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    So with Memories Forgotten finished I had a burning thought in my head with the game as to what would happen next for the children I wondered what would happen if they had grown older and what would of happened with the town sooo To keep the story going I thought it would be cool to let that thought blossom since I'm sure some of you were wondering the same. So if you havent read the first one besure to read Memories Forgotten linked here as it helps intertwine what has happened in this story for Stardew Valler

    How long had it been since we had been back home? Mom and dad had sent us off to boarding school so that we could have a better life. To be honest it’s been at least eight years since we had last seen the farm besides holiday visits. Grant seemed to be lost in thought on the bus heading for Stardew Valley the place where he had been born. “Grant, Come on Grant snap out of it we’re almost home and I know mom and dad are going to be having a big welcome home party planned like they always had when we’d come home for holidays.” Mia said as she playfully shoved him. This was his twin sister Grant and Mia the children of Marcus and Leah finally finished with school and coming home.

    “So are you excited about coming home and seeing the farm?” Mia said excitedly to him. “To be honest I don’t know. Growing up on the farm I always wanted to get away from it and when mom and dad asked if we wanted to go to boarding school I jumped on it right away. I am sorry though for dragging you along I knew you always loved being on the farm.” He said as he turned away from the window and looked at her. “Awe come on bro we’re twins where you go I go it’s been like that since we were kids. Besides it was a good life lesson for me and just sealing the deal for me to stay in stardew.” Grant forced a smile and nodded he wasn’t too sure what to do with his life now. Was it leave pelican town and start a new life in the city or stay and settle down? Those questions raced through his mind as the bus continued.

    As the bus pulled up there stood Marcus and Leah older now but still had the stamina to keep the farm going. Marcus smiled as he pushed up his glasses. Leah her hair in a bun with a few gray hairs smiled as she saw Grant and Mia disembark. “Welcome home kiddos.” Marcus said as he waved to them. “Dad !” Mia said as she ran into his arms she of course had her mother’s looks red hair and blue eyes yet she had her father’s skin tone a light tan from playing outside all the time and of course his ability to find trouble all the time. Grant stepped down from the bus and smiled. “Hi mom.” He said as he walked up to her giving her a hug as she held him in her arms. “Welcome home son. I trust the trip wasn’t too bad?” He smiled as he let go and rubbed the back of his neck. “Not at all to be honest it was pretty quiet.” Just then Mia jumped onto his back. “No it wasn’t! He was brooding all the way here!” Marcus sighed and smiled. “Mia why don’t you go with your mother into town you’re brother and me have something to talk about.” Mia nodded and walked with Leah down the old path towards Pelican town. “I take it you still want to talk to me about the farm?” Grant said as he folded his arms. “Yes. My offer still stands.” He said as he pushed up his glasses again. “I don’t know dad I’ve had a lot on my mind since you made that offer the first time. I just don’t know if farming is the life for me.” Marcus nodded then patted him on the shoulder.

    “Tell you what how about we make a deal I know your sister enjoys this life. I want you and you’re sister to run the farm for the next three years. You’re mother and me are going to take time off from the farm and relax at the cottage near the lake. After three years if you don’t like the work you can go and do what you want and I’ll leave the farm in Mia’s name.” Grant thought for a moment then smiled. “Alright dad that sounds good and that will give me time to think on what I want to do. Besides you and mom need some time off.” Marcus laughed. “Now now son we’ll still be helping you and you’re sister on the farm just not as much. To be honest you’re old man here isn’t a spring chicken anymore.” Grant laughed yet he never though he would hear the day that his dad couldn’t keep up with the job. “Yeah you can say that again. With all that gray showing in your hair dad you remind me of Mister George before he passed away.” Marcus laughed. “Ah I miss that old man but I have the advantage I’m not in a wheelchair.” Grant grinned “Yet is the key word dad.” They started to walk down the path heading towards town catching up on things yet there was truth in what Marcus said. He was getting older and it was getting harder for him and Leah to run the farm but in the meanwhile Mia was talking to Leah. “So mom how has the farm been doing?” Leah laughed “You’re just like your father always thinking of the farm. Its fine dear. But tell me did you meet any cute boys while you were at school?” Mia blushed as she was never one to really talk to boys. “Not really I was always thinking of home or working with the gardening club.” Leah giggled a bit and smiled. “Well I’m sure you’ll meet that special someone like I did with your father one day.” Mia placed her hands behind her head and looked up for a moment. “I don’t know mom I mean I’m still young and I really want to take my time on things like these.” Leah nodded as they made it to the saloon and waited outside as Marcus and Grant came walking up. Grant of course looked like his father through and through an exact clone save he was a bit taller and more robust with a black shirt and leather jacket. “Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s head inside” Marcus said as they opened the door.

    “Surprise!” The whole town was in there. Gus was there older now with grey hair, Marine and Lewis to we’re there Old and gray as well but still kicking though Lewis wasn’t Mayor anymore. Robin and Demetrius weren’t there rumor was they had retired and went off to explore the valley and it’s rumored hidden secret’s. Sadly Grandma Evelyn and George had passed away yet they will always be remembered. It seemed Marcus and Leah’s generation had taken over. Sebastian and Abigail had taken over the general store, Alex and Haley moved into Evelyn George’s house. Alex had become a miner for the town brining it ores and such making a decent living using those muscles of his while Haley made a career as a professional photographer. Elliot and Mary we’re now in charge of the library with Elliot taken care of the library part while Mary took care of the museum. Clint had retired from being a blacksmith and moved in with Emily taking up some of her hobbies such as arts and crafts.

    Maru and Harvey had made a successful business expanding the clinic into a high tech clinic and we’re now getting patients from as far off as Zuzu city. Meanwhile Shane and Lucy had taken over the ranch that Marnie had keeping the livestock going and raising prize winning chickens. Sam and Penny of course built a school where the old Jojamart use to stand teaching music and academics it was quiet impressive.

    As everyone chatted and caught up on things Grant was leaning on the counter when Vincent walked up and patted him on the back. “Hey cousin long time no see.” Grant smirked. “Vinny how ya been.” Vincent laughed. “Pretty good I took over the carpenter business when Robin retired.” Grant raised an eyebrow. “Really? I didn’t know you we’re in carpentry.” Vincent nodded. “Yeah well after you and Mia left for school I apprenticed under Robin and become a professional at the job. So when she retired she gave me and Jas the house since I built them a nice little cabin near their old place.” Grant was shocked. “You and Jas?” Apparently Grant wasn’t up to date on the past events. “Yeah Jas and me got married last year as a matter of fact I’m going to be a father soon.” Mia over heard and jumped on Vincent’s back. “Cousin Vinny are you telling me you’re having a baby!” Vincent laughed and nodded. Seeing that nod Mia did that ear piercing awe as she always loved kids wanting her own one day. Grant started to walk away leaving Mia and Vincent to talk when he bumped into someone. “Hey watch it!” This rude voice said as she pushed him. A brown haired girl with blue eyes stared at him dressed in torn blue jeans and a black shirt her hair tied up in a ponytail. “Pardon me! Why don’t you watch where you’re going! Eh Karen!” She smirked as she playfully pushed him before putting her arm around him messing up his hair. “Well at least you built yourself up some since the last time we saw each other. Finally got some muscle huh.” He couldn’t help but laugh as she joined in.

    Of course Karen was the daughter of Alex and Haley taking on her father’s passion for sports. “So how long are staying this time?” she asked as she handed him a drink. “Three years at least Pop’s made a deal with me so I might as well stay around say the least get my mind set on what I really want to do.” Karen nodded and smiled. “Well sounds like we can catch up on some baseball then.” Grant nodded before she lightly punched him in the arm. “See you around though I’ve gotta go home and get some sleep.” With that she walked off.

    Mia of course had finished talking with Vinny and was walking around when she felt someone tapping her shoulder. She turned around and looked up. “Holy smokes! Johnny! That cannot be you.” The man who stood at least six feet with blue hair and a beard smiled as he looked down. “What?” Mia laughed as she jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck. “I missed you!” she said as she let go though as forward as she was Johnny blushed. He of course was the son of Clint and Emily and had taken on the family business as a blacksmith but unlike his father he had a passion for it.

    While Mia and Johnny caught up on things such as the latest smelting technics and new farming technologies Grant could only smile seeing his sister seem to be really happy being home. He knew that she wasn’t happy at school after all they we’re twins. Leaning on the wall with his arms folded he couldn’t help but actually produce a real smile. Something that was rare for him at least for the past two years.

    Just as he was about to actually let himself go he sighed and waved as he started for the door. “Grant already heading home?” A familiar voice said as he turned around. There stood a young woman with blackish blue hair a light tan dressed in a purple vest with a light blue skirt a black t-shirt she had a light blue bow with a smile that said she enjoyed adventure. “Sadly yes I’m a bit tired from the journey home Sarah.” She smiled as she walked up to him wrapping her arm around his.

    Sarah if you guessed is the daughter of Sebastian and Abigail and much like her mother as it would seem adventurous yet she knew her way around computers and programs. Together they walked out and started for the farm.

    “You know we’ve all missed you and Mia just hasn’t felt the same since you two left.” Grant sighed. “I didn’t think you guys missed us that much.” She smiled as she gripped her arms tighter around his. “Well I can’t speak for all of us but I missed you the most.” He looked down and sighed. “Still I don’t even know if I’m staying for good.” She frowned then looked up at the stars. “How long are you planning at least?” he looked up with her. “Dad made a deal with me to stay for at least three years. He and mom need a little break and I thought it might be good to at least give the farm one last shot and time to think on what I want to do. Also I can help Mia settle in and get things setup for her.”

    Sarah smiled at hearing those words. “You’ve always been one to look out for others. At least we’ll have you for a while.” They finally made it to the farm and she let go of his arm before kissing him on the check. “Make sure to stop by and visit the others will ya.” And with that she started to walk off back towards town.

