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    This is a thread meant to make it easier to access the fan art forums, so you won't have to browse through all the threads you're not interested in, while looking for the ones you actually want to see. The forums can be a hard place to navigate at times, but hopefully this will make it easier.

    If you want me to include you here, feel I've put you under the wrong category or just noticed something incorrect, feel free to PM me with your correction. The fan art community is growing quickly, so it's very possible that a few mistakes slip through the gaps.

    The old owner of this thread became inactive so I took over! Enjoy!

    A = Avatars
    AN = Animated
    B = Banners/Signature Art
    C = Requests Currently Closed
    D = Desktop backgrounds
    R = Taking Requests
    $ = Taking Commissions

    Pixel Art:
    Vaidred (RubberNugget's) Pixel Emporium R
    The pixel art of Frogy99
    Mystery's Noobish Pixel Art AN
    Zizou's Kittehs! R, AN
    ziberoo's Megacool Megathread!
    1nk-kp0's Monsters..
    blind sniper's random stuff AN
    Wargod's miscellaneous art!
    Lofty's Pixels AN
    Sprocket's Pixel Art! R
    Angry Muffin's Pixel art and others! AN, C
    NewLiar's Pixel art R
    Shadow Ace's Pixel Art Requests R, AN
    Pyro3345s Pixel Art R, AN
    Segolia's Pixel Glyphs AN
    Darthkitten's sprites C, AN
    Toak's Sprites R
    SunSlayers Starbound Sprites
    Ghostar's Sprite edits
    Eight's Pixel Art
    Steam Pirates Pixels & Requests
    Pyrotanis Pixel Art R
    Skuld's Perler Projects $
    punkypie's Pixel Art
    Jyles' Pixel Art R
    Insaniac's Pixel Art R
    Magma Claw's Pixel Art
    Zain's Pixel Art

    Suika's Fanart
    Floran Fan Art by Aesthetic-Defile
    Ymedron's Art
    DevastoR's Art
    Staebunn's Floran
    1nk-kp0's art
    Sabboth's art thing
    Bean's Fan Art
    shardival's Blue Avian
    Beaumort's Environments and other faraway lands
    Daemonstar's Fanart
    Tatsuhoshi's Digital Art $
    katmomma's Starbound Inspired Painting
    Ryuujin's Stuff
    Ale's Art
    chuylol's Starbound art

    Traditional Art:
    Tom Serv-Art
    Saal's Art
    Avian - Colored Pencils
    Mathias and co.'s traditional quick draw

    Marchmaninov's Floran Music

    I only went through the first three pages of fan-art! If you want your thread here, say so!
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  2. Sgt. Sprocket

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    What do the bold letters after the titles mean??
    Other than that, nice work :cookie:.
  3. Sgt. Sprocket

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    There ARE links click on the titles!
    EDIT: I found out what the letters mean! But you should put a key just so people don't have to jump between threads.
    Oh, and I DO take requests.
  4. Sgt. Sprocket

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    Well, I am not a total d*ck, I try not to be, anyway:
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  5. Mr. Mystery

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    Thanks, guys!
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  6. Mr. Mystery

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    Added Digital and Traditional!
  7. Froggiolis

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    Could you update this a bit? I am no longer taking requests. thats all.
  8. Mr. Mystery

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    Yeah, no problem. Done!
    If anyone sees something write a message here or PM me!
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  10. Bamseper

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    Nice, found some good threads.
  11. NewLiar

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    A new art index, I like it! ;)
  12. skuld

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    Hi! Can you put a new entry under pixel... Could you also put Commission as a legend item as I have already received 2 commission requests and I'm always looking for more!

    Skuld's Perler Projects
  13. Zain Hallows

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    ima pixel artist xD
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  14. skuld

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    I dabble in pixel art. But I find that this is a good escape for me from a busy stressful day. It's relaxing...

    I'll check out your posts Zain, I'm happy to try to bead anything. =^.^=
  15. Zain Hallows

    Zain Hallows Existential Complex

    :3 np
  16. Marchmaninov

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