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    Hey guys/girls and welcome to the Fan Art Thread. :3 This is where you can post any W.A. related fan art you have made and where I will be posting some as well along with some information on there origins.

    To get us started:

    This was inspired by the song by Chris Christodoulou and by Leth (one of the developers of the game) playing the guitar and using the warrior in the game (which one of the skins for the warrior wields an axe).

    Based off a magic symbol in the wanderlust series, I made this quick animation to showcase the symbol. See where you can find the symbol, I only know two places at the moment where it is located in game.

    I asked Jason which weapon he preferred and he choose dual axes.

    When asked the same question as Jason Leth replied that he would use an axe and a shield, since I alreadly made an axe here is the shield.
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      Finally some art in this forum. Also it looks sweet.
      • zfsnips

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        Thanks, hopefully I'll have some more up soon, got some cool ideas planned :3
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          All of those look pretty nice!
          And yeah looks like there is almost no other art on here.. shame.

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