    Shaking his head he went inside and flopped on his old bed. Time went by before Mia, Marcus, and Leah made it home. “A lot is going to happen these next three years. I just know it.” Mia said to herself as she settled in for the night.

    It would seem a new story had started for Stardew Valley and Pelican town but now the question remained how would this one turn out?

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      That is heartwarming and full of emotions, it did start with both harmony of new gen and bit sorrow of the past.
      Also, I know this is going to be a tough job envisioning the future, keep it going!
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        So in chapter 2 :The gang we get to meet the kids of Stardew valley that grew up together as it would seem.

        The next morning was rather interesting as Grant had barely gotten any sleep being use to the sounds of cars and city noise the peace and quiet of the valley was something that he would need to adjust let alone his wake up call. "Granty ! Grant ! WAKE UP !!!" The loud squeaky voice said whacking him with a pillow. "Come on sleepy bones ! We gotta meet up with the gang!" Mia said as she bounced off his bed standing in the door way Dressed in light blue sneakers with Yellow knee highs and short jeans with her favorite long sleeve white shirt with a black spaghetti strap shirt over it. Of course her look could not be complete without Marcus's old baseball cap. Yet everyone knew that it was Mia just by that hat and the fact she had shoulder high hair. "For the love of yoba..You have way to much energy." Grant said as he ran his hand through his hair yawning. "Look just go on ahead of me.." He said as he got up. Mia grinned sticking her tongue out before bolting out the door just as Marcus was coming in. "Morning dad ! Can't stay and chat ! The gang is waiting on me !" Marcus just spun around before stopping and shaking his head. "Goodness me that girl hasn't lost a step." he said as he walked over to the kitchen where Leah was.

        They hadn't officially moved everything out yet and they also wanted to spend sometime with their kids. Finally dressed in blue jeans with light brown work boots and a white button shirt with a brown leather belt Grant came walking out seemingly half asleep as he slowly made his way over to the kitchen. Leah laughed as she handed him a cup of coffee. He was much like his mother needing that boost of coffee everyday. "Good morning sleepy head it would seem Mia got you up just like she always has huh ?" Leah said as Grant nodded taking a sip from his cup. "Never fails. She even did that at school." he said as he leaned on the kitchen counter. "So are you going to meet up with the rest today?" Grant nodded. "Yeah I want to catch up with the guys while I got settled in." He said as he finished his cup.

        "Well don't stay out to long I'm making that dish you both love for dinner." Grant smiled at her. "You mean that baked largemouth bass that aunt Jodi taught you?" Leah nodded before sending him off.

        Out the door and heading towards the forest lake the normal hang out for all the kids back in the day he paused a few times having flash backs to when he was a kid playing with everyone else. "Things haven't changed at all it would seem." he said to himself before finally walking up to the spot. It was a few logs set around a fire pit right near the lake. There stood Karen, Johnny, Sarah, and the rest.

        A guy with glasses thick as bottle cap's and a haircut that resembled Harvey came walking up his skin color a little darker yet seeing past his glasses he had his mothers eyes this was Lance the son of Maru and of course as you guessed Harvey. "G-grant g-good to s-see you a-again" he said with a smile as he offered a handshake. Shaking his hand Grant smiled. "Good to see you Lance I missed ya." Lance smiled as Mia jumped on Lances back. "Awe wittle Lance your still cute as ever !" Mia said making him blush. "I-i'm n-not cute" He said as he squirmed trying to get Mia off his back.

        Grant only laughed before feeling the full brunt force of a smack to the back of his head forcing him to look down. "Laughing is not considered polite when its at the others expense !" A rather demanding voice said as a blonde haired woman with curled hair and red framed glasses stood beside him grinning. "G-gah for crying out loud Rebecca that hurt !" Her eye twitched hearing Grant say that forcing her to kick him in the gut. Going down hard on his back the others laughed it wasn't really that hard Rebecca wasn't one to hurt people like that. "Grant I've told you time and time again ! If you would learn from your mistakes I wouldn't have to punish you!" She said before bursting into laughter. She was the daughter of Sam and Penny and as it was she a master in marital arts and teaching though she only used both on Grant when it was called for. Rumor had it she had a secret crush on him when they we're younger and for all we know she might still.

        While laughing a slow clap was heard as someone dressed in rather expensive clothing came walking up. "Well well it would seem the simpletons haven't changed at all. Woe's me to be affiliated with such animals. Yet here I stand despite such tragedy happy as can be." Johnny grinned before walking up and slapping the guy on the back. "About time Frances ! I was worried that you forgot the whole thing." Frances smiled and laughed. "Twas not to worry for I remembered for I have to stay in character for the show is tonight and I must go to please the for..for..Oh yoba I lose character. Thanks I hope your happy." he said as he folded his arms. "Ah you're greatest performance yet ! Forgetting!" Grant said with a snicker. "Indeed it would seem your sarcasm has yet died Grant but it is good to see you."

        It seemed that everyone was here yet one person was missing. Mia looked around. "Where's Dia ?" She said. Johnny folded his arms. "She'll be here she's probably finishing up her chores." They all nodded before sitting down and talking. Half past noon had come and they we're all laughing and talking about old crushes and things that had happened most of them had gone to the city for sometime but most of all they we're talking about the future.

        Suddenly running up in blue overalls and a straw hat a piece yelled a familiar voice. "I'm sorry I'm late!" She said before tripping and landing right into Grants chest forcing off the log and onto the ground. "Oof !" they both said before Grant looked down and Dia looked up. Quickly she jumped off of him sitting on her knee's she was bright red and drawing imaginary circles on the ground. "I'm sorry Grant I-i didn't mean to run into you like that I mean you look really cute Doh I mean you're really h-hot. Oh get it together Dia I mean I missed you and I'm glad to see you home !" Flustered she got up and slowly walked behind Mia hiding her embarrassment she always got flabbergasted when she was nervous and saying what she thought Grant just shook his head while he got up and dusted himself off.

        Dia of course had black hair and wore round glasses along with her little farmers outfit. She was the daughter of Shane and Lucy and sadly was quiet a klutz but she was always welcomed in their little group sharing laughs and despite sometimes speaking what she thought always told good stories.

        So the whole gang was back together the trouble makers of Pelican town as it would seem all grown up now. "So you gotta tell us are you two staying for good ?" Dia asked Grant and Mia. "Ah yes do tell are we to be graced by you two for quiet awhile ?" Of course Frances said. Rebecca grinned as she eyed Grant. Grant of course shuddered as if he had a chill when Rebecca looked at him it was like he had a sixth sense with her. Then again as kids she was always pushing him and hitting him gently despite she seemed to be a bully Mia told Grant that it was just her way of saying she liked him. Mia smiled as she rocked back and forth. "Well I'm staying but mister I don't know over there doesn't know it he is or isn't !" Grant snorted at Mia as if she was making fun of the tough time he was having trying to find out what he wanted in life.

        Dia looked down pushing her index fingers together. "Oh..W-well I'd like it if you stayed here with us Grant." Grant looked down and sighed he had missed everyone and he wanted to say yes I'm staying and never leaving but deep down still he wasn't sure what he wanted. Frances sat beside Grant. "Well you've got plenty of time as I heard you made a deal with your father on running the farm. At least for three years such an odd number tho." Grant laughed before looking up. "Dad picked that number cause it was after three years he was visited by Great grandpa. I guess it's his way of giving me the time I need to think and also earn enough money to move if I am leaving."

        Sarah looked down. "You know money isn't everything. But then again the prospect of going somewhere new seems interesting to me of course." She was much like her mother wanting to go on adventures and explore the unknown.

        So as time went by they all talked about plans and ideas from moving to meeting new goals Johnny of course was aiming to be a master blacksmith where Frances wanted to be star actor. Dia was being groomed to take over the ranch while Rebecca was already following her dream of being one of the teachers at the school in town. Lance had talked about becoming a world class inventor despite his father pushing him to go to medical school. Karen already knew what she wanted in life and that was to become a world class athlete a feat which she was going to face head on. Sarah didn't know exactly what she wanted to do she thought she might just take over the general store or leave town heading on the next adventure.

        So we came to the end of the day the group broke up and headed home as Mia and Grant started walking for home. "Grant can I ask you something and I'm being serious this time." Mia said as she looked down at the ground. "If you do go can I come with you?" Grant stopped for a moment and looked at her. "Sis. If I go who will take care of the farm? I mean yeah it would be great but I can't take you away from what you really love doing." Mia forced a smile as she looked down hiding a tear rolling down her cheek.

        "Y-you know you're the best brother in the world." she said as she looked up at him before grabbing his hand. "Come on lazy bones ! Mom probably has dinner ready !" Grant smiled as he ran with her towards home.

        The first day had come and gone for our little group but something didn't seem right say the least and as it would seem Grant and Mia would face their next challenge soon.

        So I'm trying out a new way of posting chapters since when I was doing the chapters in Memories forgotten on the original post it was interesting posting all the chapters on well one post through spoilers . But I'd like you're guy's opinion though go post by post or do the same thing I did in Memories forgotten ?
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          Got to be the introduction to the new gen's children here. Interested to see them inherit certain traits and personalities from their parents. And again, Nice story!
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            So our new chapter is up I've been trying to find a way to draw Grant and Mia but well I have no talent in art but to think seeing them besides their description would be neat but ! That would take away from the story as I'm sure some of you have your own ways of seeing them. Anyway in this chapter we get to see our twins getting adjusted to farm life again among other things.

