elizabeth wore evening wear in somber colors, though not too formal for the slightly-casual nature of the event. Allen stood with Art and Lynn, and Lys noticed a new face with Phil and Liz, someone a bit shorter than Elliott, with short-cut hair in Liz's auburn color, deep green eyes, and facial structure that was unmistakably familiar.

          Ah, that must be his brother. I definitely got the cuter one, though!

          As the chatter and whispers faded, he met Elliott's gaze, flashing him a grin.

          "It's showtime, love." Lewis cleared his throat and referenced his notes.

          "Friends and family, together we gather to celebrate. Two members of our community have found companionship and fulfillment in each other, and have decided to make that bond permanent. Arriving in town in dire straits they drifted, searching for purpose and direction. Together as friends they succeeded, and as partners they have prospered. It is time now to take the next step in the journey." Elliott was next to speak, and Lys was happy to lose himself in those ocean-blue eyes, forgetting everyone else present.

          "Two years ago I departed my home to search for inspiration, seeking the muse that would assist me in the creation of my literary masterpiece. For too long my search bore no fruit and I despaired at ever attaining my dream. Then I met a living flame, illuminating the darkness and providing a guiding light that led me out of the abyss into which I had fallen. It was only together that I discovered that I had desired not a source of ideas, but someone to stand by my side. I had thought that it was simply my mind that was empty, but it was really my heart that carried a void, and now it overflows with warmth." Lys was almost too caught up in Elliott's words to remember his own.

          "Last year I ran away. From my friends, my problems, and myself. I was too scared to face it all, and almost too scared to try to make friends here. But I found someone who I wanted to get to know and to help, a person who had such enthusiasm and love for life that I couldn't help but be drawn in. Over time I found the strength of mind and spirit that I had been lacking, and it was all because that person believed in me. I was able to go back and face my past and fix what I had broken, ending the pain that had followed me for so long. I'm now more than I could ever have been on my own, and have never felt more alive." Lewis removed a box from his pocket and opened it, from which Lys removed the first ring. "I now want to share that life, and its journey, wherever it will take us." If he hadn't been wearing his "performer" mask his hands would have been shaking as he took Elliott's, sliding the simple platinum ring into place. Elliott took the other ring from the box.

          "Together we will walk this path wherever it leads, hand in hand, and I will not let go, even at its end." Lys felt a warm, dizzying rush as Elliott took his hand and did the same, and he was momentarily entranced by the white metal band, almost unable to believe that this was really happening. He felt fingers on his chin, looked up, and again he was lost in those eyes, that smile... The applause and cheering of the crowd were mere background noise, all he could and wanted to think about was just how warm Elliott's kiss was, and...

          Mine... And I'm his... We're not alone anymore, we belong to each other.

          Smiling and sniffing, his eyes a little bit damp, Lewis put the box back into his pocket and finished the ceremony.

          "I give to you Lysander and Elliott von Morgensonne. Let us all celebrate their union and their contributions to our lovely town." Their parents approached them, followed by the audience and shadowed by Haley, who had been photographing the entire time. Elizabeth regarded Lys with her usual hawklike stare, but softened it with a fond smile.

          "Now you may call me 'mother.'"

          For the next several hours, Elliott and Lys mingled with the townsfolk, accepting offers of congratulations, sampling the food and drink that Gus had provided (and an amazing spread for someone who normally served pub food), dancing with anyone who asked (and a few who didn't, like Sebastian, but still laughed about it), and enjoying the festivities. Lynn suddenly remembered something, about three glasses of wine in, and tapped Lys on the shoulder.

          "Sweetie, I nearly forgot, there's a nice surprise waiting for you two back at the house when you get there tonight." Laughing with a hilariously sinister "muahahahaha!", she dove back into the crowd to seek out Evelyn and George, who were catching up with Arthur and recalling old stories. Lys had the opportunity to meet Elliott's older brother, Charles, who gave him the same look that Liz had and told him that no, he was not to refer to him as "Chaz," nor would "Chuck" be acceptable. Laughing brightly, he noticed something and prodded his husband.

          "Love, I just realized, you're the only one of your family that doesn't have a name that can be shortened into something more amusing."

          "That is true, but you have given me a longer one that I shall treasure always." Lynn and Art returned, wanting to converse with their new in-laws, and Lynn waved to them, wearing a grin that was seen very often on her son, particularly when he was feeling mischievous.

          "Hey, Lizzy!" The cold glare from Elizabeth cut right through everyone between the two women, causing people to shift aside without really knowing why, and Art ducked behind Lynn instinctively.

          "What the hell are you doing?"

          "Oh, throw me under the bus, will you?"

          "Throwing nothing! You're the one standing in the middle of the road waving at traffic!"

          The festivities went long into the evening, and as darkness crept in the lights were lit to gently illuminate the plaza, allowing the event to continue. Their friends had made sure to stop them and offer heartfelt congratulations of their own, and a few hours later Lys just barely stifled a yawn, suddenly feeling the length of the day. Lewis again got their attention, holding a glass of wine that was nearly empty.

          "If you two want to head off home feel free. We've got a few volunteers to help clean up, and things are starting to wind down. Don't feel bad, you're not being rude. Rather, it's always assumed that the happy couple will retire earlier than the guests."

          They sought out their parents before they departed, at least offering that courtesy. Art and Lynn were going to stay in the area a couple of days to catch up with old friends in town that they hadn't seen in years, and they floated the offer to meet up for lunch somewhere the next day. Allen was going to head home soon himself, given the drive back to the city, but was delighted to have been able to join his best friend for such an important event. Phil, Liz, and Charles were also planning to depart in a short time, having a similar destination and commute, and same as Art and Lynn, were overjoyed for them both, though they held themselves a little more composed than Lys's parents had.

          The final farewells made, they left for their house- Yes, it's ours now, Lys thought, and enjoyed the still-warm evening and the night sky that was illuminated with countless twinkling stars on their journey home. Fishing the house key out of his pocket (the only one he had taken, since he only needed that and his phone), he unlocked the door and gasped in surprise as Elliott picked him up.

          "Ah! What are you doing?"

          "What do you think?" he replied. Laughing, Lys hugged him around the shoulders.

          "I think you are a delightfully and unrepentantly romantic man and I love you dearly." Striding into the house and nudging the door shut behind him, Elliott set Lys down inside, holding his hand and running a thumb over the ring he now wore.

          "We're home, my husband." Again, and certainly not for the last time, Lys was without words for a moment, but only for a moment.

          "Welcome home."
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            Our marvelous and melodic expedition is now over. Now we must find a way to ponder into something anew. Unity through audio has been accomplished. Perhaps the foretold sequential expedition will bring us promising content. Our comrades along with the families of the Valley can not wait for such expedition!
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              I've been one of the silent readers of your fic, but now that it's done I felt like saying thank you so much for the read, I've enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish :)
              Looking forward to the sequel!
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                Find me a happier and more fulfilled couple and I will find you a fairytale. Hear hear, three cheers for the newlyweds! A fitting conclusion to an emotionally powerful first run. You should be proud of what you've managed here and I'm looking forward to Lys in further adventures. He's a staple now, no getting rid of him! Please accept the rare and highly coveted :confirm::confirm:!! To an even grander, even bolder sequel!
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                  Thanks for the entertaining read.
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                    Thanks for sticking with it all the way to the end. I was worried that I'd lose readers with how long it ran, so I'm just happy I was able to finish it before the heat-death of the universe. :D

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