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    The idea of factions might have surfaced before and this might be a bit to in depth for Starbound, heck, I might have been playing Elite Dangerous for to long but Faction systems do add to an otherwise empty space and make space games feel alive when they are done well.

    1. First off, the types of factions could range from anything like independent planets that wish to expand their influence and need a little help from the player, to well established governments with colony's across many different systems and with a large pool of resources under their influence. Heck, why not join a pirate faction and raid colonies across the galaxy?

    2. Factions would have their own economy's depending on whatever the random generator throws at them and this will be a large part in how they deal with other neighboring factions whether it be a competition for control over a certain market or a mutually beneficial trading pact that helps both factions stay afloat and hold their own. The factions would be able to use their gained resources to build up defensive structures and units located on the planets surface, along with an expansion to their resource outputs if they so choose.

    3. Factions will have their territory shown on the galactic map (maybe with a filter) and their owned planets will be listed in these solar systems as well. Obviously the more territory a faction owns, the easier it will be to forward their goals which the player will play a vital part in. There are quests in colonies now, but with factions you will be tasked to travel to a specific planet in a specific solar system and perform a specific goal there. This could range from a territorial expansion where the player needs to secure an outpost on a planet where the faction plans on moving in to, to a simple resource collection mission where you will need to acquire a certain amount of a resource.

    4. This would add something to multiplayer as well if players can create their own factions, they can compete for resources and territory along with other players and npc factions. Players could choose their factions goals wehther it be making systems independent, space pirating, galactic conquest, etc... This would determine what kind of missions the player would need to work toward in order to forward their goals whether its an economic takeover or an outright war with another players faction. Multiplayer in Starbound is mostly just exploration and RP, so a factions gamemode could really add something to the game that would make multiplayer more than what it currently is.

    Like I said before, I don't think this would gain much traction, but if it does it would make the universe in Starbound feel more alive if done right, or if done at all really. This is really just a general idea of something that could be added as a separate gameplay alternative to exploring and building. This idea can be elaborated on if anybody's interested, I just thought it'd be cool to see something like this in Starbound.
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    have all my yes but this will probably take at least a year to implement in its full form
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    I'd love if it took a year because that means that some effort would be put in to giving the universe life.
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    I completely agree. I should dig up my old thread on this from about this time last year. Granted this was prior to the story being really implemented. But I think you'll like what I have to say and others in the thread too.

    And if I start thinking about how to implement such a thing as a mod... hmm that's a lot of work.
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    I put this in suggestions because i thought it might be to complicated for a starbound mod.

    I looked at your post and I agree on a lot of your points, and now that story mode is implemented, faction relations would seem like a natural addition to the Starbound universe given the ammount of races you interact with throughout the story.
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  6. 3 year later, and they couldnt figure out how to add bounty hunters for a year lol, and you think they are capable of adding factions on par with elite and dangerous your kidding your self. The only hope for factions would be if a modder felt the urge to do it.

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