            A few days went by as everyone adjusted and officially moved in Marcus and Leah and finally finished moving out of their old farm house and into their cottage that Leah once lived in smiling as they looked at Mia and Grant. "Well kids this is it. Starting today you two are in charge of the farm remember you have three years to prove to me your ready to take over this farm." Marcus said as Leah wiped a tear away. "I know you both will do fine. But remember we're not far away if you need to talk or ask for advice." Leah said as she smiled at both of them. "Mom, Dad I going to do my best." Mia said as she jumped down from the deck hugging her parents. His hands in his pockets Marcus nodded. "Alright I'm sure we'll do fine don't worry." He said as Marcus and Leah smiled and nodded. "I know son you've always put you're heart into everything you do." with Marcus's last words they began to walk off towards the southern forest path. It felt different this time for some odd reason not like the many times they would leave to go to school it was if this was really a goodbye to their parents.

            Mia walked back up and looked up at her brother. "Well what are we waiting for there's fields to be hoed, fences to be repaired, among other things." she said with a big grin. Turning her fathers old baseball cap around so it was backwards she back flipped off the deck. "Come on lazy bones lets go grab the tools out of the shed. Grant nodded as he walked down before stopping and looking at the farm. Thinking to himself that his parents had let the place go a bit but then again him and Mia weren't there to help especially after Marcus injured his back after a nasty fall trying to repair a leak on the barn. Grant felt a little guilty about that since he and Mia were off at school when it happened.

            Now at the shed they both walked in the place was covered in dust and cobwebs as Grant grabbed an axe and pickax, Mia grabbed a hoe and scythe as she looked over at her brother. "Looks like we're starting off just like dad did when he first came here huh?" Grant nodded. "Yeah seems like it I wonder how this place looked back then when he got here." The pure thought of seeing how the farm was back down sent chills down his back.

            Both walking out they started heading to the fields cutting down trees removing stones and cutting away weeds we're today's chores. It was hard work but honest work at least. It was mid afternoon when they stopped to take a break. Walking over to the far end of the west field they stumbled upon the remains of the chicken coop and barn. "It was a sad day when these came down. Remember ? The big storm that hit I had never seen so much damage in the area." Grant said as Mia nodded. "It must of been luck that dad had donated the cows and chickens to the farming school in the next town. I wonder why he and mom never replaced the buildings ?" she said as they took a seat under a familiar oak tree.

            "You know Johnny looks really good remember how short and shy he was when we were younger ?" Mia said as she leaned against the tree. "Yeah I'm kinda happy to see Dia hasn't changed much. Though she has well. Uh err." Mia grinned "Cute she's gotten ?" She said as she playfully shoved him. "So much has changed though the town has changed so its like we're starting in a whole new town." She said as she leaned into her brothers shoulder. Grant had never thought of it that way. "You know its odd for you to say that but I never thought of it that way."

            Shaking his head he looked to his side and saw his sister out cold. "Oh come on ! and she calls me lazy !" He said as he poked her cheek making her wake up. "Come on lazy bones ! There's still more work to do !" He said grinning for once he had the upper hand. She yawned and nodded as she got up with him. "Right ! " and back to work they went

            It was later afternoon now and working together they had finished the western field and it was time to set the fences and till the land for growing crops. Dia and Lance were walking up Dia of course carrying a pot in her hands as she smiled while Lance had a bottle of something in his hand. "M-Mia ! G-Grant ! I s-see you've finished t-the crop field" Lance said as he sat down on the deck. Grant smiled as they walked up sitting down at the deck with him Dia of course was looking down hiding her face under he straw hat. "I made some stew for you guys I thought it might be nice to have a hot meal for your first day of work." she said trying to hide her blushing as Mia smiled. "Right I'll go grab some bowls and glasses this calls for celebration!" Leave it to Mia being so innocent and upbeat even during down times she always tried to smile and keep things positive. Nodding at her the rest of them looked out at the field as Dia leaned up against the deck near Grant. "Grant are are you going to think about rebuilding the barn and chicken coop ? Because I I'd like to see animals back here again." she said as she folded her arms looking out towards the place where the barns had once stood. "I-I'd like to s-see that too. I-it always m-made M-Mia happy w-when the cows w-were here" Lance said as he unscrewed the cap on the bottle. "I'm back bowls and glasses in hand !"

            Dinner time it seemed as Dia poured the stew into the bowls and Grant poured the drinks. they all sat on the deck looking around the farm. Taking a bit Grant smiled "Wow this Stew is awesome !" he said as Dia blushed more she turned away for a second as her eyes lit up like starts thinking to herself. 'Yes ! Step one to winning a mans heart is through his stomach ! Best of all he likes it ! Oh Dia you'll have him soon enough !" she thought as she turned back towards them taking a sip from her glass. She started coughing after taking that drink and looked at Lance. "Lance what is this stuff !" she said as she tried to catch her breath but before he could answer Mia and Grant had taken a gulp. "Hmm corn whiskey and really strong whiskey at that." Grant said as Mia's face turned bright red as she fell over out cold. "O-oh I-I forgot M-Mia can't hold h-her liquor" Lance said before the three of them started laughing. "I will say this is good stuff Lance." Lance smiled he always enjoyed hearing compliments on stuff he did.

            As the evening went by Mia was fast asleep on the deck as Dia, Lance, and Grant finished talking about things of course the stew and corn whiskey was gone and Lance had now left ahead of Dia. "G-Grant. Can you walk me home ? I don't like walking through the southern forest by myself at night." Dia asked. "Yeah sure let me just take Mia inside and will go." Picking her up he walked inside of the house putting her to bed he came back out with his leather coat on.

            Together they walked down the southern path as Dia rubbed her arms. "Kinda chilly for spring isn't it?" she said. "Yeah here I don't want you catching a cold." he said as he took his jacket off and handed it to her. "T-thanks" she said putting it on. It was odd walking down the old path it brought up memories of when they we're kids and use to go on expeditions at night to find junimo's that Marcus use to talk about in stories. Grant smiled as he looked over at Dia. "Think we'll find some junimos ?" he said as he rested his arms behind his neck. Dia giggled. "I don't know maybe we will ? Like in the stories uncle Marcus use to tell ?" they both laughed as they finally made it to the ranch. Dia bowed thanking Grant for walking her home and offered to give his coat back. "Keep it I'm sure you'll have more use for it than I will." He said. She smiled and waved goodbye as he walked back home.

            "Oh my god ! He gave me his coat !" she said as she ran inside smiling as she jumped onto her bed. It was cute to see she still had her crush on him and if anything it had only grown stronger.

            On his way back Grant smiled. "Dia has really changed and in a good way." he said to himself before blushing. Suddenly something moved in front of him and squeaked he stopped and looked down as a slight glow grew brighter. "Is that !" it squeaked again a blue colored small creature stood before home. "No way ! Are you a-a junimo ?" it nodded and pointed at him linking it's self to him. "I am a junimo We are here to help ! Choose wisely on what you do and think of those around you." it said before it vanished.

            "Choose wisely ?" he said to himself before realizing something. "Holy Yoba ! I can't wait to tell Mia !" he started to run before he stopped at the southern gate he turned back and had a flash back. Two children appeared in front of him one was looking down crying as the other one bent over. "Awe come on Dia I got the bug out of you're hair you're okay now." the boy said as the little girl looked up and grabbed onto him burring her face into his chest. "I-I know" she slowly stopped sniffling and looked up at him. "Grant ! Will you always protect me?" The little boy smiled and nodded. "Always !" The little girl blushed at what he said and before she could answer the two kids vanished into then air. "I-I remember" he said as he turned back and opened the gate heading back towards the house.

            So what I'm going to try to do is update every other day or every two or three days depending on whats going on but I am not going to let this story go on long pauses like what happened in Memories forgotten. As that was not fair to reader's and I apologize for it.

            And thanks Pudassassin I hope to mix in the new group rather well its been interesting trying to write a completely new story with characters that have been blended along with new traits based on life events for this generation.

            Also I almost forgot if you're a fan of the story and want to show off your art skills by all means I'd like to see what you could come up with for the new generation through their descriptions.
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              Right..., now it's time for children to do some farming. Through I would have to reread the previous chapter to figure out who is who. And yep, nice one!
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                So in this chapter some of us or many of us have gone through things like this. Mia and Grant as we know are brother and sister and oddly enough they don't fight a lot yet sometimes in a rare blue moon out over the ocean when the gulls and the.... *Several hours later* and my pappy always said fishing is a great..Ahem anyway enjoy.

                As the days went by Mia and Grant got the farm back in shape and had just finished sowing the first of the crops. True it was hard work and they both forgot just how hard it was. Grant was laying in the shade of the old oak tree panting and wheezing.

                Mia walked over and looked over him. "Bro ? Are you still alive?" She said as she crouched down poking his side with a twig. "I'm still alive." he groaned as he tried to move but his muscles were so sore it wasn't funny.

                "I guess you let yourself go while we were in Zuzu city huh?" She said grinning as she continued to poke him. "Quit it ! and yes ! I might of let myself go a bit while you were off with your farming club and gym I was busy with school work and other things." Mia pouted as she stopped and sat beside him.

                "You mean Elizabeth ?" she asked as she brought her knees to her chest. "Yeah." he said rather coldly. It was something Grant didn't like to talk about and only Mia knew what had happened with him and Elizabeth this mystery girl from Zuzu city.

                As the soft warm breeze blew among the sea of grass in the west field Mia thought it might be good to talk with her brother. "So have you been thinking about the future ? Like settling down and starting a family ? Or are you still trying to figure out what you want out of life?" Grant sat up and bent over looking down at the ground. "To be honest sis I want to settle down and start a family you know have that life mom and dad had when they we're young raising us. You know I remember the laughs and fun we always had. Well before we left for the city to continue our education since miss Penny suggested we would do better during our last years of high school in town. Then we got into college." Mia nodded as she looked up at the oak tree. "Yeah I was planning to come back right after high school but then well we both got accepted into the same college and dad urged us to go so we could have a better chance at life."

                They both sighed as they looked at each other Grant had a bachelors degree in agriculture with a minor in forestry where Mia had a bachelors in animal husbandry with a minor in ranch management.

