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  1. Polysquid

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    Here are some links to Witchmarsh Fan Works on the web. If you own these works and would like to make your own thread, feel free. We're linking to them as they were created before the message boards went live, or the users are not registered here.

    - Red from Transistor (Animated) - James Shasha.
    - Witchmarsh-esque Sprites - Necronomiconomist.

    That's it for now, we'll keep this list updated.
    • fishoak

      fishoak Master Chief

      Hello, I have a fan work! My artist friend and I have been collaborating on a Witchmarsh-inspired adventure story, which I have up on Google Docs and could easily add to this list. It's small now but once my friend draws more (I'm using drawings to prompt characters), I'll hopefully expand it to 100,000+ words. Some of the characters in the story are selected from the Witchmarsh character list (the lumberjack, the innkeeper, etc.), but their positions and relationships have been heavily altered. Tell me if I should cease and desist, post the link, or set up my own forum for this kinda stuff (I'd love fan input). Thanks!
      • Polysquid

        Polysquid Witchmarsh Developer Developer

        Hey fishoak, you're more than welcome to write your own Witchmarsh-inspired fiction.

        For the sake of clarity we'd appreciate it if you included a small disclaimer in the document stating that it is a fan works and not officially linked with the game, other than that go nuts. And feel free to link to it in a thread here, it's what the forum is for after all :D

        Can't wait to see it!
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        • fishoak

          fishoak Master Chief

          Sweet! I have added that disclaimer and done a few final edits. Expect more in the coming weeks. I also have a 4.5 hour playlist of adventuring through American backwoods music to accompany the piece, it's a mix of Afro-American work songs, early jazz, Scandinavian ambient, and a lot more. Try looking up "Quiet Boxcar Ride North" on Spotify to find it. If no one can, I'll find a way to post it.
          Anyway, I love criticism; feel free to message me, comment directly on the story, or find me on Facebook (Clayton Sillsworth) and talk to me there. And yes, I understand that the story does not progress that much in this chapter. I'm not writing that kind of story, I'm writing a low droning adventure that takes hundreds of pages to develop and travels through the lives of each of the 48 journeymen on this quest. This being said, I have almost no idea where this is going. I know I want a ski-lodge jailbreak, an encounter with a god at sea (inspired by the Seaworthy Moose concept art), and some cool cabin scenes between missions. Maybe I'll tie some strings together and make this work, but please suggest anything (lore, concept art, ideas for characters you've always wanted to see in stories but never had the time or ability to add in, etc.) and I'll try to see what I can do.

          Ug, the forum won't let me post links. So it's (that's a letter i not a 1) for the story
          And for the art that my artist friend to inspire this piece (she prompts me, I write).

          Edit: links work!
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          • Peelz

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            EDIT: Just realized this is not the droid thread I was looking for.
            • fishoak

              fishoak Master Chief

              I have just finished up chapter two, with a third soon underway. Really liking what I can pull of in terms of characters arcs, locations, and atmospheric detail. Still needs a lot of work though, and this is only a rough draft version.
              I couldn't help but notice that Joe Conaway resolved one of my comments on the first chapter, at least meaning you guys at the office opened it. Did you like it? Where should I go with it? What should I change? Thanks so much.
              Link for chapter II

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