                It would seem they wanted to continue in their farming lives or a career related to farming. "I'm happy that dad did urge us to do it tho. I mean I learned a lot about taking care of animals and learning how to manage a ranch." Mia said as she looked over at what was left of the barn and coop. "Yeah it was fun learning about agriculture and forestry I thought it might help mom and dad out more with the farm. Well before all this happened."

                What did he mean by all this happened ? Mia thought but she didn't want to push the issue at least for now. "Well lets not fail mom and dad and put what we learned to use." she said as she got up and grinned. "Right ! " Grant said as he jumped up before hunching over holding his back.

                "Ow ow ow. Sis can I ask a favor ?" Mia nodded. "I'll go into town and get some medicine from uncle Harvey's clinic." Grant nodded and smiled as he slowly walked over towards the house "Be careful sis."

                Walking down the path towards town Mia sighed. "He still hasn't let that injury fully recover. Stubborn like dad." she said when Sarah came falling out of the tree. "What injury?" she said as she scared the living daylights out of her. "EEK!" Mia screamed before falling down onto the ground. "Sarah ! That isn't funny one of these days I might just do the same thing to you !" she said as she got up. Sarah only giggled as she helped dust Mia off. "You never answered my question ? What injury?"

                Mia sighed as they walked together towards town. "It was back during our first semester in college. Grant and me were walking back to our apartment and it was raining that day. We had actually had a really good day and were going to celebrate acing our test when a car lost control heading right for us. Grant pushed me out of the way then jumped trying to get out of the way." Mia looked down for the first time she was seriously frowning. Sarah was in shock she had never seen Mia frown like that. "The car i-it hit him his back smashed into the windshield then he rolled off the car onto the ground. To be honest I didn't think he would recover. Mom and dad we're freaking out." Sarah stopped for a second and looked at her again. "That would explain why they left so fast that one week." no one in the gang had been told what had happened that week so it was news to her. "Yeah. But we know how Grant is always stubborn it took him a few months but he was back to his old self. Still from time to time his back acts up because he never let himself fully recover." she said sighing as she rubbed the temple of her forehead. "He is tough isn't he ?" Sarah said as she looked back towards the path heading to the farm. Mia nodded but then grabbed Sarah's wrist. "Please don't tell anyone else about this. Grant doesn't want anyone worrying over him."

                Sarah nodded and smiled. "Come on we're sisters and we always have our little secrets." Mia smiled as she and Sarah we're very close. Sarah then smiled and waved to Mia as she started to walk off. "Give Grant my best !" she called out as she walked off towards the mountains.

                Her thoughts started to turn back on Grant as she walked through the mountain pass heading for Vincent and Jas's place. "Grant I swear you never change but it seems you've become more bold in taking risks." she said to herself as she blushed a bit. "I never thought I would see him playing the hero like that."

                Meanwhile back at the clinic Lance was there working on test samples. "T-these samples are a-always boring!" he said just as Mia walked up to him scaring him. "AH !" he said as he dropped the sample. "Oh no! M-mom and d-dad are going to k-kill me." Maru came walking out her hair pulled into a pony tail dressed in a white lab coat with a light blue skirt and white button long sleeve shirt. "What happened here !" Lance sighed as he looked up at her. "I-I'm sorry m-mom I d-dropped t-the sample." Maru smiled then patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it we'll just get another sample." Maru then turned and looked at Mia. "Well well haven't we grown up into a young lady." She said with a smile as Mia grinned running over hugging Maru. "Aunty Maru ! You haven't changed at all !" Maru and Mia started chatting as lance sighed. "Once again I've become a ghost" he thought to himself as he walked towards the back room.

                "And then Grant and me.. Oh thats right ! I'm sorry aunty I need to get some medicine for back pain." Maru nodded as she got up. "I take it his back is acting up again ?" Mia nodded. "Well have him come in sometime this week so we can check him out I know Harvey might be able to find something that those city doctors can't." she said as she handed Mia a box. "I will aunty ! and tell uncle Harvey I said hi !"

                Maru smiled as she waved goodbye seeing Mia run out the door. "You know you don't always have to act like a ghost Lance." Maru said as she leaned up against the wall knowing he was there. Lance looked down. "I k-know" he said.

                Finally back home Mia handed Grant the box and told him what was going on at the clinic. "Oh and aunty wants you to come in and see uncle Harvey." Grant sighed. "Alright I might as well go in after tomorrow." Grant knew that Harvey always pressed the issues of having a yearly check up and he really didn't want to keep dodging it.

                Mia looked out the window while sitting at the kitchen table. "Grant you're always playing the tough guy you know. Ever think about letting others help ?" she said. Grant was shocked. "What brought this up ?" Mia then looked at him. "Because you can't keep doing everything by yourself ! One of these days you'll push yourself to hard and that will be it !" she yelled. Of course Mia had her fathers temper and more so when Grant hurt himself. Grant now started to get angry something he rarely let happen. "I have to push myself ! It's not like I have a choice ! I have to keep on proving myself ! I don't get to enjoy being care free like you ! I have responsibilities !" he said slamming his fist into the table.

                Despite always seeming like they never fought they would fight over things like this where one didn't agree with the others actions. Mia's hands started to shake with how made she was !

                "Fine ! you know what ! Fine !" she said as she grabbed her scarf. "I'm going over to mom and dads ! you can just stay here and keep on being stupid !" with that she slammed the door as Grant lost his cool before losing his step and falling down onto the floor knocking a few chairs over.

                Mia had ran all the way to where Marcus and Leah we're now staying and walked in. "Mia ! This is surprise sweetie where your brother ?" Leah said as Mia just broke down into tears. "Mom ! W-we had a fight. Grants back was acting up and we got into it again !" Leah only shook her head and smiled as she gave her a hug. "I swear you two always try to look out for each other when it comes to things like this and always end up fighting." she said as she smiled looking down at Mia. "But that is a good thing at least for you two that shows just how much both of you care for each other." Mia nodded listening to her mother. "I know but he doesn't have to be so stubborn like dad !" A sneeze was heard from the bedroom as Marcus popped his head out from the door. "Did someone call for me ?" Leah shook her head. "No dear just having some mother daughter time." Marcus nodded and went back into the bedroom.

                Meanwhile back at the farm Grant just laid on the floor he couldn't move much as he sighed. "Always got be pig headed huh Grant. Always have to be stupid !" he said to himself when he heard a knock at the door. "Come in!" grant shouted as Sarah walked in. "Hey Gra.. Oh my god are you alright !" she said as she ran over and knelt beside him. "Oh yeah I just wanted to see what the ceiling would look like from down here." Sarah laughed a bit she always loved his sarcasm. "I see." she then laid down beside him and looked up. "Seems very interesting." Grant only laughed as they talked for a bit he told her what Mia had already told her.

                "Mia sweetheart this is only but one of the many tests you and Grant are going to have to face as farmers. Your father and me both had to face the same amount of tests and it's not going to get any easier from this point." Leah said as Mia nodded. "Your right mom. I need to go home and apologize to Grant."

                Saying goodbye to her mom and dad Mia started for home. This was the first test for the twins being on their own officially and sadly it would seem they would be tested more with each passing day perhaps as Leah had told Mia. Only time would truly tell how they would do.

                So we're not into the 5th chapter yet and I've already been asked a few questions here which actually have made a few good points and I'm sure some of you have also.

                1. Lanx it seems like your rushing the romance for grant already. Answer: No not really you have to remember these guys grew up together of course there are crushes on some for the Twins but others have for their eyes for someone else.

                2. Lanx why are mostly focused on Grant ? why not Mia ? Answer: Actually I'm doing half and half and since this is only chapter 4 we really havent even broken the surface of the story.

                So thanks guys for the questions if you have more feel free to post on here or pm me like you normally do. If they're really good questions like the two above I'll post them here so others who have the same question can get the same answer.
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                  What's up with Lance? I did laugh a bit about his accident with the samples. (the same that what was happened with his mother, lol)
                  ...and about twin siblings, they will be a bit of fight happens, but that will ended up bond them tighter and closer as always.
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                    A good question and also a good answer as being siblings there will always be some spats and as for lance well we might see what happened to him perhaps in todays chapter. Now that we've meet the new gerneration it's time for us to bond with them.

                    While Grant was letting his back go on Sarah looked out the window a scar could be seen under her left arm. Grant looked at it then looked up at her. "Sarah. I know you know what exactly happened to Lance and why he is the way he is. What did happen ?" Sarah paused and looked down at him her smile changed to a frown when Mia slammed the door open. "Grant I'm...What on earth happened here !" She said as she ran over and knelled down beside Grant shaking her head as Sarah paused for a moment.

                    "I'm alright Sarah just decked me and is now enjoying her victory." he said jokingly as Mia looked over at her. "Good you needed it for being a jerk. Anyway I wanted to apologize to you." "Yeah yeah I'm sorry to sis." Sarah started to laugh before going back to what Grant had asked. "So I guess you both really want to know what happened huh ?"

                    Mia was confused at first when Sarah said that but just sat there. "Well it started when we were kids just as summer break started after we had finished grade school." Mia smiled. "Oh yeah we had that party to celebrate and get ready for middle school." Sarah nodded.

                    "Well you remember how Lance was always wanting to see what was out there and find something that he could look into improving like aunt Maru." Grant sat up his back was felling better now. "Yeah I remember he was always getting into trouble trying to better the town like the time he tried to automate egg collecting at Shane's ranch and instead it ended up breaking more eggs then it did at collecting." Sarah laughed with Mia when he reminded them of that episode.

                    "Anyway back to what happened. That day Lance had asked me to come help him in the mines. Of course mom and you're dad had made the mines safe so I didn't see the harm in it. Lance was talking about making some kind of automatic robotic miner to double ore output or something like that. So we got to the mines and entered slowly making our way down the mine. I don't know why Lance wanted to go deeper maybe to see what was down there of course I enjoyed it getting to explore the place."

                    Grant put his hand up for a second. "Wait a second you and Lance went down into the mines and didn't bother to bring us!" Sarah giggled "Well you were to busy at the beach goofing off with the others." Grant nodded. "Good point."

                    "So as we went deeper it got darker and darker but we didn't think to bring flashlights or something and well Lance took a wrong step and slipped falling down a hole. I could hear him screaming as he slid and I couldn't see. It had to of been an hour or two before I finally found him and we worked our way back up. But well do you remember Maurice ?"

                    Mia shuddered. "Yeah that big bully wasn't his dad the Jojamart manager or something ?" Sarah nodded at Mia. "Well when we had gotten back up he was there with his little gang and started picking on him for screaming like he did when he fell. They kept doing it and doing it as I tried to protect him. It must of been to much for him because after Maurice and the others had finished Lance was so upset he couldn't stop crying and well after that he started distancing himself from us and started stuttering. It was like he lost all self confidence in himself."

                    Grant had his arms folded with his eyes closed as if he was in deep thought. "Poor Lance ! I wish I had known that was what exactly happened. But why now are you telling us?" Sarah sighed. "Because Lance made me promise not to tell you guys and I hate breaking promises but maybe we all can come together and help him."

                    Grant nodded. "Yeah does aunt Maru know or uncle Harvey ?" he asked as he stood up. "No Lance didn't tell them I guess he was scared they would make things worse with Maurice." she said as she looked at them before getting up.

                    "If anyone can help him it's you two. He always looked up to you two like a brother and sister." she said as she walked towards the door.

                    "Anyway you two have a good night and don't forget Friday we still do the get together at the saloon like always." Mia chuckled. "Alright sounds good I miss Friday nights."

                    Sarah waved to them both and left. "Maurice that little punk if I had known he was the reason why Lance is like he is I would of made sure he couldn't talk for a few weeks." Grant said as he looked out the window. "Come on bro. You can't solve things with you're fists even though mister Pierre gave you boxing lessons." Grant nodded at Mia. "Yeah but still we have to do something about Lance and I know this isn't going to be easy."

                    Mia nodded in agreement. "Yeah but how are we going to help him ?" Grant thought long and hard on the matter. "What we need to do is get his confidence back. Some kind of plan maybe have him invent something that will benefit the town. " Mia smiled at the thought. "Lets invite everyone over tomorrow night and brainstorm on what we can do to help him."

                    Grant nodded and smiled. "That's a good idea." With that Mia picked up the phone and called everyone in the gang save Lance. With everyone agreeing to meet Grant went outside and folded his arms leaning on the wall as the moon kissed the fields with its glow as he sighed.

                    "I should of stayed here" he said to himself as Mia walked up beside him her hands behind her back. "What was that ?" She asked. "What was what ?" He said as she snickered. "I heard you say you should of stayed here." Grant sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah I know. I'm still not sure though"

                    She stood beside him and looked out over the fields. "Remember when it was raining that night the moon light was out it looked like fairies we're dancing in the field with each rain drop." Grant lightly laughed. "Yeah I remember. Hey Mia ?" She turned to him. "Yes ?" He placed his arm around her and sighed. "Thanks. You know for being my sister and always trying to watch over me." She smiled as she leaned into her brother. "You're welcome. I have to keep doing it until you get married then it'll be your wife's job and not mine ! I can't wait for that day of freedom" she said jokingly. "Oh well excuse me for being such a burden." he said as he playfully pushed her. "And I can't wait until you get married so I'll have my freedom from watching over you." They sized each other up before breaking out into laughter.

                    Being a sibling seems to have its highs and lows but that's what a family is at least in their eyes and recalling what their parent's taught them on helping others and learning that they have a bigger family than just their blood relatives. Just like their father and mother they saw the town as their family despite maybe new found feelings perhaps for certain people they might have found in their hearts.

                    Also I've gone back to being that evil little person I am with some very interesting plots that will maybe pulls some heart strings or bring some tears to your eyes maybe even stir up some anger or make that one moment a lasting happy moment. Depends on how evil or good I want to be...Who knows... *Sneaks off to his writing desk to plot*
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                      So here is chapter 6. Like some of us we judge before we get the whole story and that can lead us down the wrong paths sometimes.

                      The next morning Grant and Mia we're outside tending to the fields trying to restore them to their former glory. "Grant do you think we can really help Lance ?" she said as she continued to clear out weeds. Grant stopped hoeing the ground and leaned on his hoe looking at her. "I don't know sis. He has to be the one in the end to make the change all we can do is try to help him."

                      Mia nodded as she went back to clearing weeds the sun shinning down on them Mia of course was wearing one of her custom made spring outfits. Blue jeans a sleeveless white t shirt wearing her fathers old baseball cap. She stretched her back for a moment before walking over to the fence sitting on top of it watching her brother.

                      Grant wasn't one for fashion or anything of that sort he just enjoyed wearing a simple button shirt with light blue jeans and his hiking boots. Tho today he had on a straw farm hat that he had found in Marcus's old storage chest in the tool shed.

                      Taking a breath he walked over and stood beside his sister his arms folded as he looked out at the field it was almost cleared and their small batch of parsnips they had planted earlier would hopefully grow soon but it was to early to tell.

                      "I forgot how much work there was in taking care of the farm." Grant said smirking. "Yeah but it's fun and rewarding. I mean doesn't feel good working in the fresh air turning nothing into something?"

                      Grant looked down for a moment he was thinking. "Yeah rewarding in a sore body and little to no pay. But still there is something in it I just can't put my finger on it." he thought to himself.

                      Mia turned to him. "Grant do you remember when the whole field had crops going ? Dad had said that he had perfected a fertilizer that made it so the corps were always the best quality."

                      Grant rose his eyebrow he had forgotten about that in all honesty and that got him thinking more before a voice called out from the main gate that got his attention. Johnny and Francis were walking up to them.

                      "Hey ! We wanted to come by and check on ya!" Johnny said as he and Grant did their little secret handshake they had perfected as a kids. Francis chuckled but then his face turned rather serious. "We wanted to talk to you about Lance." Johnny nodded in agreement with Maurice.

                      "Yeah to be honest he's well gotten more anti social over the years." Johnny had said. "So bad that he mostly keeps himself locked away in his room. He doesn't even come out to the Friday night gathering anymore he only came because we had to force him to come."

                      Grant nodded as Mia sighed. "So how are we going to fix this ?" Johnny and Francis just shrugged. "We've tried just about everything to be honest. I know he enjoys his science stuff but I mean come on there's more to life then sitting in a locked room working on gadgets."

                      A rather harsh but truthful explanation Johnny had said and it seemed worse more than ever now. "Well I know one thing is for sure with you two back we can really work on a plan to help him." Francis said as they all nodded. "Right we'll see you tomorrow." Johnny said as they started to walk off.

                      "I didn't know it was that bad. Why has he become like this ?" Mia ask Grant but he didn't have an answer for her this time.

                      The day went by and Friday had come. The group had gathered at the house and were sitting around the living room. Sarah had told them all what had happened and so now was the time to work out a plan to help. "I say we just confront him on the issue and have an intervention that is the best way to go about it." Rebecca said slapping her hand on the coffee table. "No no if we do that it might make things worse. Maybe we can work with him and slowly get him to come back to being normal." Francis offered.

                      "To bad we can't find Maurice and bring him over here and make fun of him like he did Lance but of course have Lance there for it." Sarah said. "Then that would make us no different." Mia said as she sighed.

                      Well the debate's went on and on till the sun was setting and Lance had started walking up. Seeing the lights on he walked up to the door and was about to knock when he heard them talking.

                      "Anyway we have to do something about Lance."

                      "Right we have to fix him."

                      "I don't want to see him like that anymore."

                      Before he could hear the rest of the conversation that they we're planning to try to help him like the good friends they are he stormed off angry and now bitter.

                      The next day Mia was walking up to the clinic to visit Maru and talk to Lance when she saw him on the path she waved and skipped over. "Lancey ! " she said as she made it to him. His snorted. "D-don't call me t-that !" his voice was rather forceful and angry.

                      "Whats wrong ?" she asked she had never heard him use that kind of tone before.

                      "W-whats wrong ! Y-you all W-want to get rid O-of me !" he said his fist shaking in anger.

                      She paused as she looked at him her eyes wide why was he acting like this. "I-i heard E-everything last night." She realized he had been ease dropping on their little meeting.

                      "Y-You and the O-others are N-not my friends !" he said. Feeling upset she went to hug him and apologize but he put up his hand as she ran into his forcing to fall down onto the group. "L-lance !" she said as she looked up at him. "G-go back to the C-city." he said as he walked off.

                      Fighting back tears she got up and ran off heading towards the beach where hopefully Grant was with Johnny since that was their normal hang out. Now things were worse tears were rolling down her cheeks as she felt a pain in her chest she never wanted to see Lance like that.

                      "Grant !" she yelled as she saw him and buried her face into his chest crying. "Mia ! What's wrong ? what happened ?" Her face still buried in his chest as she gripped his shirt tightly. "Lance H-he found out B-but he took it the wrong way" Grant's eyes widened as he looked at Johnny. Johnny nodded and ran off to get the others.

                      By the time they all had gotten together it had gotten dark. "We looked all around town and we didn't find him." Francis said as Dia held onto her hat. "I hope he's alright !" Maru came running up to them just then a letter in her hand. "Guys ! I just find this letter !" she said as she handed it to Mia while trying to catch her breath. Mia started to read it. "Mom and Dad I'm sorry I've been so useless to you two. As it was made clear last night I am nothing but a burden to everyone and that those that we're my friends are not anymore. I'm going back to the place where this all started to finish it."

                      Maru looked up at them now that she had caught her breath. "What did he mean by that last part !" her voice rather frantic. Sarah's eyes widened as she bolted off towards the mountains. the others followed.

                      This didn't seem well at all as fear entered all their hearts as they all tried to keep up with Sarah who had gotten very far away.

                      There she stood at the entrance of the mine taking a deep breath before she went in. This mine was big and finding Lance was like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

                      Also I want to wish Keychain a happy happy birthday ! Keep up the awesomeness !
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                        So update ! My god I've updated ! So yeah sorry for the little break there school and other things had come and taken over my writing time ! So as a make up to all of you I'm posting this chapter while working and hopefully have the next chapter up later tonight or tomorrow.

                        Darkness surrounded her the only light that could be seen was from the lantern that she had picked up before descending down. The sound of water dropping form the ceiling splashing into little puddles on the floor could be heard as she kept taking step after step the sound of gravel being crushed under her boot \s lightly echoed.

                        This wasn't the mine but a cave network that had been unearthed a few years ago. The mines had been made safe when they had been kids but this network was dangerous and unexplored with twist and turns that could lead you in circles with wet inclines that with one wrong step could send you sliding down.

                        Sarah sighed before taking a deep breath. "LANCE!" she yelled her voice echoed only to be greeted by silence. "Come on Lance where are you." she said to herself as she kept walking deeper it was getting colder now as she went deeper and deeper.

                        Bats could be heard squeaking as they flew around. Most of the dangerous bats had been moved out of this area but still it didn't make her feel any better. She knew she should of waited for the others but there was no time fear was setting in that Lance might do something that would end badly.

                        She took one wrong step and slid down a steep incline splashing into a pool of ice cold water the lantern she was carrying lost. It was dark darker than any dark she could think of. She couldn't see her hands let alone anything else.

                        She slammed her hands into the water before starting to cry. "Why Lance why ! I'm so scared and you left me alone here ! Where are you !" she said as her tears dropped into the little puddle of water.

                        "I didn't mean to leave you alone." a voice said as she turned. "Lance ?" she said her voice sounding confused. "Yeah. I didn't mean to run off I-I just need to find my courage again."

                        He wasn't stuttering like he normally did. "Lance you sound different" she said as she felt around for him. "I know. I started stuttering because I was always scared but..but I had to come back here and prove to everyone I wasn't a coward anymore !"he yelled before the sounds of him crying started to fill in. "Oh Lance we never thought of you as a coward." she said as she finally found his hands and held them. "We all love you and all we want to do it help." Warm tears could be felt on her hands as Lance looked towards where her eyes were. "But you all were talking about doing something to me."

                        Sarah sighed as she pulled him into her holding him tight as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Lance we were trying to find a way to help you find yourself again to be your old self we would never ever do anything to harm you or hurt you in anyway."

                        Well that did it Lance really let the water works go as she joined in with him. It had been a bit now and they had finally finished getting everything out. Sarah sighed "So how are we going to get out of here ?" she said as Lance fell silent. "Lance ?" she said before he responded. "I trying to figure a way to get us out." he said before a lightly glowing light began to show and grow till the whole area glowed. Glow worms had lit up the way Sarah smiled looking at Lance before giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Come on ! I bet these little guys can help us find a way out." she said as she grabbed his hand and they started running of course he was blushing after the kiss.

                        A few hours passed as they walked and walked until they came to a big domed area of the cave system some light was seen shining from the center of the cave leading up to what looked like an opening. "Look sunlight !" Lance said as they ran towards the center of the room. The ray felt good on their skin as they started to survey the area there had been several ways to go and they we're trying to pick which way to go.

                        Suddenly the ground began to shake and Sarah screamed Lance grabbed her arm and ran from the center as the ground began to rise up. A horrible screamed echoed from the center as a giant insect like worm broke out a monstrous sight to be hold. It looked upon them as if wanting to play with its food. Lance stood in front of Sarah shielding her. "If you want a snack ! Here I am !" he said as Sarah's eyes widened ! "No Lance !" Things looked grimmed as Lance turned to Sarah. "Sarah ! I want to say this to you ! I know you've always looked out for me ! and I-I...I like you a lot okay ! I wanted to just say that before the end !" She blushed just before the worm charged.

                        They both closed their eyes only to hear the sound of a loud clang. Grant was standing there holding the worm at bay. "Well just don't stand there head for Mia and the others !" he yelled as he tried to hold his ground. Quickly Lance grabbed Sarah and bolted towards the others. It was now Grant and the worm they stared each other down as Grant slowly walked to the side circling the worm preparing for it to strike.

                        It let out a screech and charged quickly he jumped and placed a well aimed strike on it. It let out a screech and quickly countered swishing its tail around slamming into Grant sending him flying into the dome wall.

                        He was out cold as Mia let out a scream. Just as it was about to go in for the kill a dust cloud formed where it seemed to have struck only to see Marcus there deflecting the attack with his old sword.

                        Mia smiled then cheered seeing her father there. Maru must of told him what had happened and of course Marcus knew the cave system well to a degree.

                        Holding the sword in a backward position and crouching a bit the worm looked down at him. Quickly he charged the worm as it struck the ground where he had been standing. Running up its back with the sword placed he dealt a mortal blow to it as it fell down he landed beside Grant who was waking up.

                        "Well son it seems you need to work on your swordsmanship more." he said as he offered his hand to Grant. "Yeah well you don't get to practice that stuff at school." he said as he started to reach.

                        As if time slowed down the worm quickly rotated using its tail once more Grant and Mia's eyes widened as it struck Marcus harder than it had struck Grant slamming him right into the wall.

                        Marcus wasn't moving at all as Grant looked towards where his father lay. "NO!" he yelled as he grabbed his sword. In a pure fit of rage and anger he struck down the fiend once and for all. Everyone quickly ran over to Marcus.

                        "We got to get him to my mom's !" Lance said as he started to check Marcus's vitals of course Lance had a decent knowledge of medicine since he use to work with his father in the clinic.

                        Fear and panic set in as they carried Marcus to the clinic. There Grant and Mia sat waiting with the gang in the waiting room with Leah things didn't bold well when finally Maru and Harvey came out with news on Marcus.
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                          So believe it or not ! Its a double posting with another chapter ! to make up for the past two or so weeks I've missed :p Also feel free to yell at me and curse my name after reading this chapter. Bwhahaha :devil: but seriously this was a hard chapter to do.

                          Harvey looked down frowning as if holding back tears. "He..He doesn't have much time left." he said his voice cracking as he spoke the words. Leah held back tears as she stood up looking at Grant and Mia.

                          "Lets go children and see your father." she said her voice cracking as she tried to remain calm. Grant got up and helped Mia to her feet as they walked past the door towards the room Marcus was in. Maru couldn't hold back her tears anymore as she started to cry.

                          There he laid in the bed breathing slowly as he looked towards Leah, Grant, and Mia. "There they are. I was starting to think you had forgotten about me." he said in a shallow voice.

                          "Dad ! I'm sorry ! I should of been stronger !" Grant said as he started to cry. Marcus grabbed his arm and pulled him in close giving him a hug. "Son you're stronger than I could of ever been at your age. I don't want you to blame yourself or anyone else for what I choose to do. I choose this and I have no regrets." Grant nodded and accepted what his father said as stood back up tears rolling down his cheeks still.

                          Mia clung to her father as she wept. "Now now my little girl I has lived a long and fulfilling life. The greats thing is having you for a daughter and your brother for a son. I won't be here anymore to watch over you. But I know you will be strong and watch over your brother just as I expect him to watch over you." he said as he looked at her before looking at Grant his breathing now was getting shallower.

                          Leah leaned over and gave him a kiss. "My darling wife. I've enjoyed all of our years together and know I'll be waiting for you after you've spent the rest of your years here with our children and their children." Leah smiled softly as a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Just like you always being the charmer. I know you will be waiting." she said as she embraced both of her children.

                          He smiled softly as he looked at them one last time. " I'm glad to have lived the life I have and now I'll go and visit grandfather now. I love you all." His final breath left him as he passed on to the other side.

                          That day was the darkest day as the town filled with sorrow as the passing of Marcus. Grant and Mia shed tears with Leah while the rest joined in.

                          The day of the funeral had come now and the cherry blossoms were in bloom as the petals fell there stood the town as Lewis started the service. "When Marcus first came here I wasn't sure he was going to stay. He proved time and time again that he belonged here from reminding us of what a community met to marrying Leah the girl he had fallen in love with as a child. Many of us have much to thank him for and sadly his life ended to short. He was a good man a good husband and a good father leaving behind his children and wife and heading forth to be with Yoba. But we must not see this as a sad day as he would never accept it so today we celebrate his life. Come lets us celebrate the life of Marcus in good cheer and send him forth in good times."

                          With that he stepped down as everyone laid a flower on his grave site smiling and giving their final words to him. Now in the town square music filled the air as people drank and ate talking about their times they had with him. Laughing while also crying it was what he would of wanted and each person would make sure he got what he wanted.

                          "I remember the time He and I got so drunk we mistook a catfish for a mermaid !" Shane said laughing as he slapped Sam on the back. "Oh what about the time we were getting ready for Maru and Harvey's wedding that was one heck of a party !" Sam said as he leaned back looking up at the sky. "I owe my marriage to him ya know. He gave me the courage to ask her." Harvey said as he looked down into his drink.

                          Mia and Leah sat beside each other. "Did you know you're father once took me out on a midnight stroll into the forest where he showed me this gathering of fire fly's that filled the whole area like fairies dancing about." she said smiling looking into her daughters eyes. "Yeah Dad always tried to show me new things to do on the farm and even showed me some of the hiding places you and him had when you were kids." they both laughed before Mia started to feel sad. Leah rubbed her back. "I know you want to cry and you can but remember your father isn't truly gone. He's here." she said as she pointed towards her heart. "And as long as he's there he will never be gone." Wiping tears from her eyes Mia smiled.

                          Everyone seemed to be doing their best to remember the good times despite all that was going on but one person had not been seen there.

                          Grant stood over his fathers grave looking down. "Dad I know you said I shouldn't blame myself but what am I suppose to do now ? Without your guidance I don't know what to do." he said as he fought back some tears.

                          He placed his hands in his dress coat and sighed. "I guess I'll have to figure it out on my own like you did all those years ago." Suddenly a warm sweet voice could be heard behind him. "Y-you don't have to do it alone..I mean I don't know much about farming but I-I know ranching pretty well." she said he turned to see it was Dia dressed in a black dress. She walked up to him and held him in her arms. "Grant ! I'm sorry I wish I could bring him back for you. I don't like seeing you like this" she said. Grant shook his head and smiled placing his hand on top of her head. "I could use the help." he said his voice warm as she stopped weeping and looked up at him. "What did you say ?" He smiled looking down at her some tears still rolling down his cheeks. "I said I could use your help." She smiled as she held onto him tighter. "So does that mean ?" He nodded. "Yeah I'm staying. I have to keep the family tradition alive and besides we know Mia is totally lost with out us." Dia smiled as she grabbed his hand they both started running towards the square where Grant took the stage and smiled.

                          He cleared his voice as everyone looked up at him. "I want to thank you all for being there for my dad and for remembering him like you are today. When I think back to being a kid I enjoyed being on the farm but as I got older I just wanted to run away from it. But...but today I realized something. I want to stay here and do what he did before me. I'm staying and I along with my sister if she chooses to will be running the family farm !" It was silent at first before clapping started. Mia smiled as she ran up to the stage jumping into her brother hugging him as the rest joined in.

                          The new gang was now set as they now faced the challenge of living up to their parents and making a new life and community out of Pelican town.
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                            I'm also missed a bit of your fiction since I'm just recently free and doing my own art and my very own fiction, but don't worry I'm gonna keep up reading them. Cheer!
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                              So I've gotten a few Pm's asking where I have been for awhile well..to put it simply I've been busy with college while also getting ready for the busy holiday coming up. Didn't mean to vanish though. So anyway A new fesh chapter for you all to fill in till after the holidays so I hope you enjoy it.

                              A few weeks had passed since Marcus's passing even though the pain was still there a sense of purpose could be felt. Grant finally making his decision had devoted all the time he could into the farm. From mending fences to tilling land he was in what some would say full farm mode.

                              Yet everyone was worried about him. Mia and Dia were sitting on the deck watching him concern in their faces. "Mia.. How long has been working like this?" Mia sighed as she looked at Dia. "He's been going at it since dad passed away. I'm worried though he hardly eats and barely sleeps I don't know if he is trying to work himself to death or what.."

                              Both of them went back to watching him. Something had to be done soon if not he would work himself to death. Later during the day Johnny and Lance came up waving at the girls before calling out to Grant. "Yo Grant ! Come and join us !" Johnny's call though was unanswered. He looked down as he sighed before sitting next to Mia. Lance seemed different though it would seem finding his courage had changed him for all the better this time he didn't have his glasses but contacts in that revealed his light blue eyes. He sat next to Dia he arms folded as he looked out towards Grant. "Still trying to work himself into the grave?" he asked as he turned towards Mia. She shook her head yes as Johnny's face started to turn red. "Well ! Someone needs to go over there and give him a good beating maybe then that'll knock some sense into him !" he grunted before Mia grabbed his arm and sighed. "I already tried that it didn't work.."

                              Dia frowned. "He said he wanted my help but now he's like in his own world. I think all of us have tried to get through to him..." Just then Sarah,Rebecca, and Frances came walking up and joined them it seemed the whole gang was together worrying about him.

                              Finally Rebecca stood up wearing a brown knee high skirt with a yellow button shirt just like a spitting image of her mother walked over to where Grant was working. "one..two...and...three !" She said before drop kicking into the ground. Out cold she dragged him from the field and onto the deck. "See a little persuasion and guys always will listen.." Johnny's eye twitched when she said that as her way of persuasion was brute force.

                              As he woke up Rebecca stood there in front of him as if towering over him. "Ow..Why did you hit me like that !" He growled before she got down right into his face. "First off ! We are all worried about your work ethic ! Two ! We don't want to see you work yourself to death !" She then slapped him across the face. "And that's for making us all worry ! Can't you see we are all here to help you ! Not to watch you hurt yourself !" Grant looked down as some tears rolled down his face he had not fully come to grips with Marcus passing. "I-I'm sorry...I didn't mean to worry you all." he said as his voice cracked. "We know but you got to keep on going with life and not live in the past I mean come on we all miss your dad but I know Uncle Marcus would want to see us carry on with life and make new happier memories." Johnny said as he patted him on the shoulder.

                              "Yeah I mean come on look we got Lance fixed now we can understand him better ! Heck he even impressed me enough that I asked him to the flower dance !" Sarah said before Lance snorted but grinned. "Yeah well I asked you F-first !" he said granted he still stuttered once in awhile.

                              "Still you have a bigger challenge ! You have to find a date to the dance !" Karen said as she laid her chin on Grants shoulder scaring just about everyone there. She was always the sneaky type who enjoyed scaring people.

                              "W-what do you mean ! I-I always go with Mia" he said nervously as Mia giggled. "Well brother I'm going with someone else this year !" Grant quickly stood up whacking Karen on the chin almost knocking her out as she laid on the deck. "Who is this man ! I haven't approved of such things !" Yup that Brother protector thing kicked in. Mia laughed then pointed at Johnny. "You ! " He said before he started looking Johnny up and down circling him like a vulture.

                              "Yeah Mia asked me I said okay whats the big deal ! I mean you've known all of us since we were kids !" Grant then folded his arms and stood looking at Johnny smirking. "Alright you can take Mia to the dance ! But ! you have to have her home by 10 pm ! If not ! I will deny you my home brewed pale ale that I've perfected !" Johnny sighed. "Tough choices indeed ! Your Pale Ale or Mia ! You drive a hard bargain !" Hearing that Mia smacked him in the arm then chuckled. "I know..You'll choose the Pale ale over me." she teased.

                              They all laughed before Karen brought up the question Grant had ignored. "So...Who are you going to ask since you can use Mia as an excuse !" she grinned always enjoying putting people in the hot seat.

                              "I-I haven't decided yet" he set trying to hide a blush. "Well if you want my honest opinion I say Dia..You can clearly see she has a thing for you since she hasn't taken your jacket off since you gave it to her." Dia blushed before taking the jacket off and hiding it. "Gah ! W-When did you find out !" Grant replied. Rebecca only laughed before poking Frances. " Better hurry fast" she grinned. "Old hamlet here asked me." she said as Frances laughed. "Indeed I did for fair maiden she is and for her I find pleasant hence why !" before he could finished Rebecca elbowed him in the gut. "Save it for the dance !" she sneered.

                              The others laughed before Grant looked at Karen and Dia. "Well this is going to be a hard one." he said before Karen spoke up. "Just go with Dia I already have a date." she said before she pushed Dia into his arms.

                              Dia blushed brightly and looked down at her feet. "W-well could we?" she asked him before he smiled. "Sure It'll be fun." he said to her. She turned bright red and smiled. "A-alright ! I need to uh go home and get things ready !"

                              Grant watched her run off at break neck speed. "I love watching her run like that it always warms my heart putting people in awkward positions." Karen said before she jumped off the deck. "So in case your not aware the dance is tomorrow so I would totally take the rest of today off." she said before walking off. "Catch ya later."

                              Johnny and Lance got up. "Yeah we better go to." they said as they started walking off towards the forest. "See you tomorrow ! oh and Grant bring some of that pale ale !" Johnny said as Lance waved to everyone. "Yeah sure I'll bring some." he said as he saw them off.

                              Frances and Rebecca looked at Grant and Mia. "Hey you know what we need to do after the dance right !" Rebecca said with a grin. "Yeah I know the normal beach bonfire we do right after the dance." Grant said as Mia jumped for joy it was one of her favorite things. The group would get together and get a bonfire going as the sun set and sit around talking and laughing, dancing and other things. It was a tradition with them.

                              So they left and Mia and Grant were left they both went inside and Grant quickly grabbed Mia and pulled her in for a hug. "I'm sorry I worried you sis.." he said as he rubbed her back she smiled as some tears came rolling down her cheek. "I know." she said before Leah smiled at them. "Grant dear I'm glad to see your friends brought you back to your senses." she then walked over and hug him. "I miss him too."

                              Leah had always been the calm one in the family due to her outlook on life. Marcus's passing was not but another step down the road and as she once said life will go on. "Mom how can you handle it ? How can you handle not having him here anymore ?" he asked as she chuckled.

                              "You're father is still here he's all around in this house at our cottage in the very ground and soil. He put his heart and soul into everything here and if you close your eyes you can hear him." she said as she set the table for dinner.

                              Grant sighed then smiled. "You have a weird way of looking at things." he said. "Well I never claimed to be normal now did I ?" she said smiling. "I'm going to go visit dad so I'll be back home in a little bit." Mia thought about joining him but Leah stopped her. "Mia be a dear and help your poor mother out with dinner." Mia nodded as Grant left and headed to the family shrine.

                              "Hey dad..Its only been a few weeks but well we all miss you..I wish you could talk to me." Just then a ghostly image appeared in front of him. "Well son you can speak to me here at least as I can speak to you during certain times. You're great grandfather could do this to." The ghost of Marcus said. This was why Leah was upset it was due to the magic in this land that made things that could not be thought of or explained happen.

                              "D-dad !" he said in shock falling down to the ground. "No it's Lony the milk cow of course its me !" Grant laughed as he got back up and smiled. "How can you do this ?" he asked where Marcus only smiled. "Like your mother said I put my heart and soul into this place its as much part of me as I am part of it." Which made sense when you thought about it.

                              Grant nodded then spoke up. "Dad I'm still having trouble with coming to grips that you're gone." Marcus sighed. "Yeah your thick headed like me..Look son I'm not really gone if you look at it just like your mother said time and time again just move on with life and enjoy it. Have fun at the dance with Dia and enjoy the time with your friends while you can." Grant looked at him and smiled. "Alright but what should I do when I don't know what to do ? I mean can I come back here and ask you ?" Marcus just shook his head. "Son you need to start finding your own answers and not keep asking others for answers you already know." Marcus then placed his hand on Grants shoulder. "Now son I can't stay for much longer but remember I'm always here and if you really honestly need me I'll come to you." and with that he vanished.

                              Grant smiled and shook his head before placing his hands in his pockets. "Alright old man. I'll do better than you and make my own mark on my own life. Just wait and see." he said smiling as he walked back home feeling changed in some way.

                              He walked into the house hugging his mother and sister then sat down to eat dinner with them and talked. "Well I've been thinking mom. Can we get Vincent to come down and look at building another house ? We've got more than enough land for Mia to have her own farm ?"

                              Mia's eyes widened as if he was saying he wanted to get rid of her but Grant stopped her from that worry. "And before you even think I'm trying to get rid of you I'm not I think it would be good for us to have our own places not to far from each other so when we have our own families we can have our own places." Mia smiled then nodded. "Yeah my own place ! And half the farm ! I like it." Leah only laughed. "Well I'll tell you what since I still have the deed I'll talk to Vincent and see about putting a house down in the lower corner since you'll have the upper corner. I won't divide the land but this will be good for the both of you." Her eyes lit up as if happy to see her children finally taking their first steps on their path's

                              This was but the first step for them and Leah knew that together they could make it down the long road together.

                              Soon night fell and the day of the Flower dance was soon to come. Let alone their first dates which would be interesting to see and find out who Karen's date was.

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                                Alright ! I'm back ! Long story short...Holiday's, Family issues, And my computer blew up...*looks over at the smoking pile that was once his computer that once held all his stories as a somber violin solo starts* Well I.....*takes a dramatic pose on his knees as the special effects guy starts dropping cherry blossom petals* COMPUTER !!!!!! *Insert dramatic cutaway with a memorial to the computer.*

                                Ahem...Anyway..So As of now I'm getting my systems back up and well...Having to re read all my stories to catch up where I had left them off...I bring to you..Chapter 10... *Insert dramatic intro here...Sorry budget cuts..*

                                As the sun rose upon the day of the Flower dance Mia awoke a light yawn as she stared outside the window. Curling her knees to her chest she looked down and sighed still missing her father she then turned to her brother who was still asleep.

                                Softly she got up and walked up kneeling down next to him she poked his cheek. She had matured quiet fast after Marcus passed she wasn't the same little girl anymore. "I know dad's gone and well things have changed but I will keep following my dream." she said softly in his ear before walking out of the room.

                                Grant slowly opened his eyes and smiled he had been awake the whole time. Slowly he sat up leaning his head into his hand. "I know sis. We both have to keep following our dreams. I just hope I don't disappoint you or mom.." He said in a somber tone before he too got up and changed.

                                The smell of fresh bacon and eggs filled the kitchen as fresh coffee brewed. Stretching his arms Grant walked over to the table and sat down watching his sister cook. She had never been one for cooking and yet she seemed bound and determined now to show that she too could do the stuff that she thought she couldn't do before.

                                "Its weird seeing you cook sis. I guess..I guess we both have changed huh ?" he said as he took the coffee cup that was sitting before him in his hand and taking a lite sip. "I know. I mean I guess we've just finally grown up or at least have been forced to." Grant nodded as he placed his fingers over the cup as if caging in the warmth while looking out the window his gaze seemingly lost as he thought about things.

                                "Right. So today is the big day." he said to Mia before she laughed. "Yup the dance and well.." she turned bright red. "Our first dates.." she then looked down her hands held together as she fidgeted thinking about her date with Johnny and the fact that they would be doing the couples part of the dance. They mostly sat those dances out but this year it would be different.

                                Grant smiled as he watched her fidget and well go into one of those day dreaming moments before his thoughts too went towards the dance and Dia "It's...well odd to think of someone who has been your friend for so long as well..Something more.." he thought to himself before a light blush could be seen on his face.

                                "Ah ha ! Caught you!" Mia said as her face just about pressed against his scaring the living Yoba out of him ! "GAHHHH!" a quick flip and crash on the floor as a falling cup of hot coffee slowly fell down upon him. The sound of sizzling coffee on clothes with a pinch of screaming pain could be heard from the farm house as Karen and Rebecca walked by then looked at each other before breaking out in laughter known what had happened.

                                "Just like the old days huh ?" Rebecca said as they walked down the path. "Oh yeah those two haven't changed at all.." Karen said before she looked down at the ground. "But they have changed just as we all.." Rebecca nodded at her as she crossed her arms looking up. "Yup.."

                                As the morning went by Grant was busy looking through his closet trying to find something to ware. "No...Out of date...To small.." he sighed as he walked out there was his mother Leah holding some folded clothes she offered to him. "These were your fathers. He use to ware this jacket with this black shirt and red tie to every flower dance after you we're born."

                                Grant sighed as he took them and smiled looking at his mother. "Thank you..mom.." he then kissed her on the check before walking back into his room to change. Blue jeans with the clothes he got from his mother was his attire today. As he walked back out Leah looked at him and smiled. "There is no denying the fact you are his son..A spitting image if I do say so.." Grant smiled as he looked down. "I just hope I can live up to his image and be just like him."

                                Leah snorted. "No you can't live through someone else's life. Your father left his mark in the world..He left the two of you his greatest gift he could give in life. You have to leave your own mark now and just use what you have learned from him."

                                He smiled then ran his fingers through his hair. "Wiser words spoken from a wise woman who happens to be my mother." She smiled softly before Mia came walking out in the traditional white dress that each girl of the town would make then ware. She blushed as she was not use to wearing dresses and well acting all girly is the best way to put it.

                                "S-so how do I look ?" she asked both of them. "Sis..Y-you look like..well..You look like mom when she was your age !" Leah chuckled as she walked behind her taking out a necklace and putting it on her. "Your father made this for me and it is time I pass it on to you." She placed the rainbow seashell necklace with calm shells stringed around her neck.

                                Mia looked down at it and smiled. "Mom...This...I've always wanted to ware this.." Mia then walked over to her brother and stood next to him. Leah looked at them both and smiled. "My children all grown up..I'm so proud of both you.." she then pointed to the door.

                                "Go on and get out of here you can't leave your dates waiting." they smiled as they waved goodbye and started towards the forest where the festival was always held. There they ran into the others Johnny dressed in a rather dashing light blue tuxedo walked over to Mia taking her hand and kissing it. "You look lovely tonight." he said to her as she blushed before they walked off. The others smiled before they too walked off. Dia though had not arrived yet as Grant stood there hands in his pockets he looked around. Karen came walking up with a guy dressed in a military uniform. "So this is the mysterious guy huh ?" he said as he looked at the man and offered his hand. "Grant nice to meet you." the man took his hand. " Douglas or Doug if ya like. Karen's told me about ya and everyone else looks like its gonna be a good time." he said as Grant chuckled then looked over at Karen.

                                "Well well I hope you'll both have fun." he said as Karen tried to hide her blush. Still the dance went on and Dia had not shown Grant was smiling as he watched Mia and Johnny dance and laugh. Rebecca and Frances joined him. "There a good fit huh ?" Rebecca said as Frances grinned. "Yeah, yeah they are. Honestly I've never seen Mia this happy before."

                                Frances placed one hand on his shoulders. "So Dia has yet to show huh ?" Grant nodded. "I'm sure she'll show up.." To be honest he kinda of felt she as always stayed home.

                                Soon the dance came down to the couples dance. Every couple walked to the dance floor save Grant and a few others he sighed before looking at Mia and smiled.

                                The dance began as Mia rested her head on Johnny's chest. "J-johnny..Thank you.." she said before she looked up at him. Everyone here knew they both had a crush for each other. She then stood up on her toes and kissed him.

                                Grant's eyes widened before he clapped his hands and cheered. The gang to noticed and clapped and cheered for them as well.

                                The dance at least for most of the couples had ended. Mia and Johnny walked over to Grant. "So..Johnny and me are going to head down to the beach with everyone else..Are you going to join us ?"

                                Grant shook his head. "I'm going to go home.." Mia frowned but nodded. "Alright..I guess I'll see you when I get home."

                                Grabbing his jacket Grant sighed before he started to walk for home. A voice yelled out. "Wait !" He stopped then turned around as a white dress flashed in front of his eyes before being slammed into causing him to fall onto the ground. "I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I'm late !" she said as she hid her face in his chest.

                                Dia had finally arrived. Grant shook his head before looking at her. "Well..Um can you let me up first." she blushed then got up off of him and let him get up. He folded his arms then looked at her. "First you don't show" he said as tears started to roll down her cheeks. "Next ! I think you ditched me !" She then looked down still trying to stop the tears rolling down her cheeks. "Lastly ! I've decided ! I.." She then yelled out at him. "I know ! That you never want to see me again !" she said before she felt his arms wrap around her. "No..I was going to say this.." she then looked up at him before he bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

                                Her face bright red as if she was lost in a dream before soft music started. Everyone in their little group was there as Johnny, Lance, Karen, Sarah and Mia played music Frances and Rebecca began to sing a duet as Grant took Dia's hand and they started to dance.

                                It seemed to be almost like some fairy tail dance as glow bugs started to dance around the area.

                                Soon they all were gathered at the beach looking out at the horizon the future looking bright and for this season that was of change it seemed to be for better or worse the start of a rather grand adventure.

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